V1: One song, that began the dance for us,
A trip on my part, and the dance does close,
But I still heard the song in the back of my head.

V2: Two feet, that are dancing alone,
A very skilled dancer, dancing for one,
But I keep watching, to dance with her yet.

V3: Three girls, before things come to right,
The dance begins again, and we do dance,
And I let myself live, in only the dance.

C: And I told her I loved her
Through the time she was gone,
And I said I would only stop, when the last note fades.

V4: Three months, that the dance moved on,
Crushing me every day, yet still in the dance,
But I still keep the song, in the front of my mind.

V5: Two people, speaking on a night,
Watching my partner sway, away from my arms,
But I still try to dance, to dance with my love.

V6: One heart, shredded and torn,
The song is still playing, as I continue to dance,
And I know she won't be back, so I'll dance on alone.

C: And I told her I loved her
Through the time she was gone,
And I said I would only stop when the last note fades.

B1: One body, lying in blood.
One knife, lying on the bed.
One mind, lying in peace for now.
One person, begging him to stop.

B2: Two people, telling him it was wrong.
Two ways, to make him not do it again.
Two tears, each from a different person.
Two hands, holding him.

B3: Three days, of physical pain.
Three weeks, of remembrance.
Three years, till the scars stop looking bad.
Three lifetimes, intertwined in thoughts.

B4: Three people, always in contact.
Two hearts, trying to be close.
One person, trying to love another.
One song, which will never fade.

I will love her, till the last note fades.