Vanilla Twilight

A/N My first ever story on here, huzzah!

This story is based around my kingdom Aria and around Izz and his siblings Bronx and Yuri J Nassicus and they live on Earth with my friend Leah and I in these stories but this is an one shot to get things rolling as I have a few longer ones on the way which involve Aria more but if you're curious about Aria, check out my profile to learn more, okay?

In this story, it is the Nassicus sibling's first night on Earth and Izz can't sleep because he's not a big fan of the dark but it takes friendship to help make him feel better along with some coping mechanisms.

I hope you guys enjoy.

It was midnight in the Robert's house in the human world or Earth as the humans called it but in a spare room, someone was whimpering as they couldn't sleep because of the darkness.

It was a creature with soft grey fur, snail like eyes, bat like ears with a tubby spider like body and the hands and feet of a monkey.

His name was Izzard J Nassicus or Izz as he had been called by Jen and also by Carley, the human ruler of Aria who had given Aria it's life but he was finding it hard to sleep but couldn't find out why as he normally slept okay in the castle in Latanis but right now he was feeling a little scared as he tried to look at the ceiling but couldn't as he sighed turning on the lamp on the bedside table as he was in a pair of black pyjamas with purple on the sleeves but sighed as he had been having a few bad dreams after trying to fall asleep.

He had no clue about humans but hearing other Psammeads talk about them made them sound like terrible monsters but he knew Carley cared about him as he remembered she out of all the Arians in the entire kingdom had chosen him as her Arian partner and went through the Rite of Bonding and had their hearts and magic joined so the beginning of an unlikely friendship had begun as no Psammead in Psammeadis his home in Aria bond with a human but knew from history that non Arian Psammeads could grant people's wishes but only lasted until sunset and sometimes went wrong but were treated meanly by humankind which upset him but made him thankful he was from Aria as he decided to get a drink......

He sighed hearing music from another room but not loud enough to wake anybody as it was soft and gentle as he peeked through the door and saw somebody asleep safe and soundly.

He smiled sadly seeing that as he tiptoed downstairs to get to the kitchen but sighed knowing that the darkness held nothing that frightening as he had fought many Arian foes that thrived in darkness and shadow but didn't know why he had this fear as he then reached the kitchen and opened the fridge.

The soft grey furred Psammead smiled seeing cans of Red Bull along with soda and knew that stuff would help to keep him awake but he wanted to sleep as he searched for something and smiled finding hot chocolate mix remembering his human friends had used it eariler as he put it in the microwave but looked at the clock.

It was now one in the morning as a hour had passed.

He knew that something more than the darkness was bothering him and didn't know or wish to talk about it right at this moment as the microwave pinged as he took the cup out as he walked into the living room.

He then gulped it down as he wanted the drowsiness to happen now as he put the cup on the coffee table as he waited.

A few moments later, he felt his snail like eyelids grow heavy as he let sleep overcome him as he fell asleep........

In another world called Aria, in a purple bricked castle, somebody was watching Izz and his siblings on Earth through Arian magic as he sighed pushing his long hazel hair from his hazel eyes as he frowned seeing what Izz had done and understood knowing his friend was having trouble adjusting to the human world where humans didn't know about Aria apart from the young Queen of Aria and her best friend Leah.

The figure standing there was none other than the Gold Heart Ograian Knight Jen Shui and Izz's best friend and fellow Arian Knight as he had been worried knowing Izz and Yuri would find it harder to adjust than Bronx as the olive green skinned ogre sighed as he hoped that things would be okay as he or the other Ogreix Warriors and Arian Knights couldn't go there and try to help but he hoped they would be okay as he remembered that they'd been nervous yet excited going through the Rite of Bonding with their human friends but he had a feeling that they had no clue what Earth or living among humans was like and only his wife Ogre Child knew that because she had grown up among humans in that non magical world when Nalia and the Shadow Spirits had taken over Aria as he then heard his noble hearted and fiery willed wife call to him as they were late for training.

"I hope they'll be okay." he thought leaving the throne room......

It was late in the morning in the Robert's house as Leah along with her brother and Carley were making breakfast as both females were curious about how their Psammead friends were adjusting to this world as David understood knowing along with Leah how hard it was to move to somewhere new as they'd moved around a lot with their parents before deciding to settle here in Calvert County as he heard soft footdteps as he heard gentle laughter as Yuri jumped onto his shoulders nuzzling him as he smiled at the young light purple furred female Psammead as she hugged him.

He had been surprised that she would let him bond with her as well as Bronx with his sister Leah.

"How did you sleep?" he asked softly.

"Really good.

I hope Bronx and Izz are okay because I heard one of them awake last night when we were asleep." she answered.

David understood how Yuri felt about her siblings as he was protective of Leah.

"I've a feeling it's not Bronx because he was curled up beside me in bed." Leah told them making pancakes.

David along with Carley agreed it had been Izz as they saw Bronx enter the living room smirking seeing Izz asleep on the couch as he rubbed sleep from his snail like eyes as he came into the kitchen.

"I'm okay in the sleep department guys.

I have a feeling Izzard is having Other World Anxiety." he told them.

Leah along with Carley and David were curious about what the brown grey furred Psammead had said as Yuri knew what her brother was talking about.

"What is this Other World Anxiety?" Leah asked as Bronx smiled revealing razor sharp teeth.

"It's something that affects some Arians when they come to this world as they have no clue about humans and this world and I had a feeling one of us would have it but I figured it would be Yuri.

