Carmel Apples


Eyes wide and body frozen over I watched her death. From across the street she was so close yet so far away. So close to living but to close to death. The flames engulfed her fragile, tiny body. I could barley scream out her name before smoke filled my lungs. So I watched. What was I to do? I couldn't put out the flames nor could I run in and save her in ... I sat. I watched. I cried. I heard her scream. My girl, she's gone. Gone forever nothing can ever bring her back. Nothing. My Melody. Gone.


Years pass...

Memories fade...

Memories remembered...

Dreams replaced by nightmares...

Still hanging on to the locket you gave me....

Years pass more... I still remember that night... Every last moment.


"So.... This is the place." I say to my self in disbelief. I look down at the directions once more and looked back at the address of the building. After confirming this is the place, I wadded up the directions. "That Idiot." I say " 'Hey you still looken' for a job? Here's one that was made for you, just follow the map!'" I quote my room mate Carter in anger. "Never again will I trust you to find me a job." I stuff the map in my pocket and venture into Tony's Pizza Parlor muttering some very colorful words under my breath.

I walk in causing the bell over head to ring. they must have just opened up. Waitresses pull down chairs off of tables and some of them wipe them down. One notices me and walks over with a I've-Had-Way-To-Much-Caffein-In-My-Coffee-How-May-I-Help-You Attitude.

"Hello Sir!" she says with a Barbie doll grin. "How may I help you this fine morning?" I'm wrong. She is a Barbie doll. "I would like to speak to the Manager." I say. I can tell this takes her a bit to readjuster because her smile faded a bit and her eyes look to one side, then the other. Then she looks back to me, eyes wide and her smile back. "Oh! Well, he's not here yet. He should be in so-" I hear the bell over the door again. I looked over my shoulder to see a man dressed rather nicely and in a hurry to get some where. "Good morning Lucite." he says to Barbie Doll with a nod as he walks by. She gives him a big smile and waves. She looks back over to me and then gets that face again when she figured something out. She turned around and said "Mr. Weston?" The man was about to go into another room but looked back over his shoulder to her. "Yes, Lucite?"

She puts a hand out to me and says "This Is..."


"Tony! He wanted to talk to you, Sir."

The man then turned completely around and said "Well come on in son." he gave me a wave to come with him.

His office was smallish but very interesting. Most people would have a single photo of his family framed and sitting on his desk. Mr. Weston on the other hand, had photos covering almost every inch of his walls. His desk was also cluttered with papers and old food packages.

"Please." he said and pointed to a chair in front of his desk. "Have a seat."

I did so and instantly sank. I tried to sit up straight and look some what presentable but that was rather hard to do. He took a seat behind his desk and leaned back with his hands on his chubby gut. "So what brings you here?" he says.

"My room mate told me you were hiring." I explained "He said this job was made for me."

"Because your name is Tony?"

"Pretty much."

He chuckled. "Whats your room mate's name?" he asked

"Carter Harrington." I told him.

He nodded "I know him."


"Not in a good way."

"Well, It is Carter. I don't think 'Good' is even in his vocabulary."

He laughed again. Maybe getting a job won't be so hard.

"So. Do you want a job here?" he asked

"Well yes." i paused "And no."

He sat up a bit "How so?"

"Well, I need the cash but I don't want to work here for ever." I tell him "I have something else I want to do."

He nodded. "I get that a lot." he said "So what about you? What is it you want to do?" he asked

I looked up at the ceiling avoiding his gaze. This topic bothered me. "I want to be a Fire Fighter."

"Now why on Earth would you do something dangerous like that, son?"

Because they ask that. "Some one dear to me passed away in a fire."

It was silent for a moment then he got up and walk over to me. He put a hand on my shoulder. "Can you start today?" I look up at him in disbelief. Usually when I tell people that they say I'm chasing something I can never bring back as much as I tried and don't want some one like that working for them. I smiled and nodded "Yes I can, Mr.-"

"Please, call me John." He gave me a wink and stalked out of the room.

John? Wouldn't he be Tony? I think. But then realize he probably wasn't the true founder of the restaurant.

