The creature that I saw was full of lust and controlled only by the desire for indulgence. She was like my Achilles Heel, my only weakness and I could control myself no longer. The burning desire to see her again won over my senses and I left the bazaar immediately. I ran outside hoping to catch the last train home. I finally came to the station and made it just in time, for the train was scheduled to leave only two minutes later. I walked back onto the same third class carriage of that same deserted train, and made my way home.

While I was on the train, the only thing I was thinking about was her, and when the train pulled into the station I broke out into a run in fear that I would miss seeing her face before she slipped into the protective shadows of her home. I stood outside her house and hoped she would come outside. I stood there for so long that by the time I finally decided to leave, the street lamps and the lights inside the houses had completed their nightly exchanges. I walked about two steps when all of the sudden I heard a noise coming from her house, the creak of the front door. I immediately spun around and sure enough, there she was. The light from the street lamps once again hit her at just the right angles that it emphasized her beauty and my heart raced with excitement and wonder. She started walking towards me, smiling even, I tried to say hello but her very presence had rendered me speechless. I could say nothing and she walked right past me as if I were a ghost looking in on her life from the outside. Perplexed by this, I turned around only to see her leap effortlessly into another man's arms.

My world was crushed and my heart sank like a lead anvil thrown into the shining water. I had been defeated and so I walked slowly and aimlessly home. Everything around me had a more of sadness to it now, almost like a reflection of my gloom. The streets looked ragged and worn, the street lamps had lost their enchanted charm, and the houses wore confused and agitated expressions. Her shrill, chiming laughter sliced into my every thought and pierced my heart with a sharp knife. She was just as infatuated for him as I was for her. And all the way home my mind was tortured by their pleasant conversations during the night's blanket of cover.

I had loved her once, and had wanted to do anything to win her over. I barely knew her, so much that I couldn't even tell you her name. All I knew was that the feeling I got when I saw her was unlike anything else I'd experienced. But to her, I was a small infinitesimal speck on her life. But those days are long gone, for I am in love once again. I met her yesterday. Her name is Julie.