This is a one shot which means... I'll never write anymore chapter, mabye. Anyway either wrote this when I was drunk or my evil twin sister hacked onto my computer and decided to write such a weird story, so excuse the weirdness and I hope you enjoy this confusing love story. Dedicated to my friends obsessed with the twincest of the Kaulitz brothers and inspiration from the song 'Every breath you take'. Also if you're wondering then yes, I am a stalker and I know where you live... so does Elmo. Oh and if you'd like you can review this, just say anything you want to say.

A smile becomes a kiss: A stalker story.

I looked on the ground to see my shadow. My long black hair flowed with the wind and my uniform slowly danced by a gentle breeze. I quickly check my watch which read 9:32 am, the exact time Ryuuji Kamizu would be dashing his way to school. I quickly hid behind a wall and peeked out to wait for him. A figure quickly ran past by and that's when I knew it was him. I've been watching him all the time, I don't like him that way it's just that he's interesting to watch him.

"Ah! Why do I always have to wake up late?" He said to himself almost running out of my sight.

I watched him as he ran. His light blonde hair is always messy and it usually becomes messier when he runs and the sun would always make his blue eyes shine. Everything about him was cool, the way he walks, talks, laughs and his smile… it's indescribable. And to reassure you I'm not in love with him and that's that.

A took a step out of my hiding place and followed him slowly. He was too hard to catch up with and I don't want him to notice me and not once he ever caught me watching him. I looked at him with a smile as he was running like a headless chicken to school knowing that so far that my admiration for him is kept a secret between me and myself.


As usual I sit at my desk bored out of my mind looking out from the window. The teacher never teaches me something new, it's usual the same old same old. The other reason I'm bored is that Ryuuji isn't here in my class it's just a room full of boring people.

"Miss. Sasaki? Are you still in this world?" The teacher asked with her hands on her hips frowning.

"Sorry Miss. But right now I'm in my own world... Call again tomorrow." I say still looking out of the window from my seat.

"Miss. Sasaki! This is the fourth time you talked back to me today. This isn't like you." She said grabbing a ruler and pointing it at me, "Go to the principal's office!"

I looked at her shocked. This was the first time I've ever gotten in trouble… could it be Ryuuji's influence. I mean ever since middle school I've known him and he's a big dummy and a class clown.

"Sorry Miss. I'll go now…" I said solemnly as I picked up my books.

I quickly walled out of the room with my head down and walked into the corridors only listening to my footsteps. As I got to the principal's office I noticed I could feel someone watching me… or maybe behind me. I quickly turned around to see no-one behind me. A bright light blinded me and I quickly placed my hand over my eyes and squinted to see the light coming from the east side building.

A boy with spiky black hair and numerous ear piercings was on the other side holding up a small mirror which was the thing that reflected the light to me. He was smiling at me and I waved slowly to him confused. I didn't know him since I come from the west side of school and he's on the east side, which most east side students are trouble makers. He opened the window and gestured me to open mine. I slowly opened it confused and put my head out.

"Hey, I saw what you did in the morning." He said mischievous and I looked back at him blankly, "You know what I mean. You. Were. Stalking. Ryuuji."

I stared back at him shocked that he knows what I was doing but I still think it's not stalking. "… If you knew that then you must be stalking me." I said quickly before I slammed the window shut.

I quickly walked to the principal's office and slammed the door. The principal looked up at me curiously and then went back to her papers. "You look like a good student. Since you're here it must mean that you're in trouble right?" She asked and continued without listening to my answer, "I guess I'll let you off but I must ask you a question."

I looked at her surprised. "Uh… What is it?"

"Do you like this school? Having any troubles with it? It seems by the look on your face that you're bored of this school…" She looked up and smiled.

"I just think that I should swap classes. I don't really belong in my classroom…" I said fidgeting with my hands, "If you can, can you move me into the north side of the school."

As I remembered thanks to Ryuuji being the sporty type, he's in the north side of the school where most of the popular people are. If I move there then I could see more of him…

"I'll think about, Miss. Sasaki. Please have a nice day." She said and then went back to her paper work.

