Let me be your wings
Let me be your only love
Let me take you far beyond the stars
Let me be your wings
Let me lift you high above
Everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours
Anything that you desire
Anything at all
Everyday I'll take you higher
And I'll never let you fall

I kept stirring in my bed. This song wouldn't leave my head. It was from some childhood movie I couldn't remember.

I couldn't take it anymore so I sat up out of bed, being careful not to wake Kayla.

The scenery of campus with the falling snow looked like a winter wonderland. Everything was embedded in that soft white stuff we call "snow."

I felt like a made a great choice transferring here. It was much cheaper too, I couldn't afford a lot. Tomorrow, I mean today I start my first day of college in the university. To be honest I'm very nervous, maybe that's why I couldn't sleep.

Kayla's been here since the beginning of the year, were both freshmen. She's pretty tall and is a true brunette. She's very nice and hasn't had a roommate until I came. She's been showing me around. I haven't really met anyone yet besides her and she promised me that she'd introduce me to her "crew" tomorrow.

I reached under my bed and I took sleeping pills I told my dad I wasn't going to bring. You've already got enough pills to worry about he told me.


Thank goodness Kayla woke me up before she went in the shower or else I would have never gotten up.

Kayla's taking all the classes I'm taking, thank goodness. I don't know if the administration at the college put people together based on interests and classes or if I was just lucky.

"Okay so we usually meet at this cute little coffee shop right by the science wing where our first class is. It's so conveniently located, at least for us. The rest of the crew aren't taking a science major. Except Mark, he works in the coffee shop in the morning. I think he has classes after us because he's a junior."

"Is Mark part of the "crew?" I ask while doing the quotation mark sign language with my two fingers.

"Yes. Oh I guess since we have some time until we get there I should tell you about us. Let's start with Mark, he's gay and incredibly in love with J.J. Mark is really hot, but you know what they say 'the best men are either gay or married.'"

"Yeah. I've heard that. So who else is there?"

"Oh I haven't even gotten to the best part, my boyfriend!"

"What's his name?"

"His name's Kyle. He's extremely cute! Oh and don't mention to him that I thought Mark's cute. He's pretty possessive. Oh anyway Kyle's got green eyes that I get lost in every time I look into their depths. It's like I'm going for a hike into the forest."

I looked at Kayla, a swooning teen that looks like she's about to fall over any moment.

I think back to a couple of weeks ago and remember how I used to be just like that.

"Jill! Are you listening? We also have Reida whose boy crazy. She'll do anything to get her hands on a guy. She's also kinda slutty, but funny in her sort of vulgar way."

"Is that it?"

"Yeah basically. Man it's cold." Kayla rubs her hands together.

"We chit chat out of our crew, but the friends you make out of our crew aren't our friends, their yours. But feel free to make friends, hey by the way want to sit with me in Biology? Just like the room, I've been practically alone. Everyone didn't know anyone except their roommate and there was an odd number of people in the classroom so naturally I was left alone," she put a hand through her hair and brushed it off like it was nothing.

"I made some acquaintances and if we needed to pair up for labs I would make the third in a group. So I didn't really know anyone until Reida, who's a sophomore, actually besides us there aren't any freshmen in the crew. "

"Wait how'd you meet Kyle? Doesn't he have friends?"

"He does, but like I said his friends aren't part of the crew I'm friendly with them but they aren't with everyone. Kyle is okay with it because I'm in the crew."

"Okay with what?"

"Well Kyle's friends, they don't exactly get along with J.J."

"Oh you mean because he's gay? Or.."

"Yeah but there alright with Mark. It's just they don't like the way he dresses and acts. It's completely rude to judge people like that if you ask me, but Kyle is such a sweetheart about it, just not his stupid friends."

We make it to the coffee shop and I open the door for Kayla so I don't have to be the first one in.

"Sorry we're late, just telling Jill here about the school," she took a seat by a guy who I figured was Kyle. On the other side of Kayla was J.J. I knew it. He had dyed hair and a shirt that said Just Be Gay with a nike logo under it. He didn't look gay, but he kept pursing his lips and sticking his pinky up when he drank his drink. It was sort of cute and funny at the same time.

"Hi, I'm Jason J. You can just call me J.J." He stood up and shook my hand at the tip of my fingers gently then sat back down.

"Hey I'm Kyle, Kayla's boyfriend," he did a slight wave and nod.

"Well come on Jill sit down. Mark will come over here in a minute to take your drink order. I' m not sure where Reida is…"

I sit down by Kyle, but I'm not as close to him as Kayla is.

"Hey gals and boys, so excited to meet our new V."

"Reida! This is Jill," she said with a clenched jaw. She mouthed the words be nice.

"Hey! Kayla told me about you, you're such a cutie," she took a seat next to me and made a kissing noise.

I'm slightly uncomfortable, but Kayla warned me.

