I Fell in Love With My Kidnapper?!
Chapter 1

"Love is like cancer... It takes your mind, body and soul very slowly, then out of no where.... it kills you."
Vicky Nguyen

I had always wondered what love was.

In the dictionary, it's described as a tender, passionate affection for someone. Were you the tender passionate one I cared for so much? Were you the rain that put out the massive fire that would burn this pathetic life away? Were you the flashlight that came in hand, during those darkened times? Everything that happened to me so far, made me fear this word, love. How could just one word mean so much, this very word that can alter the way people act around others.

This word 'love' filled my life with sorrow, not happiness. It filled my life with betrayal, not trust; and now, who am I?

I ran my fingers on the mark that made me remember, who I was and that time will always come running back to me. No matter now many times I run away from it. It came back. Always...

The smell of 'Head and Shoulders' filled up my nostrils, leaving a sharp pain of embarrassment that emerged a new memory that I didn't want.

Jake gave a slight groan and began laughing in his deep voice. He told me to get off. He began shoving me onto the prickly grass he laid on; the smell made me pinch my nose.

I peaked over my shoulder to see the old rusty bench that I had been laying on; it was thinner than I thought it was. Knowing that, I shouldn't have shifted over. It was night time now, I guess I have been sleeping too long.

I scanned around me; the park was even more quiet than the this morning where little children were frolicking around. As opposed to now where were just shadows. The night sky had plenty of shining stars accompanied by the crescent moon which beamed its soft radiance onto Jake. He was fixing his disarranged brown hair, pieces of grass began trickling down his head as he shook. Once the pieces of grass landed onto his baggy dark purple shirt, he immediately perked up and smiled at me.

As always, I got lost into his amber coloured eyes that stood out in moonlight. I was once again stunned at his usual charming face. I began to lean in close enough, that our noses touched. I could sense that my heart beat was getting faster and faster.

Moments; they are things that you would want to keep in your mind, and some that you wish that never happened. This was a one of those moments. My cellphone began to vibrate on the side of my jeans, what a great way to ruin A 'moment'. The familiar ring tone began sprewing those words I loved:

Don't look back and leave
Don't find me again and live on
Because I have no regrets from loving you, take only the good memories
I can bear it in some way
I can stand in some way
You should be happy if you are like this
I become dull day by day -eh eh eh-
Oh girl I cry, cry
You're my all, say goodbye…

"Hello?" I answered. Jake gave me a curious look. My ring tone must have confused him.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU KIM! Its ten- forty five PM! A fifteen year old girl shouldn't be out this late!" It was my mom screaming on the other line. I heard Jake chuckle behind me.

"Yes, mom I'm with Jake, we're walking home right now," I lied and hung up the phone before she could protest what I was doing with Jake. That will cost me at least a week of grounding.

"I-I should be going now," I began to stutter, " it's getting late."

"Why? Are you frightened of the dark or your mom?" he teased.

"No! Its my mom I'm worried about," I barked. "Besides, with those eyes, I can already see the whole park without a flashlight."

"Ouch, cold much," he growled giving a cute pout. I looked away. Let the awkwardness begin.

"Bye, I guess…" I began to get up, but I felt a slight tug on my sleeve.

"Wait! Are you going to be alright walking alone?" he asked with a worried look.

"Of course!" I lied, remembering the time I got lost in the forest with Jake and he found me snuggling against a rock.

"Yeah, right."

I tried to make him loosen his grip on my sleeve. Once I was free, I took a few steps before stumbling to the ground. Damn my stupid uncoordinated legs.

I heard Jake laughing in the background and boasted, "Maybe you DO need me to accompany you back home, Kim."

I blushed in embarrassment as he began helping me up.

I tried to imagine how would my mom react if she saw me with a boy passed my curfew. Even though she knew Jake and I were friends, parents tend not to trust what you are doing late at night. Then I imagined what would happen to Jake. His house is the complete opposite from where I live; I felt guilty for making him walk the extra mil-

"Don't worry about me Kim, I'll take a cab home. Besides, my parents are out for a meeting and won't be back until tomorrow night." He always had a habit of knowing what I was thinking. I was just too damn predictable.

"Aside from that, with your clumsy self -" I gave him a sharp look, "- and your charming looks you might get into trouble."

"Thanks." I smiled weakly at his insult blended with a compliment. He paused and faced me.

"Kim, I'll protect you no matter what and I will never leave your side." He gave a serious, sharp look which sent shivers down my spine.

I've never seen Jake so serious before. Could this be Jake's caring side? I took a step forward, hoping that I could at least plant a memory before I head home. I leaned in closer, so close that I smelled his fresh pine cologne; it reminded me of the forest we were in. Where he had saved my life. His arms wrapped me around my waist and he pulled me in closer, his warm lips touching mine.

Suddenly, a car screeched and stopped right in front of us. Everything happened so suddenly.

A minute ago I was kissing Jake. Now I was being dragged towards a white van. My head bounced on the floor of the van as I was shoved in; everything was blurry now. I heard Jake calling my name, trying to save me. Suddenly, a black hair boy jumped out of the van and was restraining Jake. I saw Jake getting kneed in the stomach over and over by the boy and he was still struggling to get to me.

Once I got my focus I saw a blond haired boy trying to tie me up. I gave him a uppercut punch which made him stumble backwards and hit the side of the van.

I reached my hand out to Jake, who was struggling from the black haired boy who was holding him down. Jake too reached out his hand, our hands nearly touched, until the boy punched Jake down into the ground and shoved me into the van once again.