When I walked out of the office Barbie came up to me with an even bigger smile then before "We get to work together now? Thats so great!" she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me. All I could do was stair blankly, wide eyed. "Yep." I said and patted her back a few times still in shock "Just peachy!" Crap...

I never EVER stopped to think of how hard of a job a Pizza Guy has. Next time I phone for pizza I'm giving them a huge tip. First you got to get the addresses right and know where they are. Make sure the pizza doesn't fall off your bike. Don't get run over by cars at the same time making sure you don't run over people. Making sure you get there Pizza in under 30 minutes or it's free (Or in other words out of MY pay). And on top of all that you have to ignore the comments from by passers. Why? Because I have to where a bright yellow helmet with a sticker of a pizza on it. Oh! And lets not forget the bright yellow fanny back!

"You need cash." I kept telling my self "You need cash. You need food, you need clothes, you need a place to live, you need to stay alive so you can kick Carter's ass later for getting you this job." I pep-talked myself the entire time. And when I wasn't making deliveries I was moping the floors with a Never-Shut-Up-Barbie-Doll.

When I got home I instantly crashed on the couch. Carter walked over to me. I put my hand up to him before he could say anything. "If you want to stay alive, i suggest you shut up until I've taken a nap."

"Okie-Day, Fanny-Pack-Boy." And he walked away.

When I woke up it was dark out. I looked at my watch. 1am. Crap, i slept through dinner. My stomic made noises. "Food...." mumbled as I stood up and headed for the kitchen.

When I opened the fridge I gaged at the smell and shut it. I walked over to see if we still had some chips. Just as I was going to open the cabinet I saw a pile of empty Chip bags on the kitchen table. Your so dead, Carter. I thought and went over to the fridge again to see the grocery list. Only one word.


I let out an irritated sigh. "I'm going to murd-" My stomic made a loud noise again.

I walked on the side walk and skimmed the city for something to eat. Come on! I thought, It's New York for Christ's sake! Somethings gotta be open! But there wasn't anything. For some odd reason absolutely nothing was open.

Finally I gave up and sat on a park bench. I leaned my head back and looked at the stars. "I wonder.... If she's watching right now." I said "She probably thinks I look pathetic."

"And your probably right." I was startled a bit at the female voice behind me but I didn't look back.

"Who asked you?" I said.

"Well," she began "You are sitting on a park bench, at night. Oh and I can hear your stomic from here." She sounded about a yard or two away. She also sounded like a teenager. Sounded... familiar...

I let out a groan "Your point?"

"My point?" she asked "I don't have one. Other then to bother you, I don't have a point."

Usually this would piss me off. But I know I've heard her before...... I couldn't be. I was about to look over my shoulder but figured it couldn't be. Impossible.

I chuckled. "Shouldn't you be in bed little girl?" I teased.

She was silent. Maybe she gave up. I started to hear foot steps and then they fell silent. Guess she didn't like that comment. Oh well. I closed my eyes and felt the night. It was a bit chilly, not to much. It was summer after all. I could hear some cars but not many. I was completely rela-

"You'll get mugged if you sleep out here."

I jumped at least 5 feet in the air. She was so close but still behind me. She must be sitting on the bench behind me.

I rested my head in my hand. "Listen." I said "Do I know you?"

"Should you?" she asked

"I don't know, should I?"

"Should I know you?"

"I don't.... Shouldn't you be at home?" I looked over my shoulder. She was sitting directly behind me. All I could see was the back of her head. Judging by her height she seemed about 15 or 16. She had curly reddish-orange hair. She had a scarf wrapped around her ne- Wait.... That hair.

An old memory of Melody came into my head like a photo graph. It was summer and we were looking out at the ocean. Her hair blowing in the wind. Her curly red-orange hair. Her bright green eyes. She was smiling. It was a good day.

I didn't notice I was doing it but my hand was lifting up to touch the girl's hair. Was it as soft as Mell's was? But before I could touch it the girl jumped out of her seat and headed into the park.

My mind was spinning. Her hair, her body, her height. She... She...

Looked like Mell from behind. Just the day before she died.