Needing To Help Him

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A month passed as Bronx returned to the infirmary in Aria to visit Izz but saw he was getting a little better as he saw the Goodness Witch along with Carley join him but happiness was in their eyes as the brown grey Psammead wondered what was going on.

"Izz can come home with us now.

But he still needs time to heal as he's still ill but we can help him.

He's a part of our family." Carley told him.

Bronx agreed as Izz was in her arms as she decided to open a portal back to Earth as they walked through it as they were happy.

The portal then closed and vanished after that.

It was five in the morning in the Robert's house as Bronx appeared with Izz in his arms as his brother was asleep as he laid him on the couch as he went to get him a blanket as he heard him cough slightly as he knew that Carley along with Leah along with David and Yuri would be happy to see him as they had been really worried about him as he heard footsteps as he saw David as he was making breakfast but was surprised to see Izz there on the couch.

"Does Carley know that Izz is here?" he asked Bronx.

The brown grey furred Psammead shook his head in reply.

"Nope but it'll be a surprise for when they wake up.

He still needs to rest." he answered.

He then joined David in the kitchen as he was helping him make breakfast as it kept him busy but the male human was worried knowing that Bronx hadn't slept in a while and when that happened, he was very grumpy and sharp tongued as he needed to get him to take an nap or go sleep but the male brown grey furred Psammead shook his head in defiance as David smiled.

That was something he liked about Bronx that he had a strong will and didn't give in so easily.

While they were cooking, they were listening to music turned down as to not wake the others up as Bronx heard Yuri's voice as she ran into the kitchen and jumped onto David's shoulder as he laughed gently at the young female Psammead as she knew that Izz had returned but Bronx had informed her that he was still ill and couldn't play for a long while as he needed to rest.

"Ssh Yuri.

Everybody else is still asleep.

We need to wait until they wake up." he said as she was helping make bacon.

"You think Izz will get better soon?

That way we can play again." she answered as Bronx sighed.

But he knew that Yuri was still young and didn't understand that being seriously ill was differnt than having just a cold or flu as David agreed as he had told her.

She understood as she saw her friends wake up later smelling pancakes wafting from the kitchen as they knew that Izz had returned but were happy as they had missed him as he awoke as he'd smelt pancakes too and was hungry as they were his favourite besides cookies and music as he tried to get off the couch but was still weak as Bronx joined him with tiredness in his snail like eyes as he knew his brother hadn't slept very well and needed to sleep as Bronx nodded but he wanted to take care of him as he saw him yawn.

"Go rest Bronx.

I'll be fine." he reassured him.

He nodded as he saw him leave the living room and went upstairs as he entered Leah's room and lay on the bed as he let the tiredness he had been fighting overtook him as his eyes closed in sleep.

Leah smiled as she entered her room to get her backpack as she was getting ready for school as she knew how much Bronx cared about Izz and their quirky family as her hand gently stroked his brown grey fur as she kissed his brown grey forehead.

"Don't worry Bronx.

Things will be okay." she whispered leaving the room quietly.