The black haired boy shouted to the driver to step on it. The van door began to close; I screamed for Jake who was on the ground groaning. I heard him yell my name. A sharp pain hit my head, and instantly, everything was unclear. The boys voices softened and the van began to move.

"Idiot! You didn't have to be so rough, Nathan!" a voice called out.

"Well, I didn't have to if you didn't get beat up by a girl," Nathan chuckled

"Shut up! Lets just get her to Father," the boy replied. I soon fell into a deep trance.

In my trance, I was in the forest, the place where my life turned into complete misery. In front of me was my ex-boyfriend Blair. He spoke out the words that haunted me.

"Well Kim? Do you trust me?" he said. I gave him a slight nod, in my mind I was unsure. Blair suddenly pulled me close to him, he smelled like alcohol and he kissed me forcefully. I pushed back shouting to him 'no'. The trance soon turned into my nightmare: Blair took his hands and started to choke me. I was gasping for air, and looked behind Blair. Behind him was Jake. He had a worried look on his face; it struck right through me.

Soon the trance altered into the sentence that meant so much what happened that day. And the mark that reflected that very painful day.

"Kim, how could you?" Jake whispered.

"Jake, I-" I reached out my hand to touch his face, but the trance started to fade away.

"Jake!" I screamed.

"No, I'm not Jake and I would like it if your filthy hands would let go of my hand," a voice said. It was a deep husky voice, a bit more deeper than Jake. I opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw were a pair of jade green eyes. I blinked a few times to clear my vision. Sitting beside me was a black haired boy. He had a straight nose and a strong jaw line but had a wonderful face. He looked like a model and about sixteen. I looked around to find myself in a room and on a bed. I double checked myself to see if my clothes are still on, thank god they were.

The room was small and damp, there were no windows and only one door that doesn't open on the inside. I looked at the black hair boy who I was still holding hands with, on my wrist was a handcuff, the hand cuff restraining to the wall. Then a sudden flash of my memory came back, I was kidnapped.

"Who are you, bitch! Where am I?! Where's JAKE!" I yelled. I clenched my other hand into a fist and aim right at his face. Immediately he blocked it and grabbed my other hand so I wouldn't try to hit him again.

"Calm down, Princess. Jake is fine; he's probably calling the police. Now settle down like the good girl you are and rest because heading back to the base will take long while." He released my hands, which was a reckless move for him.

I used my legs to bounce up to knee him in the stomach. He stumbled onto the ground and gave a slight groan of surprise and I dashed for the door. I felt a huge pull on my wrist from the handcuffs. I sturggled to get it off the wall until it came loose and broke off. I'm guessing they didn't put it on right.

The door suddenly knocked and a voice shouted on the other side. I dashed to the black haired boy and strained him down while covering his mouth.

"Nathan?" the voice asked. So that's what this boys name was. "Are you alright? I heard noise," continued the voice outside the door.

"Yeah," I said faking Nathan's voice. I saw Nathan rolling his eyes at me. I'm guessing he doesn't sound like that. "Come in," I continued deepening my voice. Nathan started muffling under my hand but the door began to open. Immediately, I dashed out and punched the guy who came in the room then I kneed him out of the way and ran out.

I noticed they took away my cell and my shoes apparently. The floor was concrete and cold, but it didn't matter to me; I had to get out. Nathan and the other boy was running behind me and catching up. Suddenly, I heard something frightening that sent a shiver down my spine, a huge bang that had grazed my cheek. A gunshot...

"Dumb ass, don't kill her Nathan!" the other boy said

"Shut up Cole; that's what she gets for her false impression of me and for you to actually fall for it!" shouted Nathan. I felt loved. Another gunshot was fired this time it missed. I ran a bit faster, then a hope of light pulsed throughout my body. A door was up ahead. The door started to open. What perfect timing.

A brown haired boy entered the hall and his cheek was grazed by another fired gunshot.

I clenched my hands into a fist and was ready to punch the guy out. Instead, as I aimed for his gut, to my surprise he took his palm of his hand and dodged my punch. I took a step and swung my foot for a kick. Unfortunately, he was ready and flipped me onto the ground.

I gave a slight groan and a sharp pain suddenly hit my leg: it felt like a needle and a fluid was going into me. I grabbed my leg and realized it was a dart. Everything was getting blurry and I staggered onto the ground.

My whole body felt weak and heavy. I wanted to escape; I wanted Jake to come and save me. You promised you would stay by my side. Where are you? I looked to the side where Nathan and Cole finally caught up. My eyelids became heavier.

"Alright, now who let her escape?" said the brown haired boy while wiping the grazed gunshot wound. His voice was soft and stern.

"It wasn't my fault!" shouted Cole, who grabbed the gun from Nathan.

"Oh, and I'm guessing she just walked out by herself?" the brown haired boy spoke looking at Nathan, who was holding his stomach.

"Shut up, Daniel. Besides, it was Cole who put the handcuffs wrong on her," Nathan growled.

"Well, I didn't want it too tight on her!" Cole barked.

"Shut up, jackass," Nathan hissed and gave a small glare at Daniel.

Daniel walked up to Nathan and punched Nathan on the face, causing him to stumble to the ground. Yes!Punch that jerk! Sadly, everything went black before I could see what happened next. Dammit.

Okay before i get any rants this is me the girl who wrote this int he first place! after this incident i had to change files and i thought of rewriting this story again but kinda got lazy T.T so enjoy~ Reviews please~