Muscle Cuties!

16: 地球から月へ

Chapter 16: From the Earth to the Moon

Note: This is a female muscle expansion, breast expansion, girls love, and straight story, and there will be scenes of a graphic sexual nature.

My name is Kokoro Asagiri. I'm fifteen-years-old, grade 1 in senior high. I'm a Pisces and my blood type is B. I've got an active imagination and I daydream a lot, but I think I'm pretty grounded. So that's how I knew I wasn't dreaming when walking home from school, a beautiful princess, Prin Pi Moonglow-chan, gave me a magic stone that turned me into a macho muscle girl! She told me I had to fight scary monsters called Lunatics and I'm her only hope.

Time at last to liberate Pleine Lune! This is what we've been working for, and I don't care what my past was! All that matters now is setting things right!

Wings fluttering with hardly a hum, Heart drifted through the air, slowly circling the people below. Tsukigami and Dr. Kingston had opened up some big machine that looked like an observatory telescope. Tsukigami was digging through a hole in the side, her fuzzy white tail swishing while she worked.

"So did you know the properties of the crystal?" Tsukigami asked Kingston. "The S.G.P. I mean."

"We understood it appeared it areas where especially strange phenomena occurred," Kingston answered. "We quickly learned that it emitted a strange energy that caused mutations if we tried to use it. The only power we could utilize without touching it was the opening of Multiversal doors, so we can use it to travel around the world quickly. Finding more of the black crystal is considered top priority for the S.G.P."

"They're very dangerous," Tsukigami warned. "Those crystals are made from the concentrated essence of death and darkness that's spilled out of the World of Darkness. They break down the barriers between worlds and confer great powers on an Anmyutsu holding them. Lucky they can't actually appear there, only around spacetime cracks that lead to the World of Darkness."

Kingston paused, then looked at Tsukigami. "...How do you know all of this?"

"I'm an Anmyutsu," Tsukigami casually answered. "I may safely use the heidushuijing with my bare hands and reap its benefits without any harm...I think."

Tsukigami withdrew her paws, holding a small finger of black crystal. Heart felt a little jealous; paws would be adorable to have.

"There we are!" Tsukigami held the little crystal up and grinned. "Enough heidushuijing to take us to the Moon and back, with plenty to spare!"

Heart dropped down to take a look, the other Muscle Cuties joining her. "So that's what we came here to find," Wisdom said.

Up close, Heart could observe that light didn't reflect off the sides even though the room was brightly lit. Rather, it was surrounded by shadow, an absence of light, and a chill hung in the air around it. It was like the crystal was swallowing the light and heat. It was making her dizzy looking at it, an object in complete violation of natural law.

Tsukigami made a purring sound, her eyes closing and a look of rapturous pleasure crossing her face. "It's so cold!" she murmured. "So invigorating!"

An ear-splitting wail cracked through the air, startling everyone. The lights shut off, plunging the room into darkness, before a menacing red light activated on the wall. An alarm!

"Now you're really gonna pay!" a high-pitched girl's voice screamed over an intercom. "Especially the bitch who squashed me with her boobs!"

"Oh, it's just her," Wisdom said.

"You squashed her with your boobs?" Mighty asked. "Hey, do that to me sometime!"

Wisdom blushed and giggled. What a strange thing to ask. Were Otome-chan and Tina-chan a couple?

With a wave of her arm, Tsukigami conjured a swirling black oval in the air the size of a doorway. Beyond was a churning tunnel of blackness. "Get in!" she ordered. "I'll hold off their attack while you go to the Moon! I'll bring Princesse Prin back later!"

"Right!" Brave yelled. She charged into the hole. "C'mon!" she yelled back at the rest.

The girls piled into tunnel, Heart following last. Goosebumps rose all over as she entered, it was so cold. She gave one last look at Tsukigami, hoping the kind woman would make it. Before the hole closed she saw what looked like large boxy robots had broken into the room and were advancing on Tsukigami.

"Good luck, Tsukigami-san," she whispered.

Turning around, she flew after her teammates, catching up in no time. It was amazing how much faster she was, how much stronger she felt from before.

All this power, all this strength, she thought. It feels amazing! I can't believe just days ago I was too shy to accept it!

"So this is it," Elegant mused. "This will be the last battle against the Lunatics."

"I can't believe we're going to the Moon!" Wisdom laughed. "I sure hope the Gemmes Lunaires allow us to breathe!"

