His nails was long

Longer than mine has ever been

And I am a model

His smile was devious

Almost evil

And I knew well he was going to do something…


He traced his sharp finger nail down my cheek

Stopping at my lips, and gave it a prick

I tasted the sweet blood

He smelled it

I could see it in his eyes

As his finger nail traced around my…


His nose flared

His eyes grew wider

And he let out a hungry moan

I froze

And stared at the blood-curdling face before me

He wanted the blood so bad, he wanted…


I felt the slice

And the skin tearing painfully slow

My breath was racing

His finger pressed into the slice

My scream was muffled by his tongue

Covering my…


He was sucking the drop of blood from my lip

While pushing his finger deeper, and deeper

Into my neck

Tears streamed down my cheeks

But it wasn't tears

It was…


He then moved back down my neck

Licking the bloody tears

Dripping from my chin

Once again, he smiled deviously

Placing his cold, hard lips around the hole in my neck

And sucking, sucking me to…


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