It can make Arians withdrawn, not hungry, afraid and skittish, untrust and sleeping problems due to this anxiety.

He has it bad but Yuri and I like this world so far.

Izz just needs to know it's safe." he explained as Leah understood.

It reminded her of when Carley had first moved here and was afraid until she learnt that things here were safe and had an idea as they went to get dressed.

Leah smiled as she and Carley were alone in the girl's room as they were sitting on the bed along with Bronx as they smiled seeing the brown grey furred Psammead explore the room as he was worried about Izz knowing sometimes he was a little anxious unlike him because he and Izz were fraternal twins but Bronx was more tough and not afraid unlike Izz who was anxious around new things but was very tough when it came to protecting those he cared deeply about.

"I think I know what's wrong with Izzard." Carley said.

Leah and Bronx were very quiet and curious.

"We're all ears.

Go on." Leah said.

"He has sad and worried feelings inside of him like I do sometimes but when that happens, I normally talk to Leah and I feel better and that's what Izz needs along with coping with the sleeping in the dark thing.

I can relate to that part very well but listening to music helps along with something beside me that makes me feel safe enough to sleep." she explained as Leah was amazed at her friend's genius.

"It's a great idea.

You should try it later." she answered as Bronx agreed.

Leah saw her friend in her room making something but saw it was a comforter made from navy blue material but the design was amazing as it was the stars in the night sky with a dragon curling around them as the girl smiled in return as she knew how it felt to be nervous and afraid but hoped Izz could be okay here knowing how hard it was to adjust in any new home or........ family for that matter and she knew how her Psammead friend felt as she wanted to hug him and give him the comfort he wanted as she heard laughter from downstairs knowing Leah along with David were playing video games and that Bronx and Yuri were joining in.

She smiled as she finished the blanket knowing it could keep her friend warm and make him feel safe to sleep.

She was hungry but also low on blood sugars and needed a snack as she went downstairs and smiled seeing the other members of their quirky little family having fun as she went into the kitchen making a sandwich as she was using peanut butter but saw Izz looking at the strange orange brown stuff as she knew he was curious.

"This is peanut butter, one of many tasty Earth foods.

It's one of my favourite foods besides sushi and aquid." she answered.

He then put his grey furred hand into the jar and scooped some out and ate it but liked it.

"This is good, really good.

Some foods in this world aren't scary after all." he answered as she giggled.

Some of the peanut butter was stuck to his soft grey fur and she got a wet wipe and took it off but he was surprised.

"We're friends Izzard, remember?

It's what we do for each other like help them with problems.

I'll be upstairs if you want me." she said leaving the room carrying a small tray.

He then pondered over her words as he sighed going back into the living room.

He was lost in thought the rest of day and early evening.

That night while his other friends and siblings were asleep, Izz was still awake as he lay there in the darkness but wondered about this world remembering that humans could be kind but also cruel as well and these thoughts scared him and had been giving him nightmares as he shivered remembering those vivid nightmares but then he he heard a voice in his head.

"We're friends, remember?

It's what friends do like help with problems." he heard it say as he remembered what Carley had said.

He smiled thinking about her as she was a true friend to him and cared about him like trusting him with things she'd never tell anybody or like cheering him up but didn't just see her as the Ruler of Aria but as a person as a warm feeling flowed through him.

"She sees me as a good friend and as a person.

I know what I have to do." he thought taking a dep breath.

He then got up and left the spare room as he came to Carley's bedroom door and opened it softly as not to wake her but saw the lamp turn on as he saw her sit up but there was a smile in her blue eyes.

"Something's bothering you, right Izzard?

It's okay to vent because I can tell you need to vent before you blow up emotionally.

I know you're scared about this world but why?

Is it us or something else?" she said.

"N-No it's not you or the others.

Y-You guys are amazing but this world and everything is so strange and frightening at the same time but you and others seem to deal okay in this world.

I have no clue about this or about humans beside you!" he said as she could see he was breaking down.

She knew how that felt, when it's hard to control yourself when you feel a certain emotion and she knew that right now he needed her as she knew what to do.

She then got him to sit on the bed in her lap as she knew he needed to cry the sad feelings out or he'd never get rid of the anxiety he was feeling right now as she stroked his fur gently.

"It's okay to cry Izz.

Nobody else is awake or judge you.

Sometimes the only way to get rid of sad feelings is to cry." she answered.

She then wrapped her arms around him as he let the tears flow that he'd been holding in for the past few days as she understood but waited until he was all cried out before speaking.

"Do you feel any better?" she asked.

"Yes I do Carley.

You care about me deeply." he said hugging her.

She then returned the hug but then wrapped something around him as it was the blanket she'd made eariler but he was surprised by this as he smiled a little.

"It's to help you feel safe enough to sleep in here." she said as he was in awe.

"R-Really?" he asked.

"Yes because I had to choose and I think we fit so well together like my friendship with Leah that you should stay here and feel safe.

Besides Yuri and Bronx are sleeping with Leah and David.

I know about your anxiety about the dark as I have it a little because of my Retinis Pigmentosa but I have help by listening to music and having a comfort item like my dragon plushie to hug but I am happy that you guys wanted to live here on Earth.

We could be your family.

You, me, Leah, Bronx, Yuri and David.

A family is made up of a group of people who care about and love you so we are sort of a family already." she said.

"I'd like that.

Thanks for everything." he said snuggling beside her in the bed.

He was beginning to think and feel that this world wasn't so strange as he thought now he had a family of friends along with his siblings and that wouldn't change as his eyes closed in sleep..........