Just an idea I had after watching some of the "BRING IT ON " MOVIES ABOUT CHEERLEADERS.

This is just an idea that I'd like to throw out there and see if anyone would think that it might fly or not.

Would appreciate any idea's and or suggestions.

STORY SYNOPSIS: Two twin brothers who have been living in a large town and attend a rather large and aggressive high school . both are active in the cheer squad of their high school and are rather good.

However find out that their family is moving clear across the country to a small town that has a small school system. Whose cheer squad really sucks at what they do and the school is thinking about dropping the cheer squad if they don't come up with some better routines and win some competions for the schools trophy display window.

Ergo big problem the guys after trying out for the squad are unsuspectingly given the control of the squad because of their cheer skills. Problems such as the classical cheer bitch who wants control of the squad and the high schools administration whose skeptical of the idea of male cheer captains of a sport normally captain by a girl. Not to mention the ridicule that the jocks might come up with about two twin brothers and them being cheerleaders .(this is because of the fact that cheerleading in this part of the country has always been girl controlled ) and guys were never involved in the sport of cheerleading before in the area.

The twins have their work cut out for them also the cheer squad , really is bad and they have to come up with some idea's as to how to win some competitions for the team .

See what the brother have in mind for their new clumsy team lol

Click on the link below to see a really amazing cheerleading squad in action or copy and paste it into your browser if not clickable


please , if there are any girls or even guys that have actually been cheerleaders on this site would appreciate any suggestions to make this story believable.