Celssie and I managed to get home safe, our uncle Robert was happy to have us back.... Wendy and Wanda were so happy that they told us that their aunt said both of them could stay with Uncle Robert!

Mut met Teana... a girl from school, and he now has a wonderful relationship, and as for Bruce... he is now denying the love that he has for Celssie, but I think it will work out. Celssie is also making sure that he admits his love for her... which she will probably get away with... she's sort of scary in that way... don't tell her I said that.

As for me... I'm still living in my house with Uncle Robert, Celssie, Wanda, and Wendy... I have no relationship... right now... but for now I joined the drama club. Everyone there thinks I'm really good at dramatic entrances, and acting stupid... I wonder why? I also have a few fans from my acting in performances... mainly girls; this might actually work out... I mean my life!

Thanks' for reading... Someone else's life!

-Carlos Nohm