The decaying man cackled in Harima's face while his skeleton hand grabbed Harima's shirt. Despite having no muscles on that particular arm, he managed to lift the young man off the floor and threw him across the room. His body crashed into the tile wall, cracking every tile his body had crashed into. Harima coughed as pain surged through every inch of his body.

"Harima!" Sayaka yelled turning her head towards the injured young man.

"It's dangerous to not pay attention to me…"

The man that came out of the facet had appeared in front of Sayaka, his entire body made out of water. A whip of water struck her across the face. Blood sprayed out of the tiny cut the whip made.

"Get out of my way!" Sayaka yelled swinging her baton. Her baton struck the man and made him explode into a rain of water droplets. She quickly turned around to the injured Tohru. "Tohru! Stop this guy from reforming!"

"Sure thing!" Tohru said smiling.

The man threw up his hand and activated his Free. Sayaka dove out of the way of his Free while everything else in front of Tohru's hand froze, as if time had stopped only in that area. The water droplets stayed frozen in the air, unable to put themselves back together. Tohru swung his other hand at the skeleton man but missed when he jumped out of the way.

The skeleton man cackled, his decaying jaw straining to remain connected to his head. "Do you know how many guards did we kill on our way here?" He cackled. His cackling grew louder. "Enough that you three aren't any threat! We'll kill you quickly and then move on to the next target!"

Sayaka smiled, surprising the skeleton man.

"Do it, Douki…" she said.

A tall shadow towered over the skeleton man, causing him to turn around and see the massive Douki. The huge man swung both of his fists at the skeleton man's head. His head shattered in between Douki's fist. Nothing was left of his head but bloody bone shards sticking out of Douki's hands. His headless skeleton kept moving despite not having a head. It tried to escape but Kin stuck his foot out in its path. The skeleton tripped over his foot and fell apart the moment it touched the ground.

"That was… anti-climatic," Sayaka said kicking one of the bones aside.

"We still got to deal with this guy somehow," Tohru said pointing at the droplets of water trapped in his Free.

"Just keep him there until we can escape," Sayaka told him. Sayaka turned around to Harima. "Are you okay, Hari-"

Sayaka stopped speaking the moment she saw that Harima wasn't where he used to be. There was only an empty space with no evidence of how he had disappeared.


Harima struggled to escape from his kidnapper's grip but whoever kidnapped him was too strong. He also couldn't breathe because his kidnapper had grabbed him from behind and pulled him into the wall, his body sinking into the solid as if it were liquid. His struggling became more and more frantic while his lungs were straining to get some air. He could feel that he was moving through the walls quickly.

Thankfully, Harima's trip inside the walls ended.

His kidnapper threw Harima out of the walls. The young man flew across the room until he crashed into several large and empty cardboard boxes. Harima took several deep breathes before he opened his eyes. He immediately saw that he had been thrown into some kind of storage room full of many cardboard boxes in rows stacked to the ceiling. He recovered quickly and got back on his feet.

"I wouldn't move from there if I was you," a familiar voice warned Harima.

Harima turned around to the direction the voice came from and saw the man Nobu with the upper half of his body sticking out of the wall. Nobu, however, dove back into wall the moment after Harima saw him.

"So we finally meet Harima, face-to-face…"

Harima spun around again to see an unfamiliar man sitting on top of a few cardboard boxes. The man wore a light blue silk shirt and pajamas that reminded him of the clothing patients in an asylum wear. Despite not having met him before, Harima noticed a few aspects of his appearance were somewhat familiar to him. His eyes, raven-black hair, and his straight nose were just some of the aspects of his appearance that felt familiar to Harima. He couldn't put his finger on it but something about this man reminded him of someone else. He just find out who this man reminded him of.

One thing Harima was sure of is that whoever this man was, he was holding back his a massive amount of anger towards him.

"My name is Narumi Amnia," the man told Harima with blood trickling out of his clenched fists.

"I will be the one who kills you today…"


In another part of the prison…

"We're clear," Rei said turning visible in the hallway outside the closet that Atsuko and Terui were hiding in.

"Senji must have really pissed those guys off for them to be this riled up," Atsuko said looking in the direction that the angry mob of prisoners had ran down.

Terui pointed in the opposite direction. "Going through this path has the smallest chance of encountering a hostile prisoner," he told the girls.

"I doubt that," Atsuko said. "This prison can be really confusing if you don't spend a lot of time here. Hallways you took just five minutes ago can change and you'll end up somewhere different."

