Chapter 28

Honestly, this is a taste of a direct sequel…

"Bastian!" It always felt like I couldn't yell loud enough at that boy. He looked at me with wide gold eyes, trying to look innocent, but I knew better. He was currently chasing his brother Wilhelm around with a stick. My daughter Ana sat beside me, quietly braiding her doll's hair. They were six now but I didn't feel old and when I looked in the mirror, I didn't look old. Things quieted down a little after I yelled, but before I knew it, hell had walked in.

Georgia came into the backyard looking like she walked out of a magazine. How she got up each morning to priss was beyond me. Despite her rough patch with Kennie, she had somehow managed to actually tame him. Which was great for her—except that now he took his frustration out on confused pack members. Some things about Kennie would never change. Behind her were Nathaniel and Natalia, her twins. Surprisingly, they were little angels. I swear Kennie put the fear of God into those kids. Georgia wasn't the hell I was talking about though. It was Phoebe. She waltzed in right behind her with her two little girls. Rachel—the sweetest little thing I had ever seen. She had straight black hair and big blue eyes. She and Ana seemed to be attached at the hip. Abigail….sweet Jesus Abigail….One word. Anti-christ. That little girl was a little boy with ADHD trapped in a girl's body. She immediately ran over to my sons and before I knew it, they were covered in mud, yelling and fighting. Pete had been nothing like Abigail when he was a kid. He had been the picture of sweetness. I glared at Phoebe as she laughed. I bet Phoebe was this way as a kid.

"God, she reminds me so much of me."

So she admits it! "Go tame your rabid canine over there. This was supposed to be a relaxing time outside."

"You've got two boys Mari. Relaxing my ass!"

"Aunt Phoebe!" Ana's little voice wafted through the air. Phoebe had the dignity to blush. She blanched when she saw Abby through the corner of her eye.

"Fuck…" The word slipped out my mouth when I looked over at the kids. I didn't particularly care about Ana's sensitive ears then. What I cared about was the fact that Bastian was attempting to drown Abby in the pool. "BASTIAN!" Phoebe and I both ran over to them. I could hear Georgia trying to calm the girls down. Nathaniel stood in the pool, but away from the kids, his expression masked by indifference. That kid, no matter how sweet he acted, unnerved me. He always seemed to be thinking..or plotting. Plotting what, I didn't know. Perhaps someone's demise. It wasn't a secret that Nathaniel and Abby did not get along. At all. I bet he incited something. Evil little Kennie incarnate. I could never understand why Bastian liked him so much.

I rushed into the pool, pulling the kids apart and giving Bastian a good whack over the head. "What is wrong with you? Huh? Are you nuts?"

"She's been trying to bite!" I looked at Bastian, my eyes narrowed. I didn't see any blood on him. There was a little bit of blood on Abby's mouth. Did she bite herself? "Not me Mom! She bit Nathaniel! I didn't start this! I tried to pull her off and she attacked me!" It was than that I really looked at Nathaniel and Abby. He looked more and more like he was in a daze. There was blood smeared on his cheek, but most of it was on his shoulder.

Georgia came over to inspect him. Abby was doing one of two things. A-she was trying to take out his jugular, or B-she was trying to mark him. Let it be the jugular, let it be the jugular…

Ok….so Verlangen is officially done! YAY ME! I can now mark it as complete….my first complete story actually. I should get a cookie. A nice big sugar … So I finally got to introduce their children. I've got big stories for them too…..So what do you think was going on? Marking or jugular?