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Breaking Promises


I eased my little purple VW bug into a parking spot right near the front entrance.

There was a pretty big group of people just sitting around and a few heads turned my way.

I smirked.

They had told me to keep a low profile and just blend in…sooo not my style.

I opened my door and noticed a couple more heads turn in my direction. My smirk grew and I slowly slid out of my car. There was a low whistle and I fought to keep from laughing in the guys face.

I was here for them.

Not to amuse and arouse some teenage boy.

I mentally rolled my eyes when I heard another wolf-whistle, this time louder and more confident. I ignored that one as well and reached back into my car.

I grabbed out my small black back-pack, adjusted my dark-blue denim mini-shorts, and shifted the zipper on my black jacket so it showed the white tank-top underneath.

I hadn't dressed up or anything for my first day, but I wasn't going to dress myself down.

I threw my bag over my shoulders and walked through the gates people were lounging around against.

I had looked at my little map thingy earlier so I knew where I was going.

I headed straight over to the administration block.

I remembered them saying that they set up a guide who 'knew the people' and I started to wonder what that meant.

Hopefully no-one that would make this too hard.

Looking around before I opened the big glass doors to the admin building I noticed that people were openly staring at me.

I rolled my eyes.

It was the same wherever I went.

Guys drooled and girls glared.

My shorts showed off my legs and the tank-top showed off the curves of my waist, hips and breasts. I was average height with a dark-ish complexion from my dad's Native American background.

I walked up to the person at the main desk and tried not to scrunch my nose up at the sheer scary-ugliness of what I thought was a woman. 'It' was in a baggy brown dress and equally baggy off-white cardigan, so I'm assuming woman.

As I approached the desk she gave me a disapproving stare.

I fought not to roll my eyes.

It seemed like I was doing that a lot lately.

I shot 'it' an overly sweet smile, ignoring the fact she had just called me a slut with her eyes.

"I'm new here. My names Serena White. I believe some people set some things up for me. I was just wondering if I could collect a copy of my schedule and the necessities" I said, keeping up the sweet and innocent act.

'It' just glared at me and turned away.

I was about to open my mouth to ask again, probably not so politely this time, when she shoved two pieces of paper in my face.

I leaned away a bit.

Her wrinkly hand was right in my face.

I hesitantly grabbed the papers from her hand and stepped back.

"Your guide will be here shortly Miss White. Wait outside" she said stiffly.

I again fought the urge to roll my eyes as I turned on the balls of my feet and walked out.

Tugging on the heavy glass door, I looked down at the papers. I found my locker number on one of the sheets and set off in the direction I thought it was.

Screw the guide.

It would be easier to get this done without anyone following me around.

I was looking down at my phone, reading a text, when I suddenly crashed into someone's very hard chest.

I stumbled backwards, instantly aware that I was going to hit the floor.

Only, I didn't.

There were suddenly two hands on my waist, steadying me.

My eyes widened when said hands pulled me towards the solid chest I had run into.

I tilted my head back so I could glare up at the guy who had decided to get grabby.

I was met with striking grey eyes and a smug smirk.

I instantly turned my glare up a notch and shoved against the chest in an attempt to free myself.

Mr Grey-eyes chuckled and slowly slid his hands off me.

I resisted the urge to shiver.


If this guy was turning me on I think that means I really needed to get some.

I went to step around him and continue on my path but his hand shot out to grab me again.

This time on the upper-arm.

I suppose I was too short for him to grab anything lower without actually aiming for it.

This guy was probably over 6 foot.

"What!" I hissed.

I was not about to let myself be man-handled by some guy I ran into because I was texting.

"You must be the new girl. No-other would pull away from me willingly." He said, his eyes slowly looking me up and down.

I'm assuming every other girl would have squirmed under that gaze, but, well…I wasn't every other girl.

"Nor would I forget a body like yours." He continued, the smirk never wavering.

"Conceited prick much?" I shot back sarcastically.

He raised an eyebrow at me, the smirk turning amused.

"I'm Troy. Your guide." He explained.

My eyes narrowed and then shot down to the hand that was still gripping my bicep.

"Oh. I wasn't aware that required you to grab me." I said sarcastically.

He chuckled and then took his hand off my arm in the same slow way he had taken it off my waist.

Again it sent tingles through me and I fought not to shiver.

He jammed his hands into the pockets off his baggy jeans.

"I like you already" he said, still half chuckling.

And then his hand appeared out of no where and grabbed the papers that were still in my hand.

"Pity the like isn't mutual…" I muttered under my breath.

