What You Mean to Me

My true friend means to me
More than the world can ever see.
She's not perfect in every way,
But I love her more than words can say.

She's like the sun; a shining light
To guide and comfort and delight my sight.
She's like the moon for by night and day,
We're together in spirit in every way.

She doesn't quite realize what she's done for me,
For I could never count the cost.
But what she has saved by her simple friendship,
Without her, I would have lost.

She's like the sea; gentle, soothing my soul.
Listening and gradually helping me to become whole.
She's like the mountains; my tower of strength,
Though she too is crumbling inside, she'll comfort me at length.

When we're hurting inside and as though we need to die
We'll hold onto each other and the two of us will cry.
With words and without, the bond we share together
Is something I shall always cherish and never want to severe.

She's like the stars; they do not know their worth,
But they have a purpose upon this earth.
She's like a teardrop; fragile, precious and so
Loved by me, her words straight to my heart, they flow.

Though she sometimes knows not her purpose in life
And wonders what use she may be.
I long to tell her she is here for a reason-
For simply by being here she has saved and comforted me.

By the end of my days if I can achieve
Even half as much as she has done for me,
I will be blessed and proud to have her as my inspiration.
My light, by which others will see.

We're like autumn leaves fallen off a tree-scattered to the wind and far apart.
But there's something within us that holds us close at heart.
We're like butterflies migrating across the ocean,
Mistakes being made and hearts broken.
I could never fully express what she means to me,
Through our challenges and whatever happens, I love her dearly.
I wish I could know her face to face, and so
If we ever meet I'll hold her and never let go.

But at the end of time, all these things-
Sun, moon and stars with their glittering hues,
Pale in an instant when she comes into view.
Every day of our lives, no matter what you say or do,
Thank you Lawliett, my angel, my someone in the dark is you.

AN-I wrote this for my friend in Singapore-it's her birthday in a few days. please could you review and tell me what you think? Is it too soppy?!


Beth x