Kayla motions some person over here.

"Hey Mark! Come sit for a sec. It's not too crowded today. This is Jillian, she's my new roommate and she's also our new mate in the crew."

I turned slightly to my right to see him.

Mark, the first time I laid eyes on him I knew there was something special. It was the same feeling I got when I looked outside at the snow last night outside my window. Except unlike snow, his gaze was warm.

"Hi actually you can just call me Jill."

He smiled at me, "Jillian."

Maybe he was contemplating whether to kill me quickly or spare my life. I need to stay off those sleeping pills from now on.

"I'll take a small coffee please," I said and he took a seat next to J.J. across the table from me.

"You'll just have to wait until you fill me in on yourself."

Okay he seems kind of pushy. I don't really like talking about myself. I really need a coffee right now.

"How about you get me some coffee then maybe I might tell you something about me," okay maybe I was being a little flirty.

"Get up off your ass and serve the girl. It's her first day and she's nervous," Kayla practically makes it a public announcement for the whole shop.

He puts his hands up in surrender. "Okay, okay. Mornings make people grouchy and coffee makes it better believe me I know."

He gets up and walks over to the counter to make my drink, I think.

Mark's cute; I mean I would never let J.J. know I like him as long as he had somebody just like Kyle and Kayla. It's like off limits when your friends have mates, I've had some bad experiences with that.

"Sorry about Mark, he can be quite the hard worker when he sets his mind to it," J.J. says.

"What are you studying Jill?" Reida asks me while staring at her nails.

"Same classes as Kayla."

"So do you want to be a doctor or something?"

"Here's your coffees," he hands us a tray with two coffees and a lot of sugar packets. Reida takes hers and starts putting the sugar in. I just take my coffee and drink it plain.

"I heard you take the same classes as Kayla," this time he takes a seat by me.

"I took the same classes; if you need any help just ask."

"Thanks, I will."

A buzzer goes off on Kyle's watch.

"Time for the freshies to get their asses outta here."

I stare at Kayla, "I made him set an alarm on his watch so I wouldn't be late."

"Ahh. That's convienent," I point out.

"Yeah no kidding, anywhere Jill and I gotta get going we'll see you tonight at the Baker's"

"Wait. Who are the Bakers?"

Reida jumps in, "Only the best party animals at the school. We party there."

"Yeah, sorry I forgot to mention it. It was sort of last minute."

"Cool I'll go," I say in a more confident tone than I feel.


Classes were okay. I only had Biology and Freshmen Direction. In Biology, this chubby short man with glasses told us what textbooks we needed and some of his expectations. It's usually an hour and a half long class but we only had to stay for about fifty minutes. In Freshmen Direction, we go over all about being a freshmen and the college. I exchanged some hellos to people. Maybe I'll see them tonight.

"What are you going to wear tonight?" Kayla asked me with her hands on her hips in front of her closet.

"I don't know probably just some jeans and a t-shirt."

"Oh! That means I can help you out. Let me see what you have."

"No really it's okay Kayla."

"Come on, we're going to score you a boyfriend tonight, so we need you to wear something sexy."

I really didn't want a boyfriend, but I did want to make Kayla happy so I let her go through my clothes.

"Why don't you wear these black boots you have here on the bottom of your closet," she said while she bent down and retrieved them from my mess of shoes.

"You can wear some skinny jeans too, do you have any?"

I get up and go to my drawers . I pull out jeans that look pretty skinny to me.

"Nope those aren't skinny enough how about you wear a pair of mine. I hope you have a belt because my ass I'm telling you right now is probably ten times bigger than yours."

I giggle at that statement, "Don't say that! Your ass isn't big at all. Let me see what you want me to wear."

She pulls out skinny jeans with beads on the sides. "This will definetly complement your figure. It doesn't fit my legs anymore. I brought it hoping I'd lose some weight but I didn't so here," she hands it over to me while I have the black boots in my hands.

"Okay now what to do with the top," she puts her finger on her mouth and proceeds looking through my closet.

"Now where did you get this?!" she pulls out a black and red corset with roses on it.

"My dad got it for me as sort of a joke. I found it when I was putting my clothes away, but he put it back and I found out he left it in there after he left.

She lays the shirt on her arms, "You are so wearing this tonight!"

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

There's a knocking at the door and Kayla opens the door, letting Reida in.

"Hey I could hear you numnuts fighting all the way down the hall."

"I'm trying to get Jill to wear something sexy tonight, but she won't. You of all people should be able to help."

"Okay I'm going to pretend you just said that."

"Fine I'll wear it, but I don't need a boyfriend." This causes Reida to laugh.

"Honey that's what I said now I'm practically on my knees for every boy I meet."

I take the clothes and boots and go into the bathroom to change; this is going to be one interesting night.

The Song in the beginning isn't mine it's from the movie Thumbelina. I don't any of it but its awesome =D