"We'll find out soon enough," Brave said grimly.

With that sobering thought, the group fell silent, their running slowing to a jog. Heart was uneasy right along with them, but did they have any alternative? Tsukigami had closed the way back, so forward was the only way they could go.

"Let me go first," she suggested. "I'm pretty fast now that I have wings. I'll scout out what's ahead."

"No, I'm faster," Elegant said. "I'll do it."

"Be careful!" Rogue urged.

Elegant zoomed off ahead, and only a moment later returned with a smile. "You won't believe this, but the Moon's covered in trees!" she relayed. "It was perfectly breathable out there, and comfortable too!"

"...How's that even possible?" Wisdom asked. "It makes no sense that we'd be so wrong about the Moon. We're able to see the surface from Earth."

"After all this, I'll believe anything," Mighty remarked.

Up ahead there was a soft silver light; the end of the tunnel. The girls passed through the oval hole, spilling out into a silver brightness. Heart found herself blinded, the brightness after the dark tunnel forcing her eyes to adjust. She blinked a few times, and the Moon slowly came into view.

Delicate silver and marble columns rose into the air, supporting wide platforms that bristled with thin silver trees with eerie glowing leaves, fat blue and red fruits budding from underneath the branches. Electric blue flowers swayed in the cool breeze amongst silver bushes and shrubs along curving aluminium pathways. A cream sky gave the land a warm look in contrast to the cold silver all around them. Turning around, Heart saw Earth hanging in the sky. She couldn't help but smile, moved by the uncanny sight.

"Guys, we did it! Look, it's Earth!"

The others joined her, awestruck.

"It's so beautiful!" Elegant whispered, her voice quavering. Heart glanced at her face and saw she was tearing up. "Our planet..."

"In the end, we're just tiny specks floating in the universe," Wisdom observed. "It's...humbling to see it from this vantage."

"I'll say," Mighty agreed. She was grinning. "I can barely see anything on the surface from here. No nations or anything, just good old Earth, filled with us Earthlings. Maybe people'll get along better if we could get them all in space to see this."

Brave was silent, simply watching in awe.

"Hey, guys?" Rogue piped up. "Look over there!" She pointed right, to a large sweeping building made of crystal and marble, all curves and columns. It looked like a palace.

"If this really is Pleine Lune then we should check it out," Brave said.

"Even if it isn't," Elegant added, "then we at least might find help. We're in an unfamiliar land so we need all the help we can get."

Heart shivered. "I wish Prin-chan were here. She'd know what to do."

Rogue gasped, her pupils growing larger. "I feel someone coming!" she hissed.

"We'll face them!" Brave said.

"We'll hide!" Elegant countered.

"Let's see who it is first," Heart suggested.

A scraggly pale-skinned man in a battered silver long coat and a long white helmet emerged from some behind a grove, a gleaming scimitar in his hand. His face was gaunt, dark circles under his eyes. Heart gasped, knowing at once he was a Lunatic. She recalled that first Lunatic's human disguise which was similarly worn in appearance.

The man gaped at them in surprise. "Wha—? Who are you?" he asked in a foreign language, yet Heart understood it. Another benefit of the Gemmes Lunaires?

His eyes fell to Heart's throat, and his eyes were almost bugging out when he realized what he was looking at. He stumbled backward, thrusting his scimitar out defensively, panic on his face. "Chevaliers!" he hissed. "Stay back! If you try to kill me I'll scream and alert more guards!"

"Hey, we're not gonna hurt you if you don't try to hurt us," Mighty said.

The man looked puzzled, wearily observing the girls with shifty grey eyes. "You're not?" he asked suspiciously. "Hey, what happened to your ears?"

"Ears?" Brave asked.

The man raised his helmet, his forlorn fuzzy rabbit ears peeking out. Heart had nearly forgotten about that. "Wait, are you even Sélénites?" he asked.

"Nope. Earthlings!" Brave asserted.

"That Earth?" he asked, pointing to the planet in the sky. "So do you even know what's going on here?"

Brave put her hands on her hips and stepped closer to the man, towering over him. "Yeah," she answered with a scowl. "You Lunatics chased Princesse Prin out of Pleine Lune all the way to Earth and she gave us Gemmes Lunaires to take her kingdom back!"

The man looked nervous. "Ah, yes, that is correct..."

