This is mine, don't you dare try to steal it. I wrote this poem about a week ago when I was absolutely terrified about something I had to do. Hope you like it!


Panic still runs through me

Nothing is the same

I can't even concentrate

Consumed with utter shame


I wish I could have looked ahead

Read between the lines

Too many times in this life

Too late have been my finds


The scabs that riddle my pale arms

Point to this eerie still

Everything is overwhelming

Bringing me these chills


I can't control this messy fear

It shakes me to the core

Taking over my whole life

Always wanting more


I really need a way out

It's blocking out my life

If only I could forget about it

And push away this strife


I know I shouldn't do this

Considering my fear

But even though my legs are shaking

I still have to be here


It's something that I have to do

Even if my fear is real

I know that if I turn back now

Peace I'll never feel


I pray that this dark night

Won't really be my last

And that I'll find a way

To capture my forgotten past



You'll be happy to know that I over came my fear, and now I know I can do anything. Hey, if I can beat an octopus at sumo wrestling in the Mohave Desert, then nothing is impossible!