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It was an normal day in Earth and in the Robert's house in Calvert County, things were okay as David sighed as his sister and her best friend had gone to school and he was home with Izz, Bronx and Yuri but was in his room sketching and hoped they weren't getting into trouble, well Izz and Yuri anyway as Bronx was always quiet and either listening to music on his I-Pod or watching anime as he had a feeling he was watching Naruto downstairs as he looked at the clock which read 12.00 and decided to keep sketching for a little while.

He noticed all three Psammead siblings had been quiet for the past few hours since both Leah and Carley had left for school and hoped things were okay as he saw Yuri in the room playing with toys but hoped both Izz and Bronx weren't trying to kill each other downstairs.

He then decided to get lunch but saw Yuri smile as she had a feeling Izz was up to something.

He saw her leave David's room as she crept downstairs as she entered the kitchen but saw Izz cover her mouth so she wouldn't alert Bronx as he became invisible by using an new move he'd learned while training with the Ogreix Warriors and Arian Knights but smiled knowing Bronx couldn't do it or discover it as Yuri smiled seeing him climb onto the wall near the shelf where the jar with the cookies in were as he became seen which worried the light purple furred female Psammead as she was worried about her brother getting hurt but he was good at it like being able to climb up the wall during training as he reassured her he'd be okay.

He was glad that Psammeads were naturals at climbing because he had been angry after Leah had put the cookie jar up on a high shelf and had vowed himself that he would climb up there and get cookies without them knowing or Bronx.

"Are you sure this is okay?

What if Bronx sees?" she asked him.

"I don't care Yuri.

He gets mad at everything we do, even fun stuff." he answered it.

Yuri agreed as she saw her brother sneeze and lose his footing as he sneezed and fell but saw Bronx walk in and catch him by using his Flame of Noble Equinix powers but Izz saw him scowl as he got onto the floor.

"You're so dead when Leah and Carley get home!" Bronx said as Yuri looked nervous.

She saw her brother looked peaky but Bronx snickered at that.

"Izz I hope you did catch something and keep it.

That way I wouldn't have to help you when you screw up!" he yelled as Yuri saw him leave.

She saw her brother's bat like ears droop as Bronx left the room but noticed some of his soft grey fur from behind his ears were gone and was worried hoping that it was just shedding but she had a bad feeling he wasn't well.

"Yuri I'm fine.

It's just shedding." he told her as he saw David enter the room.

He wondered what had Bronx in such a bad mood as Yuri saw him leave as David was making peanut butter sandwiches as he wasn't feeling good as his head throbbed and was feeling not himself.

She hoped he was okay but knew it was to do with Bronx.

Later after Leah and Carley had returned from school, they saw Yuri come to them and wondered what was wrong with her as they had a feeling that it was to do with Izz as the female purple furred Psammead led them to Carley's room as Izz was lying on the bed but they saw fur on the floor and on the bed but Leah thought it was Mike and Sheba but Carley dismissed that seeing the fur was grey as Leah was shocked along with her.

"H-He hasn't been himself all afternoon.

He got like this after trying to get us some cookies.

Will he be okay?" she told them as Carley felt Izz's forehead.

It was red hot like dragon flame and that worried her along with Leah and Yuri as they cared about him and hoped he would be okay as he was a part of their family as they decided to leave but Carley heard her Psammead friend moan in sleep as he was under a very bad fever which worried her but hoped it was just a cold or something like that.

She then saw his snail like eyes open with tiredness in them.

"Hey you're back." he said weakly.

She nodded as she placed him into her lap as he smiled weakly as she knew he liked that as she heard him sneeze.

"I hope you'll get better.

I hate it when you're sick but it's scary because you're beginning to shed.

It scares Yuri too." she said to him.

He nodded weakly as they had no idea Bronx was watching from the doorway but left.

He was secretly worried for his brother because their kind never shed in their entire lives and he was worried for Izz as he decided to leave them alone.

Leah was then woken up in the middle of the night by Carley as she wondered what was wrong but understood as she explained it was about Izz as she saw that the male Psammead was shivering and not himself and had lost some fur and a little weight which worried them as Carley was very worried for him.

"Don't worry we'll give him somerthing for now.

He'll be back to normal soon, I know he will." she reassured her.

"But what if he doesn't Leah-chan?

He's my best Arian friend." she said as Leah understood.

"Then we'll go to Aria and get help." she answered hugging her friend.

"Yeah you're right Leah-chan." she answered as she left but was still worried seeing Izz moan in sleep coughing slightly.

She then brought him into bed beside her like normal but hoped he was okay.......