Brave stepped closer, her muscular body and firm jutting boobs adding to her intimidating air. "And you helped in the takeover, didn't you?" she asked pointedly.

"Yes, but it's not what I wanted!" the man insisted. At this point he no longer seemed intimidated and faced Brave directly. "I just wanted Pleine Lune to accept us Lunatics! Have you ever been an outcast, chased out of your home for something you had no control over? I didn't become a Lunatic by choice, and when the Sélénites decided I couldn't be cured they banished us to die in the wilderness!"

It was Brave's turn to be startled, and Heart felt it too. Brave looked uncertain and Heart looked to the others. They were listening in rapt attention.

I was always told Sélénites were good, the most noble race in the universe! Then I caught la Folie, and my friends, my family, my entire community cast me out!

The spider-like Lunatic's speech against Prin-chan came rushing back to Heart. She had forgotten it after the fierce fighting and the tedious period of removing all traces of la Folie from Mai-chan mansion. Her confidence wavered. Was it all a trick by the Lunatics or had Prin-chan been misleading them? It occurred to her that the princess had never attempted to refute the accusations; she only insulted and attacked the accusers.

"So what did you want?" Elegant asked. "What really happened?"

The man sighed. "I wanted the Sélénites to accept us for who we were, to understand that we weren't Sélénites any more and never would be. That's it. I didn't want to kill any of them!"

"So the Lunatics violently retaliated," Elegant confirmed.

"Yes," the man said. "We were united as les Fidèles under a single leader who told us that armed revolution was the only way. We couldn't see any other way by then. Our revolution turned into a massacre though, and a lot of innocents were killed. It finished quickly though, so I think the killing has mostly stopped."

The girls looked at each other. "So we have to save a group of bigots from murderous plague victims," Elegant said.

"I feel sorry for the Lunatics now," Rogue said. "It's bad that they kill people, but the ones they are threw them out in the first place."

"Look," Brave said, "if their revolution really was that violent and innocents were killed then there's no justice in supporting the new regime either."

"I want them all to get along!" Heart insisted. "I might be able to do that actually, if I can get them all to feel bad about how they're treating each other."

"How are you gonna do that?" Wisdom asked.

"It's one of my powers," Heart explained. "I make someone feel what I'm feeling."

"If there's some way to amplify it then we'll use it," Brave said. "For now though we need to keep helping Moonglow."

Mighty turned to the Lunatic. "Hey, where are we?" she asked.

"This is Jardine Suspendus de Pleine Lune," the man answered. "The gardens of Palais du Pleine."

Mighty pointed to the crystal palace. "That's Palais du Pleine, right?"


"Is that where your leader is?"

"Yes, she moved in there after capturing the Moonglow family."

Mighty pounded her fist. "So we just gotta get in there, grab the leader, and get this whole thing resolved!"

"Yes, but I kinda doubt it'll play out like that," the man said. "Les Fidèles wasn't that large, but we have some powerful soldiers and struck Palais du Pleine very quickly since someone knew all the secret passages of the place to let us in. It's gonna be hard getting in."

"This is where Prin-chan would be really useful," Heart sighed. "If we don't know the secret passages then we'll just have to go in directly and fight the toughest guys."

"Hey," Mighty asked the Lunatic, "do you know any of the secret passages?"

"No," he admitted, "but walking toward Palais du Pleine from here will take you to one of the side entrances. It'll be heavily guarded of course."

"Relatively heavily guarded, you mean," Wisdom pointed out.

Everyone looked to her.

"Remember, he said les Fidèles is actually not very large," Wisdom explained. "Maybe their numbers rose after the coup, but this isn't very long after that. We might have a chance at this, although those guarding the palace might be very strong."

"They have to be if most of the Chevaliers were killed," Elegant said.

"We did take them by surprise though," the man said.

They looked to the palace in the distance. Heart felt good, being far stronger than before. Confidence; it wasn't something she was terribly accustomed to. Reunited with her lost self seemed to have given she a little more of it, and she was enjoying it. Perhaps it was foolhardy, but she really thought they could do it.

Steam and loud rattling filled the air, machines spewing clouds into the vast underground chamber. Lunatics, the bulk of les Fidèles, toiled around the ruins, blasting portions away with explosives and chipping away with clanking digging machines. Some just used their powers to carve away the ancient stone. They had no need to be careful for what they were hunting for was very solid and wouldn't be damaged by their attempts.

