"For the hunt tonight Emma, I want you to stay by my side always. If I catch you wondering at any moment by yourself, there will be consequences. Am I clear?" Emma nodded her head, causing a couple of brown strands of hair to fall in front of her small pale face. "Good. Then I will see you then."

With that, her mother changed. At first, it was a small change, with only her finger nails growing longer and her back shifting into a slight arch. Then, after a few seconds, she started to run. Fur sprouted from her body, her chest heaved and she blew out a wash of air, just as her nose turned into a muzzle and her feet became grey paws.

Emma watched as her mother, who was now in her complete form of a grey wolf, trotted into the thickness of the trees. She had seen her mother transform before, along with the rest of her large family, but this time it seemed to feel different. This time, she would be the one to change in the darkness, to hunt and to feed upon other creatures. Fear tumbled into her mind at the very thought and she made herself turn around to start walking back to her home in the woods.

As soon as she entered the old wooden house, she knew something was off. The smell in the air was strange and she felt as if someone was looking at her. "Hello?" she asked quietly. Suddenly, she felt a hand upon her shoulder and she quickly turned around in a defense position. Plans of attack were already in her head, along with the escape routes in the house. There was the entrance where she just came in, then the small hallway that was to the left of her, and then there was always her bedroom at the end.

However, it was only Peyton. She had known the girl for a while, but ever since she had joined the family's clan a couple of years ago, she had never been close with her. "Oh, it's only you," she said, relaxing her thin shoulder blades. Peyton narrowed her dark green eyes and pushed her black hair away from her face. "Only me? Were you expecting someone else?"

Emma backed away from the other girl a little bit, feeling the coldness on her skin from the words that were just expressed. "Um, no I wasn't. I just thought someone had broken into the house or something. You scared me." She adverted her gaze away from Peyton and decided to head towards her bedroom. She didn't want to have to talk to the girl right now she wanted to prepare herself for the night's events. Yet against her wishes, Peyton followed her, until she got into her room. She shut the door and looked at the dark haired girl standing before her. "What do you want, Peyton? You know I have my change tonight and I need to get myself ready."

"Do I have to want anything to come here Emma? I just came to say good luck." Peyton crossed her arms over herself, hoping that what she just said would make Emma feel guilty. The brunette turned away again, giving Peyton the exact reaction she wanted. "Anyway, I probably should go get ready myself now. I'm your spotter by the way."

Emma's eyes widened and she turned around. There was no way she was going to let Peyton be her spotter. She didn't want the other girl with her on her first change. It just wasn't fair. It wasn't right. "No," she whispered. "Yes," replied Peyton with a small smile. Emma swallowed hard, frustration and anger building up inside of her. "Who assigned you?" she heard herself ask.

"Your mother of course. Who else?" Emma grinded her teeth together and she stepped closer to Peyton, until they were inches away from each other. "If you do anything to jeopardize tonight, then I will…" she broke off, not knowing how else to continue the threat. It wasn't like her to say such mean things to someone, but it was Peyton. She would be the one wolf that would end up running and hunting with her, along with watching over her actions.

"You will…what? Hurt me? Kill me? If you were to fight me Emma, you would be the one to suffer, both you and I know that. And why would I want to jeopardize tonight anyway? I care too much about you." Before she could respond back, she was taken into a soft but hot kiss on the lips. Fear shot through her mind, but as the kiss continued, she relaxed into it. She closed her soft eyes and let Peyton enter her mouth, her warm tongue brushing against her bottom teeth and the tight corners of her lips.

Emma's mind was not registering anymore it was her body that was in control now. She backed up towards her bed and she grabbed Peyton's dark black hair to show that she wanted the girl on top of her. The other girl complied liking the new control Emma was giving her. She took advantage of it by straddling the girl on the bed and trailing sweet kisses down the side of her neck. Then, Peyton paused in her actions and looked straight into Emma's eyes, silently asking her for permission to keep going. The brunette nodded her head and with that, she unbuttoned the other girl's jeans and took off her underwear.

Peyton ducked her head in between Emma's legs and licked her soft and wet clit. The girl under her moaned, feeling what felt like fire racing through her groin. She grabbed the back of Peyton's head and pushed her further in between her legs. With the push forward, the dark haired girl licked her way down and into Emma's entrance. Her walls pulsed and tightened around Peyton's tongue, which caused a new and louder moan coming from the brunette.

Emma felt the other girl's wet tongue sliding in and out of her at a quick pace. She arched her back and pushed herself up and down on the bed, wanting to explode. Heat erupted inside of her body at an alarming rate, until she couldn't control herself anymore. Her nails grew longer and her wide eyes grew black. Emma held onto to Peyton, as the dark haired girl slurped the hot and tasteful juices that were beginning to run from her tight entrance.

Her new long nails dug into the other girl's shoulders, until blood erupted under Peyton's shirt. Although, the dark haired girl was used to pain and the come that was erupting from Emma tasted like nothing she ever tasted before. It distracted her from what was happening to the brunette under her.

Emma cried out, her teeth sharpened and her neck arched back on the cover of her bed as she reached her climax. More creamy liquid poured into Peyton's mouth and she took every ounce of it. When she was done, she lifted her head from the brunette's pussy and moved up to kiss Emma once more on the lips, liking how the brunette had almost changed just because of the sex.

As Emma's body relaxed and she returned back to her normal self, she kept kissing Peyton. Maybe having her as a spotter won't be so bad after all, she thought to herself.