oh my love, we don't have to fall! this
I will write for love. you are the
sunshine of my life. every word you say
is a spark to the back of my spine. I am
lively and perfect. elate me, with all the
consequences. if you look this way:
I will (oh I will): love every step
you take in my direction, hesitation
will be met with hand holding, and
late night txts will fly over the 23 freeway.
was it even need? when your eyes caught
mine (brown on brown on brown). was
that moment we held close while we were
tightly wrapped in one another. or was it
the oak tree we climbed last semester
that did us in so well? is it possible to
recall all the love torn actions we've
taken part in? cigarettes, halloween,
canned beer, spring growing season?
all those moments we shoved so
gracelessly into two and a half months.

(baby, I never promised you a good
love poem.)