Kira moved swiftly around the hallways making her way towards the dinning room. The hallway was lined with paintings of family members, most of which she knew nothing about except their names. When Kira approached the stairs she stopped in her tracks as she reached the very last canvas, the one that held a painting of her mother. Not the duchess who forced her to call her mother after she married the duke, her father. No, this was her actual blood mother, Duchess Allirea who had died of a disease when Kira was nine. In the canvas her mother stood in a flourishing garden. Her blond hair cascading down her shoulders, the dress she wore was a deep navy blue with white trimmings but all of these features were lost ,if not for Kira's close examination, because the most captivating thing in the portrait was her heart shaped face. In which laid two beautiful almond eyes that danced with mischief, a perky up turned nose that Kira shared and finally a smile from two plump lips that showed true bliss. Kira missed her mother desperately but made sure no one knew it. Among the nobles feelings appeared as weaknesses and in the Kingdom of Prince Leon you were either strong or you were dead, it was as simple as that.