This is for The Lounge's Febuary challenge.

The extra character I'm using is the dying person and the object I'm using is the tall grass.

Also, this is the first one I did with a pretty rough ending.




White light, white hall, white all over the inside of the building. That particular hospital really needed to change it's color scheme a little bit, all they had besides white was some blue. And that clock, "Still a minute ago. How long does it take for a minute to pass?"

That worn down man, covered in water from the ongoing storm outside, stared so very tiredly at the clock with that song repeating in his head like it had been all day. Some new band his sixteen year old daughter introduced him to called Hollywood Zombies or, Hollywood Undead. The song he had trapped in him was called Pain and now the tune it had felt more familiar to him, with all the torture around him, to him.

Just a day earlier, the woman he had been sharing a bed and home with for three months had basically stabbed him. He was forced to be single minded of his little girl, who had an illness that ended up being incurable. While he was thinking only of his kid, SHE had been fooling with his best friend of over a decade and finally made it known yesterday, the same day his daughter Alex had to go to the hospital.

He hasn't heard from that traitorous bitch, until now. He saw her and the former friend warily coming down the hall toward him, or rather, Alex's room. The once girlfriend, Krystal, still had a sense of reighteousness about her, something he always found annoying even though she looked broken up now. The new boyfriend, Eric, did not share the same atmosphere she did. He looked more saddened than her.

Eric was the first to speak to his once friend seeing as how Krystal would most likely spit words at him, "Hey James, I kinda wished I didn't have to see you in this place."

James let his vision drag from them back to the clock, now just 11:35 pm. He tried not to look at Krystal's lengthy brown hair and blue eyes, he didn't need a reminder of the fact he fell for her. He instead focused on Eric's croaky voice and responded, "Same here. There a reason you two showed?"

"Come on, you know I liked your kid. I want to see that she's alright, don't you want to know she'll be?" Eric leaned against a wall and stared down while he talked, he couldn't quite look James in the eye.

"She's not alright....she's not going to be....just like mom." The way he talked was not only too tame, there wasn't any feeling in it.

They both noticed it, and Krystal still didn't speak. She quietly walked to the door leading to Alex's room, but James extended an arm, "Doctor's in there. She said not to bother her."

He heard her sigh, then she put a hand on his arm, "About your mom..."

He pulled his arm back to get her hand off of him, "You two didn't do anything to her, she just died of whatever Alex has. It runs in the family."

None of the three said anything and he glanced up at Krystal's eyes, and was surprised. Of all the things that could've done it, pulling his arm away seemed to actually hurt her, "Way too late to care, lady."

Eric sat next to him and tried something, "James-"

"Look, I thank you both for coming, but it's like you're flaunting yourself in front of me." he got up and stood away from the two.

The look in Krystal's eyes cleared up now, "Oh, so this is about that. Look, I'm sorry, but you were too into your job and I didn't know how to handle your kid. What did you want me to do?" She put a hand on her hip and stared at him, "And Eri-" she stopped herself.

He listened and actually broke a smile. "Well, there's no worry about the job now, I've been cut. Cut because of the drinking and drinking because I can do nothing for my own daughter. All this, and you leave with him so close to the same time, so it doesn't just hurt anymore. It's enough to kill someone. Oh, by the way, I'm losing our home tomorrow, add that to the shit list."

She bit her lip and turned around, now she couldn't look at him. Eric stood, "Please, Alex is-"

The door finally opened, and James' attention was immediately drawn to it as the doctor he also knew for many years quietly closed it. Anita's very short blond hair, green eyes, and vaguely wider face were attractive enough, but he never looked to her for those type of feelings. The father stared and waited with the same expression he had when he was waiting to hear about his mom's condition. She delivered the same news, "James, I'm sorry."

And just like with his mother, his eyebrows arched up in the center as tears began to leave his eyes, "What, but you said she looked better yesterday." What hopeless attitude he had earlier left and he wanted nothing more than to hope she would get better.

"Not by much, her heart and lungs are worse today. She can't breathe by herself anymore and her functions are getting weaker."

", she won't. She'll get better, say it." He lightly grabbed Anita by the arms and tried to get her to say, that's all he wanted.

Krystal laid a hand on his shoulder, "James-" and he shrugged it off. Eric stepped forward.

"Say it!" He grasp tightened as he felt another hand grip his shoulder, Eric's. "Don't you TOUCH ME!"

He whirled around and the first thing Eric felt was something slam into his face and being knocked against a wall. The next thing he felt was something warm on the side of his mouth, which he realized was blood. Krystal freaked out, "What is your problem, James?!"

