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"There really isn't any way I can describe this view…" Senji said.

"Yuki looks like she grew a bit in the chest area," Kei said. "Those are definitely E-cups now…"

"Hey, you wouldn't be so impressed if you spent more time with her," Senji told him. "Rei might not have boobs as big as Yuki but she does have a very cute body. Add a little weight to the right places and she would have a body just as great as Yuki's."

"Sure but at least Yuki is legal," Kei chuckled. "And the age difference isn't so much that people would consider us freaks…"

"Just remember to look away when Atsuko comes in," Senji reminded him. "I don't want to go to jail because I accidentally saw her naked."

"Oh, you wouldn't go to jail," Kei laughed. "You'll just lose a lot of clients and be branded a sex offender!"

"That's still pretty bad…" Senji sighed. "Come on, let's focus on the other women instead of the ones we know will try to kill us if they found out about this."

Senji took his eyes away from the fence and turned to Harima. "Don't know why you aren't joining us, Harima," he laughed. "Some pretty interesting sights on the other side of this fence!"

"I'm not joining you! I'm not part of this! Do not try to make me a part of this! I do not want to die anytime soon!" Harima yelled from the other side of the hot springs. He made as much distance as he could from Senji and Kei, hopefully so no one would consider he was with them.

It had been a day since the volleyball tournament but Harima, it had been a lot longer because of Senji's friend Kei. Harima didn't want to remember what happened to him because of the amazingly crazy Kei. He was glad to finally be doing something that didn't injure or tire him. Relaxing in the hot springs would have been great if Senji and Kei weren't peeking on the women in the adjacent hot spring. He knew Rei would understand but if Yuki or Atsuko noticed them peeking on the women's bath, Harima didn't want to think about what would happen.

"I thought we were friends, Harima," Kei chuckled while pushing up his foggy glasses.

"Friends don't knock the other out and kidnap him!" Harima yelled back.

"Oh stop focusing so much on that," Kei laughed.

"We had a very good reason to kidnap you," Senji added turning his eyes back to the hole he made in the wooden fence.

"Yeah! And you never told me the reason!" Harima yelled. "You remained silent about the reason while I experienced absolute hell!"

"I was busy," Senji responded without much care.

"You still could have told me a better reason than 'it's for your own good'!"

Harima sighed when he noticed that neither Senji or Kei were paying attention to him.

"Atsuko's coming!" Senji yelled.

"OHHH, SHE'S IN HER ADULT FORM!" Kei yelled out of excitement.

"Since Harima's here is negating her Mental Free, she doesn't get headaches anymore when she reverts back to her real age," Senji told Kei.

Kei continued to stare at Atsuko with drool dripping from the corner of his mouth. "Yuki and Rei have nothing on Atsuko's adult body," Kei chuckled. "Flat chest aside, Atsuko is obviously the sexiest girl here."

"…And I'm leaving now," Harima said standing up.

The two men didn't bother to stop Harima as he got out of the hot springs and walked into the man's changing room. He dried himself with a towel and threw on the sky blue T-shirt and denim jeans Senji had bought him before they came to the hot springs. He walked out into the lobby and gave the old woman at the desk a bow before he left the building. Harima felt like taking a walk in the night's cool air outside the hot springs.

"Wait for me!"

Harima had only taken a few steps when he heard Rei's voice yell behind him. He turned around and there stood Rei, dressed in a black sweater with a long blue skirt. Her face was red and sweaty from the hot springs but she looked like she enjoyed the cool air as much as Harima was.

"Can… can I walk with you?" Rei asked. She hoped that Harima wouldn't notice that she was currently blushing.

"I don't mind," Harima answered giving Rei a small smile. "It'll be nice to finally talk with someone who isn't crazy."

Rei found herself blushing more as she ran over to Harima's side and began walking with him. She played with her fingers while thinking of ways to strike up a conversation.

"So how's your house, Rei?" Harima asked.

Rei was grateful that Harima was the first one to talk. She hurried to answer his question. "With all the money I've been getting from Senji, I finally managed to make my house at least liveable," she answered smiling.

"Liveable, huh? Last time I saw your place, it was infested with rats and cockroaches," Harima said. "I'm no expert but wouldn't anyone you ask tell you that demolishing the house and rebuilding it be a better choice?"

