I don't know how, but you've managed;

The hole that seeps all but the lies;

My own troubles' deep desires, a flaming arch of truthful coos;

Leading me, shaping me; deforming me.

My painful addiction of lovely hatred, of malicious games and untold vain.

How I will follow... How I will forgive... How I will die, by your truthful ways.

You've beaten me, broken me, destroyed my heart and soul, and yet I return; for more, and more.

I can't get enough of that feeling; that sharp icy cold stare, the way you present yourself in such a caressing way; showing all and hiding none.

The way you leave my battered skin, alive with emotion burning within.

The way you touch me, feel me, know me; no one compares to your pale path.

I can sense your tickle upon my skin, a painful memory of all the lies within; a release for my feelings, so fickle and shamed; but don't worry, it's only me I blame.

I couldn't tarnish you, no matter how I tried, it's hard to believe how easy you hide. You release and forgive without a hesitation, you caress into oblivion with your little games;

Who can resist such a tempting fate? Not me... no. I will play your ways, and pay your price for my perfect destiny; colder than ice.