Two's Company, Six is a Crowd?

One: I Hate You, My Friend

I'd rather go to hell, than shake your hand or wish you well, in case you couldn't tell.

"Is this number 38?" Rose whispered quietly, as she stepped down out of the beaten-up old van. She stood, hands on her hips, facing a small shack. In the dark of the night, the house was barely visible, lit only by a dim spotlight attached to the roof. A small wooden veranda projected out from the front door and a row of sickly looking hedges made up the garden bed. Apart from that, there wasn't much else to look at.

"I think it's….quaint," Lara hesitated, joining Rose's side and staring at the small shanty. Rose raised her eyebrow and looked to her other friend, Trina who had had busied herself with unloading luggage from the boot of the van.

"What do you guys think?" she asked them sceptically, "It's not really like the brochure, is it? Maybe it'll look better in the daylight?" Trina looked up from the suitcase she was struggling with, tucking her wild raven curls behind her ears.

"As long as it has a bed and a shower, I don't really care what it looks like," she commented before returning to the suitcase. Rose sighed but nodded nonetheless. It wasn't really the grand beach house she had been expecting but as Trina put it, as long as there was somewhere to sleep and bathe, she shouldn't be complaining.

It was just like Trina to make her feel guilty. She didn't mean to be rude, she just had a way of making everything sound so blunt. When it came to Rose, Trina never sugar-coated anything and she expected the same in return. That's probably the reason they got on so well. They were anything but opposites. Both loud and brash and they didn't give a damn what anyone thought. Of course, they were both as stubborn as each other and when they fought, you didn't want to be in the same room. Somehow their friendship worked.

Lara, on the other hand was more reserved. She would sit back and observe, rather than participate. It gave the impression she was shy, though Rose and Trina knew otherwise. They'd known Lara long enough to realise that though she had a kind heart, she had a fiery temper to match. Get on her bad side, and you might just find yourself there for good.

The trio had met on their first day of high school. Back then, all of them had been shy and uncertain kids who'd looked out of place in their baggy uniforms and oversized backpacks. Trina has struck up the conversation during their orientation and from that day, they'd been bonded as best friends for life. Now, as they finished their first year of university together, Rose had declared them in need of a holiday and so the girls had set off to spend seven nights by the beach.

Lara grabbed her suit case and began rolling it across the road and towards the house. Halfway up the driveway, she stopped and turned to Rose and Trina who were trailing behind.

"Why is the front door already open?" she asked softly. Rose and Trina looked towards the wooden door that was ajar, the darkness from the inside room visible.

"You don't think there's someone already in there, do you?" Lara asked, her face turning white. Trina snorted.

"Of course there isn't. Whoever was here last, obviously just forgot to shut it," she reasoned, making her way up the steps. Nonetheless, she approached the open door warily. Pushing the door fully open, they were met with the site of a dark lounge room. Lara stood behind Trina, ringing her hands in terror.

"Anyone here?" Rose called warily. She tried, unsuccessfully, to find a light switch. No one answered, so she took a step into the house. Something moved to her right and Lara squealed. A boy appeared out of the darkness, half yawning and lazily rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His chest was bare, a pair of striped boxers slung on his lean, toned hips. His shaggy dark hair was mussed and it appeared he had just woken up. He looked down at the three girls, his face breaking into an arrogant smile.

"Well ladies," he drawled, "It's not my birthday till April, but I guess I don't mind celebrating it a little early." Rose looked at him with distaste. She was tired and cranky and in no mood to deal with this.

"Is this number 38, uh, sorry I didn't catch your name?" she asked, putting on a polite voice. He looked at her and rolled his eyes.

"It's Grant" he said, "And yes, this is 38." He gestured to the numbers '38' stamped on the door in gold.

"Well, you're in our house then," she announced, folding her arms.

"Excuse me?" he asked in disbelief, "Is there something I'm missing. This is our house. We booked it from the 8th till the 15th"

"But so did we," Rose continued, not moving an inch. She thrust the piece of paper emailed to her by the real estate under his nose.

"See, it says paid in full for the 8th till the 15th. 38 Wave Street." Grant grabbed the piece of paper and studied it momentarily. Then, he let out a string of expletives.

"They've bloody double booked this house on us," he muttered. Lara looked like she was about to burst into tears.

"What are we going to do then?" Trina asked impatiently, "We didn't travel all day just so we could turn back now." Grant shrugged his shoulders.

"You'll have to ring the real estate," he suggested.

"But it's nine o'clock at night!" Rose protested. "No one will be there now!"

"Well, you'll have to ring them tomorrow then," he stated calmly.

"What are we going to do tonight then?" Lara asked apprehensively. Rose looked at Grant. For some reason, unbeknownst to her, she had taken an instant dislike to him. He was cocky and undeniably gorgeous, but he knew it too. She found him returning her gaze, sizing her up.

"Well since we paid for this house as well, it's half ours. We'll sleep inside." He looked like he was about to argue but Rose didn't give him the chance. She lifted her suitcase and walked into the room, flicking on the light switch as she walked by.

"Where's the bedroom?" Rose asked once in the house. Grant reluctantly pointed down the hallway.

"It's no use going in there. They're already taken," he explained.

"By who?" Trina asked.

"By my friends and if you think we're going to give them up and sleep on the floor just because you're girls, then think again."

"And they say chivalry is dead," Rose muttered sarcastically under her breath. Grant gave her a wry grin.

"Of course, we could always share. They're double beds, you know," he suggestively said, before winking at her. Trina snorted and Rose suppressed a laugh.

"Yeah, we won't be doing that," she said, smiling sweetly. "We'll--"

She was cut off midsentence by the arrival of another two boys, showing similar signs of disrupted sleep to Grant.

"This is Matt and Stephen," Grant introduced, pointing to the two boxer clad boys.

"Wuss going on?" Stephen yawned, wiping his eyes.

"Apparently, this house has been booked to us and these three girls here," Grant explained, "They're going to have to stay the night until we can fix things tomorrow".

Stephen grinned wickedly, eyeing Trina up and down. Rose sighed. It was true when they said a man's heart was in his pants.

"I don't have a problem sharing my bed with you, baby," Stephen drawled to Trina. Trina looked thunderous and Rose grabbed her arm to prevent her from hitting Stephen.

"We'll have a rock off. Loser sleeps on the floor," Rose quickly said, trying to avoid any conflict.

"A rock- off?" Matt finally spoke, scratching his head.

"You know? Scissors, Paper Rock." Lara explained, "We'll go first." She turned to Matt. Matt, still half asleep, raised his hand and they began. Matt made a rock, while Lara did paper. Matt groaned while Lara smiled. Moments later she skipped off down the hallway to her newly won bed. Trina and Stephen went next, Trina pulling a paper and Stephen doing scissors. Trina groaned and Rose patted her sympathetically on the back.

"Hey," Stephen said, "I told you I had no problem sharing. The offer still stands." Trina ignored him and grabbing her suitcase, she stormed off down the hallway, Stephen trailing sheepishly behind. Grant and Rose watched them go.

"Shall we?" Rose asked, raising her hand ready for the final rock off. Grant laughed and ignoring her hand, leapt onto the unmade bed.

"What are you doing?" she asked angrily.

"You really thought I was going to give up my bed?" he asked, laughing at the very thought. Rose scowled. She was about to yell at him when she felt her eyelids droop. She was simply too tired to argue. Grabbing her pyjamas and toothbrush, she set off down the hallway.

Grant's faint voice followed her down the corridor.

"All's fair in love and war".

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