"They did," Rei answered looking down. "And I did have to demolish some parts of the house but it's the only thing I have left from my parents…"

Harima noticed the atmosphere becoming heavier around the two and hurried to apologize.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"It's alright," Rei said also noticing the heavy atmosphere and hurrying to make sure that the conversation continued. "Anyway, you should come over some time when I'm not working a job. You won't recognize the place when you see it!"

Harima smiled again. "I can't wait to see your house again," he said.

"Tell me when you're coming over, okay? I'll try to prepare something," Rei said.

"Can you cook?"

"Everything I cook that isn't already made comes out terrible!" she laughed.

Harima laughed with Rei. "Maybe I should cook then!" he joked.

The two's laughter, however, was interrupted as a loud bang came from behind them. Rei screamed as she jumped into Harima and wrapped her arms around his arm. When the two looked to see where the sound came from, they saw a tiny black cat stare back at them from atop a fallen recycling bin. The cat released a long hiss as it jumped away from sight.

"Just a cat," Harima said.

"Scared the-" Rei stopped the moment she noticed something about Harima's arm.

Harima looked down at Rei, who was examining his arm with her eyes only a few inches away.

"Was your muscles always this big?" Rei said noticing the muscle on Harima's arm. She continued to stare at Harima's arm with amazement in her eyes.

"Hey, I'm in the mood for some Takoyaki," Harima said looking around. He pointed to the left. "There's a Takoyaki stand still open over there."

Harima took his arm away from Rei and hurried over to the Takoyaki stand. Rei forgot about his arm and ran to Harima, who had ordered two boxes of the fried octopus balls for them. In less than five minutes, Harima and Rei were sitting on a bench in the nearby park. Harima blew on his steaming Takoyaki before picking one up and throwing it into his mouth. Rei simply held her box while she watched Harima eat.

"These taste great," Harima said after swallowing his first Takoyaki.

"Do they?" Rei asked taking a look at her box. She never really like Takoyaki but she didn't want to hurt Harima's feelings so she started eating one.

"I bet Aiko would love these," Harima said smiling. "Maybe I should take some home for her…"

Rei slammed her box of Takoyaki onto the bench and stood up. Harima stared at Rei, wondering about her sudden reaction. To his surprise, Rei began to silently walk away.

Tears welled up in the young girl's eyes as she clutched the left side of her chest.

"So stupid…" she whispered to herself.

Harima noticed the tears trickling down Rei's cheek and instantly jumped to his feet. He took one step forward but a wave of sleepiness came over him. His legs felt weak and Harima fell. His eyes were beginning to close against his will. While his eyes were closing, he saw Rei have the same reaction as him. She fell down the same way he did, which gave Harima the answer to what happened to him.

Their food had been drugged…

"I honestly didn't think we would use this method of capturing," The man in charge of the Takoyaki stand said standing over Harima. "Oh well, surprises make life interesting."


Harima awoke with a sudden opening of his eyes. His arms were bound by rope behind his back to the chair he was sitting in. He did his best to calm down and when he felt calm enough, he studied his surroundings. He was in the middle of a dark and empty warehouse. He wiggled his hands around and managed to grab Rei's hand, letting him know Rei was sitting behind him.

"Wake up, Rei," Harima whispered holding Rei's hand tighter.

Rei moaned but it seemed Harima managed to wake her up. It took Rei a while to notice their situation.

"What happened?" Rei asked.

"That Takoyaki was drugged," Harima answered.

"Drugged? Why?"

"I don't-"

"It's because your friends humiliated me!" a man's loud voice yelled. Somehow, Rei found the man's voice somewhat familiar but she couldn't remember who it belonged to.

Harima and Rei turned their heads to the direction where the man's voice came from. A man in a black suit walked into the light. The two noticed the massive swelling of his bruised face. The man saw the look on their faces and smiled.

"That friend of yours ruined my face!" he cried feeling his swollen face. "I was only at that tournament because the announcer is friends with my manager. If my manager didn't owe him for some trivial college thing, he never would have such a famous TV star as I at some small-time sporting event."

"But I, Kaito Sakurai, would never have came to this place if I knew such a monster child would be at that tournament! Because of that monster child, I won't be able to do any work until my face heals up! I'll have my revenge on that girl and I'll have it by kidnapping every one of her friends and torturing them until she gets on her knees and apologizes!"

Sakurai stopped talking and looked at both Harima and Rei, waiting for any fearful reaction from them.

But instead, the only reaction he got from them were…

"Who are you?" they asked.