Rei looked down at Atsuko. "Why is this prison like that? Is it someone's Free doing it?" she asked.

"Good guess but a little wrong," Atsuko answered.

Rei gave her a confused expression.

"But I agree with Terui," she chuckled. "Let's go this way!"

Atsuko started walking in front of the other two, leading them down the hallway. They continued to walk until the hallway ended in a sharp turn to the right. The three didn't pay much attention and simply turned to the right when they reached it.

Atsuko let out a small cry when she bounced off a man's chest.

"Who the hell got in my way!?" Atsuko screamed rubbing her nose. "Whoever you are, I'm going to rip your nose off!"

"Oh really, I'd like to see that!" Ethan laughed.

Atsuko jumped back the moment she felt the intense killing intent radiating from the young man in front of her. She knew that man was dangerous and so was the librarian-like woman in a suit standing next to him.

"Be careful," Terui told Atsuko the moment he saw Ethan and Shuko. "These two are incredibly strong."

"I can tell," Atsuko said keeping her eyes on the two Fears. She pointed at Ethan. "Senji told me about you two. I fought a Fear of Life before and won so you better get out of our way or else!."

Atsuko's threat only made Ethan laugh at the little girl. "Shuko," he said looking at his girlfriend. "Show this child how wrong she is."

"With pleasure," Shuko said pushing up her glasses.

Shuko opened her briefcase in a flash and swung it at Atsuko. Dozens of sharp kitchen knifes flew out of her briefcase but not a single one touched the little girl. Terui had jumped in front of the knifes path and struck each knife aside with a wave of electricity.

"Nice but she's not the only one here," Ethan laughed appearing next to Terui.

Ethan kicked Terui in the side. The force of his kick sent Terui crashing into a wall but the cyborg wasn't damaged from the kick.

The man tried to laugh but was surprised when a lightbulb shattered on top of his head.

"This is your chance, Atsuko!" Rei yelled.

Atsuko took the opportunity Rei gave her and swung her fist at Ethan's gut. She was aiming for his gut and yet, her fist swung straight past him, hitting the air right next to his gut. Atsuko looked at her fist with a confused stare for a moment before Ethan struck her face with the back of his hand. Atsuko, however, used the force of his back-handed slap to spin her body and strike him in the thigh with the tip of her shoe. Her attack had again, missed Ethan and hit only air.

"What the hell?" she said after her second attack missed.

"None of your attacks will hit me!" Ethan laughed while shoving his foot into Atsuko's chest.

Rei caught Atsuko before she hit the ground but the little girl pushed Rei aside. She rolled up her sleeve and grabbed the bracelet on her arm. She ripped her bracelet off and tossed it to Rei. The little girl's body began to grow in front of the other four. Her arms, legs, hair, and the rest of her body grew longer while the dress she wore became too small. Her dress tore apart as Atsuko turned back into an adult. Before her dress was fell off her adult body, Atsuko took out a cube she got from Sara and pressed the button on it. The cube exploded and a black backless dress wrapped itself onto her adult body.

Atsuko flicked aside her long blonde hair and held her head high. She didn't even bother to hide her pride in her grinning.

With no warning, Atsuko punched the wall and grabbed the edge of the hole she made in the stone. With her immense strength, Atsuko pulled and threw a large chunk of the stone wall at Ethan. He simply stepped out of the stone chunk's path and let it fly down the hallway.

"It's your turn, Rei!" Atsuko yelled.

Rei pointed her finger at the stone chunk Atsuko threw and activated her Free. The stone chunk stopped and flew back at Ethan's back. The stone chunk struck Ethan's back, surprising him. Atsuko took advantage of his sudden surprise and threw a sharp kick at his arm. She would have shattered his arm but Shuko had intervened, throwing a steaming liquid in Atsuko's eyes.

Atsuko screamed as the liquid burned her eyes. She hurried to Rei in order to wipe the liquid off her eyes.

"We have to get that girl away from him," Atsuko told Rei while she wiped her eyes with Rei's sleeve.

"Terui and I will distract her," Rei whispered. "You hurry and defeat that other guy."

"Am I hearing you gals planning to split us apart?" Ethan chuckled. "Sorry but I alone am enough to defeat all three of you."

"What the hell makes you think that?" Atsuko yelled opening her blood-shot eyes.

Ethan laughed at her question. "Oh, I got a very great answer to that answer…"

He grinned as he told them his answer.

"I haven't even used my Physical Free yet," he told them.