He was my friend

And would be until the end

Then he took on suicide

And then I cried and cried

I don't get why he did it

Not even one bit.

I know she was the blame

Breaking his heart letting out the pain

She didn't think he would come to this

And yet he did, and now he's missed.

I haven't stopped crying

And don't know if I can.

I saw her today with those same tears

I will be having for now and years

That I had been shedding all yesterday

And doing the same today

He pulled out his gun

With no one home to run

Towards him to make him stop him

Leaving his sister to find him in the end

They were devastated and not knowing what to do

Not even thinking of leaving or to move

But they did and called 911

To have someone to come- not knowing it was too late

His killed himself out of love

Or his case the happily ever after with her love

Not being there to have and hold

And being there on his heart to mold

I am going to miss this boy

And all the funny moments with him

He was and is my friend

And right now my heart needs to mend

Heal from this tragedy

That happened not even 24 hours ago

And show to others what they need to know

Faith, Love, and Joy

Don't let things get you down

To choose the path he did

Because you can learn from him

That people care and always will

Today I've seen all his friends

And those who were theirs

Cry their heart and soul wanting him near

To tell him that we want you here

I wish I was the better one

To tell him about the one up above

And now it's too late and my fault

That I won't know if he was saved

All that's left to do now

Is to take what you have left

To heal this moment

And move on with a goodbye

Goodbye Sean Rogers

Because today is the day we greave

And cry out for you with love

To say goodbye and how we need to move on