His amused smirk told me he heard me.

He looked over both papers and then looked back at me, this time he was grinning.

"What…" I asked cautiously.

"Your locker is next to mine and you're in almost all of my classes. Whoever set this thing up for you must really like you." He said in an amused voice.

"What makes you think someone set me it up for me?" I asked defensively.

He didn't notice.

"Either that, or…" he threw an arm over my shoulder and started pulling me along with him. "You're incredibly lucky" He finished, the smirk returning.

This time, I didn't fight the urge to roll my eyes.

He really thought he was Gods gift to women didn't he?

"You call it lucky. I call it screwed over." I muttered dryly.

"Ah. Not yet babe. The screwing will come later." He said, pulling me through the middle of the crowd.

"Yeah. The screwing will come as soon as you fall asleep tonight. When you're dreaming" I shot back.

I was all to use to these conversations.

He chuckled again. "I have to say, your good…" he started, but I cut him off. "No, I'm the best. Don't forget that now" I said, pulling myself out from under his arm as I saw my locker.

I looked expectantly at where he was still standing, shocked. "You have my papers. Those papers have my locker combination on them." I reminded him dryly.

He slowly smiled and made his way over to me, holding the papers away from me.

I rolled my eyes and stepped away from the locker.

He moved in front of it and opened it. I giggled when he stepped back away from it with a dramatic flourish.

"Ah! Point for me" he said suddenly as I was putting my stuff into my locker.

I turned my head to raise an eyebrow at him, signalling for him to explain.

"I finally said something that got you to laugh. See, my charm coming through." I rolled my eyes and smiled slightly at him.

"Charm? No. I'm stuck with you. I have a feeling your not the kind of person that just lets something drop, so I'm making the best of it." I explained.

He nodded and rolled those silvery-grey eyes.

"Grab two binders and two pens" he said, leaning against the locker next to mine and staring at some girl's ass as she walked past.

As she was walking away she looked over her shoulder and giggled at Troy.

He raised his chin in that weird nod-greeting-thing guys did.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed out the two binders and a pen.

I pushed my locker shut and Troy grabbed a binder and a pen out of my hands.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

He grinned at me and threw his arm over my shoulders again.

I chose not to ask any questions, but instead just follow along.

As we were walking I noticed more girls that usual were glaring at me and everyone was clearing out of the hallway to let me and Troy and I pass.

"Why is every female in the school glaring at me? I'm surprised that I'm not reduced to a pile of ashes on the floor." I asked, looking up at Troy.

He looked down at me and smirked. "Your with me. Right where they want to be."

I rolled my eyes and leaned against him, feeling like being a bitch.

Just as I expected, Troy's arm slid down my arm to rest around my waist and all the glares kicked up a level.

I giggled and shook my head.

"Lemme guess…You," I touched his chest with my index finger, "Are school king. You rule and what you say goes." I surmised, looking up at him.

He smiled down at me and walked into a classroom.

The bell was going to go any second so the only seats left were on opposite sides of the room.

Troy made his way over to where a guy with brown hair that was covering his forehead was sitting next to a girl with similar coloured hair that went just past her shoulders.

There was an empty seat next to the guy but a busty blonde was sitting in the seat next to it.

She smiled up at Troy, pulling the front of her already skanky top down to show even more cleavage.

I was pulling away from Troy, trying to head to the other seat but he was still tugging me along with him and because he was holding my waist, he was all but carrying me.

"Troy!" I hissed under my breath. "There's only one seat" I pointed out.

"There'll be two soon" he assured me.

He shot the blonde a look and tightened the arm around my waist.

Said blonde glared at me and stood up, moving to the other side of the room.

"Well that was easy." I muttered, sitting down in the seat the blonde had just been in.

"Whose that" the brunette girl said, looking down her nose at me.

She was pretty enough to be able to pull of looking down at someone.

Well, if that someone wasn't me.

I met her blue-green eyes and put on the nice girl act again, this time, I made it sarcastic.

"I'm Serena. I'm new here. What's your name?" even though I was talking to her, I looked down at my nails.

I heard Troy's already familiar chuckle mixed in with a new one which I'm guessing was the brunette boy's.

"Dee. Claws away. She's that new girl I got told to show around. Careful though, she might steal the crown off you for being queen bitch." Troy explained to the girl who was still glowering at me.

"I don't like her." She sniffed, turning away.

I rolled my eyes.

"I don't care." I said simply, looking up at the teacher who had just walked in.

I heard the boys chuckle and then I tuned them all out.

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