OK, so, before any of you get excited, this is not an update.

However, I have been trying very hard to update this. I've been completely bogged down with school and my job as well as trying to manage a meagre social life, so my writing has suffered. Writers block has made me its unwilling slave.

SO, to completely combat this I've decided to re-start this story. In turn, I'll be editing it. It hasn't escaped my attention that due to my writing this story over something between two or three years the entire thing is actually quite rubbish. The characterisation is pathetic and my writing style changes so often I have no idea how none of you have completely bagged me out. So thanks for that, I guess.

I have no clue how many of you have even stuck with me this far, most probably will not read this, however, I would like for it to be said that this story will come back. Possibly not on here because this site has downgraded rather harshly, but it will return. If it ends up on another site, I will post a link here.

If you guys see it anywhere else and there is no link here than it has been plagiarized for the umpteenth time and I'd be very appreciative if you let me know or simply report the copy to whatever site it has been posted on.

Thanks a ginormous heap,