Something I wrote. :) It was originally meant to be song I don't know what it is. lol Enjoy!


She's not the girl you think she is.

Goes down once more, two more hits.

Life the wrong way, never this way.

Would you still say, "She has hope today"?

Whoa, wrong, was she right?

Just one more time, just one last fight.

O-oh, it can't be this way.

She crumbles down to the ground today.

How does she live to see the sun again?

Frozen tears, they'll never fall.

Worked up today, begging for it not to end this way.

She says a prayer and asks, "Why aren't you here?"

Never right, always wrong.

One more time, one last song.

She looks up at the sky, please let me go tonight.

Her life in black and white, everybody sees her cry.

One last tear, one last breath.

Let her go, let her end.


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