Heeeey! Random oneshot, enjoy!


Characters and ages:

Sakura - 8, 13 (At the end of the story)

Makoto - 12, 17 (At the end of the story)


Sakura's P.O.V.

I'm sitting on a swing in the park, slowly rocking back and forth.

I see a boy a little older then me walking past the swing I'm sitting on.

He had short jet-black hair, green-blue eyes, he was wearing dark blue snow boots - since it was snowing, light blue jean, a tan coat, and a red hat with matching gloves.

I decided to follow him. So, I stood up out of the swing and quickly walked towards him. He didn't notice me until I was directly behind him, that's when he turned around.

"What do you want!?" He shouted.

Tears came to my eyes, threatening to fall. "I-I was lonely." I choked out.

"Well, go home and be with your family." He replied and started walking away.

"I don't have a family." I say and he stops walking.

He walks back towards me and asks, "What do you mean?"

"My mommy didn't want me anymore, so she left me here." I answered.

"You've been living at this park?" He asked and I nodded. "What's your name?"

I have to think for a minute. What was it that mommy always called me? "Sakura." I say with a grin.

At that moment a car pulled up and stopped. Two people climbed out of the car, a man and a woman. They walked over to us and smiled at the boy. "Time to go." The woman said.

"Ok." The boy replied with a smile. Then he turned towards me and said, "It was nice-"

"Don't go, brother!" I shouted.

All three of the people starred at me in shock.

The man bent down to my level and asked, "Honey, where are your parents?"

"Daddy's gone and mommy didn't want me, so I live here." I replied.

He turned towards the boy and said, "Stay here for a minute, I need to talk to your mom." The boy nodded and the man and woman walked back to the car to talk. Me and the boy stood in silence and watched them talk.

They returned a few minutes later.

"Sweetie, do you want to come to a warm house with us?" The lady asked.

I stood there for a moment before I replied, "Yes."

The adults started walking towards the car along with the boy, who gestured for me to follow, which I did.

Once we were all in the car and driving the man asked, "How did you eat while living there?"

I frowned and said, "I didn't."

"How long have you been living there?" The woman asked.

"A couple weeks, I guess." I answered.

"What's your name?" The man asked.

"Sakura." I replied with that answer for the second time in one day.

"Oh, well, that's our son, Makoto." The woman pointed to the boy. "This is my husband, you can call him buddy." She smirked at the nickname. "You can call me-"

"You can call her sissy." Buddy said with a smirk painted on his aged face.

"Ok!" I said with a bright smile.

Once we got home, Makoto took me up to his room, which we would share. Sissy brought in a sleeping bag and a pillow for me to sleep on.

Sissy made a big meal, which I was thankful for.

Afterward, me and Makoto brushed our teeth, I was using an extra toothbrush. Then we got changed for bed. I put on a T-shirt sissy let me borrow. Then we went to sleep.

"Goodnight brother." I muttered before falling asleep.


A few days later

Sissy's P.O.V.

"Have you heard anything from the police yet?" I asked my husband.

"Yes, they said that there's no missing child by the name of Sakura. I even gave them a detailed description of her and nothing." He replied.

"Well, what do we do?" I asked.

"They said that we could adopt her. But if we don't then she'll go to an orphanage." He said with a frown.

"Would you...be up to adopting her?" I asked.

"We do only have Makoto and we could easily afford it." He stated.

I smiled and said, "Let's do it!"


The next day

Makoto's P.O.V.

I heard a knock at me and Sakura's bedroom door and said, "Come in."

Mom and dad walked in.

"Sakura, Makoto, we have some news for you." Dad started.

"But first, we want to ask you something, Sakura." Mom said.

"What is it?" Sakura asked in her innocent little girl voice, which was natural for her.

"Do you like it here?" Mom asked.

"Yes." Sakura answered with a wide grin spread across her face.

"Would you like to live here and become part of our family?" Dad asked.

Sakura's eyes lit up as she said, "Really, buddy? You mean it?"

Mom laughed and said, "We'd love to have you as our daughter."

Then, just like that, I had a new sister.


2 weeks later

Sissy's P.O.V.

It was great, Makoto and Sakura were acting just like brother and sister.

I was washing dishes when I heard a scream come from outside. The scream clearly came from Sakura. I dropped the dish in the sink and ran outside. Sakura was laying on her back under a tree with Makoto hovering over her, sitting beside her.

He had tears in his eyes as he said, "She fell from the tree and she's not opening her eyes."

"Ryujii! RYUJII!!!!" I screamed for my husband as I cradled the small girl in my lap.

Once Ryujii ran out in to the yard I didn't give him a chance to speak, instead I said, "Call 911!" He looked over to Sakura, nodde, and rushed inside the house.


3 hours later

Makoto's P.O.V.

Me and my family had been sitting in the waiting room in the hospital for about 3 hours when a nurse came out.

"She's awake. You can go see her now." She said and led us to Sakura's room.

I cringed at the sight of bandages wrapped around her head.

"Baby, how are you feeling?" Mom asked as she stroked Sakura's long black hair.

"Um, I'm sorry, but who are you?" Sakura asked with furrowed eyebrows.

"Uh, doctor, can we speak to you outside?" Dad asked and the doctor nodded.

Dad and mom stepped out in to the hallway with the doctor and closed the door. I pressed my ear against the door to listen.

"She hit her head hard when she fell." The doctor started. "She's lost her memory."

I heard mom gasp and the doctor continued speaking, "You told me about how you adopted her."

"What's that have to do with anything?" Dad asked.

"I think it would be best if you tell Sakura that your her parents. Don't tell her anything about her being adopted. I'm sure she had it hard until she found you. I'm sure you don't want her to remember those painful memories." He replied.

"I think that's best." I heard mom say.

When I heard them walking towards to door, I leaned against the wall casually. I assumed they knew I was listening because they never told me anything.

"Sakura, we're your parents and that's your brother, Makoto." Dad said to her.

From there, mom and dad proceeded to fill Sakura in on her "life."


5 years later

Makoto's P.O.V.

"Morning Makoto." Sakura greeted from the table as I walked in to the kitchen.

"Good morning." I replied with a bright smile.

I remember when we adopted Sakura, she was so young. She doesn't remember any of that though. I'm just happy she can finally have a home. Have a family.


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