"Don't you DARE turn me into the bad guy here!" He dropped his fist just as Eric regained his balance and stood up to him, just inches away. Neither spoke or moved for several seconds, until James turned to the extending hall and began to walk away with a "Whatever" under his breath.

Outside, it was raining heavily and seemed to him like the only weather he welcomed at the moment. He aimed his face, eyes closed, into the sky and stood in the rather high grass they haven't seemed to mow yet. There was the vague sound of the door behind him and he felt a hand on his shoulder, Krystal's. "I think I know what you're going through."

"No you don't." He didn't say anything else, face her, or even watch her through his peripheral; he just stood.

She removed her hand and got in front of him, "Think about it, medicine's better than it was when your mom was around, Alex could get better this time." She smiled and put out her hands in an expressive manner, and yet he still didn't move.

After a moment, he let out a sigh, "She won't, Anita.....the doctor, had the same look on her face as last time. It won't be different."

"If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn't have left. I would have-"

"What does it matter what you would've done?" he opened his eyes and glared at her. She wasn't ready for that, so she seemed to cringe. "You left when we both needed you and hooked up with my best friend, it doesn't matter if you could see the future or not." He stopped and stared, it looked like he moved off into another thought, "You should too."

"What?" Krystal tilted her head slightly and backed up, "I should what?"

He broke his stare and walked away, apparently toward his car, "Nevermind." He got in and locked the door before she could speak again and drove away. The lights were off, the radio was off, anything he didn't need was off and he headed to his home one last time.

The car arrived, and he walked inside, leaving the car on and the door open. The dark of the house didn't seem to click with him as he sat on the couch in the main room for quite a while without moving. James tried to cry a few times, but it just didn't happen anymore, not until a certain thought, "I can't believe I'm thinking of doing that." Screw it, no one else's around, "Why would I do that, I'm not crazy or evil."

"But wait, if she's in pain then...." He hunched over and grabbed his hair, not even realizing that he was ripping some of it out and screaming quietly. That all stopped and a new thought popped into his mind, "That's enough, I'm not losing anymore." As though hypnotized, he went into his room and started rummaging through the closet for something, he already knew what. Once he found it, he wrapped it in a rag and pocketed it, then going into the kitchen and deciding to write something in large letters on a sheet of paper he also pocketed.

Just before he left for the final time, he grabbed a pack of matches, "They won't take this." He lit a curtain on fire and closed the door behind him, then got into the car and watched for a couple of minutes as the house his girl grew up in erupted into flames. It was only then that he drove away and back to the hospital. He noticed his cell phone had a message on it and saw it was from Krystal. All he did with that was toss it out the window while he drove and before arriving back to the place his daughter was kept in.

Taking the keys out this time, he threw them away and discarded his wallet too. The only things he kept were the paper and other item. The next things he strode through without a thought; walking in, through the halls, and back to the room before heading through the door. Now for the part that would get to him. He locked the door and turned to Alex, then his eyes fogged up.

His daughter's eyes were closed and she was hooked up to at least three things: an intravenous feeding bag full of some fluid, a heart pulse monitor, and a there was a breathing tube plugged into her throat. The father could stand the sight and almost broke down in tears on the spot, but he at least managed to get to the bedside and put a hand on her head. "Hey baby, it's dad. I'd ask how you're doing, but I don't think you'll answer." that was his best attempt to crack a joke, which actually did make him smile for a second.

She looked worn and thin, and didn't answer him. A few tears broke out and ran down his face, "I'm not letting you lay here in pain just to die like your grandmother, not my little girl." James the father held his breath and said goodbye, then pulled the power plug on the breathing machine and shut it off.

Nothing for moments, then her pulse sped up just a bit as signaled by the slightly faster beeping sound. He didn't pay attention, just stared at her. No, not until the pulse machine finally made a continuous sound did he finally break down crying into her arm. Never had he cried that much and in a way that had an extra sobbing sound accompanying it.

Finally, there was a clattering to the side and he looked up to see Anita, Eric, and Krystal all panicked and horrified because they saw the machine unplugged. Problem was he locked the door. There wasn't any telling what they were saying as their voices were all mixing together and he sat in a chair next to the bed. He finally let go of Alex just so he could watch them.

He pulled both things from his pockets and began unfolding the slightly damp paper. Now unfolded, he shoed the back of the paper to them, which read the words: "The woman I loved was taken. My friend was taken. My mother was taken. My daughter would have been taken. My home would have been taken. I won't be taken."

He unwrapped the object he had covered in a rag finally, revealing a gun. His ex knew what was coming and slarted slamming the glass and screaming, but James didn't stop. He turned the paper over to the back, which had the words "I did love you." on it. Her eyes widened. He said goodbye, put the barrel to his head, and the last thing he heard was a very loud bang.