Pedrolina giggled, her belly roiling with nervous excitement. So close now, so close to her real objective, the entire reason her masters cared at all about Pleine Lune.

The little clown peered at the ruins of the shrine. Even to one as unpracticed in archeology as her it was obvious that the shrine had been hastily constructed, build by a people on their last legs. Yes, the Naga must have known they were doomed at that point, but were determined to leave their mark. Had they sought a final warning to the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy before their destruction? She had heard the Naga described endlessly as a noble, glorious people, standing strong in the face of destruction, but where had it gotten them?

She kicked a rusted chunk of metal from a fallen column and watched it roll down into the great pit where she heard it bang against the floor. "Soon," she giggled. "Very soon..."

When the man had described the palace as "heavily guarded" Heart had expected perhaps twenty guards for that one location. No one, least of all her, had expected a total of five soldiers standing around.

The Muscle Cuties were hiding behind a large bush, peering through the leaves at a staircase leading up to a side balcony that appeared to lead inside the palace. The five soldiers, three men and two women, were shabbily outfitted like the man in the garden. It looked like they might have been taking uniforms directly off of dead soldiers.

"We can take them!" Brave said. "The more we take by surprise the less of them can transform!"

"Good thinking," Elegant said, giving a small smile. "I see you're thinking more like a leader should."

Brave chuckled and blushed a bit. Heart smiled, wondering if that mean Elegant had stopped pretending with Brave.

"Get ready..." Brave whispered. "Go!"

Six splendid muscled female warriors came roaring from the bush, their powerful legs propelling them at high speed toward their hapless targets. Elegant, being the fastest, grabbed the two women by their necks and slammed them into the wall hard enough to crack the base. Brave, Mighty, and Wisdom had no trouble taking the last three out, subduing them with their great strength. Heart frowned, hoping that the ambushed Lunatics weren't dead, but the Herthy part of her told her that it was unavoidable and she had to be ready to kill if need be. She swallowed, accepting the fact but not liking it. Perhaps she should have tried Empathie instead, although she didn't know how many targets it could effect at once and how many shots she could make with it.

"No fair guys!" Rogue complained. "I wanna fight too, you know!"

"Hey, there's plenty more inside," Brave told her.

Heart stepped out from behind the bush. "Hurry! Let's get in!" she urged.

Wild screams and howls bellowed all around them. Heart whirled around in time to see several transformed Lunatics charging at them, each one different in appearance from the other, but all fearsome and angry. She turned to the palace, but two very muscular, wild woman had appeared on the balcony above them, flanking a hooded figure.

"Hey, it's our lucky day," smirked the woman on the left, an imposing, scarred, blue-haired Amazon with an eye patch over her left eye, her clothes tattered and worn. She wasn't as pumped as any of the Muscle Cuties but she looked tough regardless.

"Bringing us more than enough tasty little Gemmes Lunaires!" the woman on the right said while licking her lips. She had spiky blonde hair and was as muscled as her partner. A wild gleam shone in her eyes.

Both women had rabbit ears and lacked the worn look the other Lunatics had in their Sélénite disguises. Were they Sélénites that sided with the Lunatics?

"These Chevaliers aren't Sélénites," the hooded figure observed in a low, husky voice. "It looks like Prin was successful in bestowing some Earthling trash Gemmes Lunaires."

"What do you mean by 'trash'?" Brave demanded. "Who are you supposed to be anyhow?"

Instead of answering, the hooded one took a step back. "Whoever kills the Earthling Chevaliers may eat their Gemmes Lunaires," she said casually.

The Lunatic horde advanced, backing the Muscle Cuties together. The girls raised their weapons and fists, Heart glaring at the hideous warriors gathering around. It was difficult remembering that they were victims, that it was their poor treatment by the Sélénites that drove them to their brutality, but the killing had to stop.

She glanced over her shoulder at the hooded woman. If she was the leader then maybe if she used Empathie on her then she could call the war off.

Or the Lunatics might decide she's an unworthy leader and kill her, she thought. She had to get up there and try.

"Guys," she whispered. "Cover me; I'm gonna—"

Something whistled through the air like a quiet, deadly bird of prey, falling into the ground directly in front of the Lunaic wave. A long shimmering dark blue lance, looking more like a shaft of night sky than a solid weapon. The Lunatics roared and retreated a step, startled by the sudden intrusion. The girls could only stare at it, wondering what it was.

"No!" the hooded one yelled. "Retreat you idiots!"

Suddenly, the lance lit up brilliantly, detonating in a brilliant blue explosion. Heart had to shield her eyes and turn away, the screaming Lunatics drowned mostly out by the terrific burst. When she dared to look again the Lunatics had been scattered, the ones closest to the explosion sprawled out on the ground, either dead or unconscious. A smoking crater marred the garden grounds.

"What was that?" Mighty asked.

A sharp, clear sound reached Heart's ears, something familiar yet so unexpected she thought she was imagining it. It was definitely there though; was she mistaking the sound for something else?

A shape appeared on the roof above the hooded one and her cohorts. A hugely muscled woman riding a horse? No; with a second look Heart realized that the woman and the horse were the same being! A Centaurus women with only a small silver breastplate to cover her huge boobs and a skin-tight black bodysuit over her torso that left her washboard stomach exposed. Some kind of silver visor covered her eyes and attached to silver shoulder pads was a billowing blue cape. Her horse part was magnificent, absolutely massive by horse standards, with a perfect black coat. Her legs rippled with muscle, her hooves clattering as she made her grand appearance on the roof, her long lavender hair blowing in the breeze.

I thought I heard a horse, Heart thought giddily. It was all her mind could really focus on.

The beautiful Centaurus leaped off the roof, forelegs extended, black hooves gleaming in the light. Her silver tail whipped out, her hair blown back by the fall. Another of the blue lances appeared in her right hand, and aimed at the hooded one. Even though it all happened so fast, the hooded one reacted immediately. She slid back, a second before the lance could stab her. The tip plunged through the hood itself, tearing it away from the rest of the robe as the woman avoided the attack. The Centaurus landed thunderously, her immense weight shaking the balcony. Heart imagined cracking forming where she had landed.

The formerly hooded one kept her head lowered, crouched down with a hand on the floor to slow her slide. The two big women—Sanders and Lisaa, the hooded one had called them—moved defensively before their mistress, growling at the Centaurus. The magnificent being smiled coldly.

"I'm killing this woman and taking my kingdom back," she said in what was unmistakably Prin-chan's voice. "If you insist on defending her then I won't hesitate to kill you too."

So that's Prin-chan's Gemme Lunaire? Heart wondered, awestruck by the sheer power she felt radiating from the princesse. She's a goddess!

The formerly hooded one chuckled. "So you somehow repaired Cavalière. Good for you! I was looking for a challenge!"

The woman stood up, tearing her plain robe off entirely, revealing a slim figure wearing a dashing blue military uniform and short, spiky hair topped with the familiar rabbit ears. Her face was boyish and really quite handsome. Why would she hide under a hood? That face would be beautiful on either a girl or a boy.

Prin-chan wasn't as impressed though; on the contrary, she looked confused and shocked. "What?" she asked in a frightened whisper. "No, it can't be...!"

The woman smirked. "You didn't know? You really didn't figure it out until now? Well, you always were just a girly little idiot, more interested in tea parties and ballroom dancing than matters that required brainpower."

She threw her arms out grandly, her hands covered by clean white gloves. "It is I, Qayqui Qui Moonglow, former princesse and now the true ruler of Pleine Lune!"

Prin-chan took a step back, trembling, perhaps even on the verge of tears. Heart couldn't believe it. The goddess of war she had just witnessed was suddenly a scared, demoralized little girl.

"O-Onee-sama..." Prin-chan whispered.


To be continued…

Author's note: So, we reached the final stretch of this arc. It feels good to at last be here. I really want to move on to something else now. Kokoro needs to reach new heights, to have new adventures, and I have many more in mind.

I had Prin's Gemme Lunaire, Cavalière, in mind for a long time, although originally she was going to ride a horse instead of be half-horse. I thought her turning into a Centaurus was more interesting and that came to be a few days ago. She now has one of my favorite character designs out of anyone in the story.

Qayqui's character design though was only completed yesterday. She was very hard to imagine as anything other than an older, evil version of Prin, and I felt no satisfaction in that. I had was finding any motivation other than power difficult, but I wanted her more complex than that. It came to me all of a sudden to make her very masculine in appearance, a dashing, elegant tomboy compared to the wild style of Tatsumi. Her motivations aren't quite ready to explain yet though, so please wait for the next chapter.

See you again later!

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