I bowed and carefully made my way out of the office without disturbing her. I sighed I relief and started walking back to class still remembering that boy who knows my secret.


The only good place to hangout in this school is the rooftop. I look down at everyone trying to spot where Ryuuji might be. I slowly ate my obento while watching him play soccer, the way he runs is very magical it's like he has a navigation system built into his head.

"Man Yasuna-san, you're a real stalker…" Norika, best friend, said.

Norika flipped her shoulder length purple hair back and looked at me. She then got up on her feet and leaned against the fence right next to me. She slightly turned her head and frowned in disgust.

"You're going to end up like those stalkers who kill the people they're stalking." She said.

She quickly got out a magazine and placed it right in front of my face. I took a step back shocked at the picture. The picture showed a pool of blood staining the carpet and two bodies covered by blue sheets of plastic and I swear I could see a hand with a wedding ring.

"This is what they call a love pack suicide! When two lovers kill each other so they can die together, that's what some stalkers do." She poked at it while doing her speech.

I sighed and put away my obento and turned to the stairs. I opened the door to the stairs and started walking down. I knew that it'll never work between me and Ryuuji…

"Just to let you know, I'm not a stalker." I looked up and there was that boy from before.

He was leaning on the wall and smiling at me. "So why do you always follow me?" I ask.

He slipped from the wall but quickly regained his posture. "Y-You're the one who's following me!"

I shrugged, "Sure I am. The only person I'm admire is Ryuuji-kun which isn't you."

I quickly walked past him with confidence. He quickly grabbed my arm and spun me around, I looked up at him frightened. His mouth curled up a smile and pulled me closer to him.

"Sasaki, Yasuna. That's your name isn't it…" He asked and I nodded obediently, "I'm not a stalker but I can tell you one thing. Ryuuji Kamizu is a stalker and you should stay away from him."

He released me and I slowly walked away before stopping. I turned to him with eyes shining full of hope.

"If he's a stalker then that must mean that we can be stalkers together! I'll stalk him and he'll stalk me that sound cool!" I said dancing around the boy happily.

"Hey! Aren't you worried that the guy that you admire is a stalker?" He asked me confused.

"Hmm? It doesn't worry me, at least we've got something in common." I said still dancing.

"Then it wouldn't worry you that he's not stalking you. He's actually stalking this cute girl from this school…" He said and with that I stopped dancing.

I quietly walked away from him and sat down on the floor. "That bastard! Why won't he stalk me…?" I say rolling around on the floor and quickly got up with determination, "I know! I'll stalk like I've never stalked before!"

I quickly ran down the stairs leaving the boy alone. A few times I tripped but I got up with more determination. I kicked down the door outside and ran towards where Ryuuji was. Everyone was staring at me confused and startled. I was getting closer to Ryuuji and getting close to your victim in broad daylight is against the stalkers rules. Ryuuji turned around to see me walking straight to him he carefully took a step back.

"Ryuuji-kun, I'll say this once and I'll never say this again!" I said quickly walking to him.

He slowly took steps back and looked at me with a nervous face. I smiled wickedly making him run for his life and for once in my life I chased him. He started to dash away and I sprinted towards him.

"Stop right there!" I yelled.

"N-No way! I saw you… you're that stalker that follows me every morning." He yelled back.

Finally the gap between me and Ryuuji-kun is small. I took a giant leap and hugged his waist making us fall down to the ground.

"Get off, you stalker…" He said trying to get out of our embrace.

"Don't forget you're a stalker too." I said looking up at him and smiled.

"H-How do you know about that?" He looked at me surprised.

"A boy with black spiky hair and has lots of ear piercings." I said with a serious face and then smiled, "Also I have something to tell you."

I crawled up to his ear and whispered, "I don't actually admire you… I love you, Ryuuji-kun."

He pulled away from me and smiled that award winning smile. I stared at him and knew that this was my chance. I wrapped my arms around him and slowly moved my face close to his. I was about to kiss him when a shadow loomed over us. We both looked up to see the guy with ear piercings looking down on us.

"Ryuuji-kun… how could you?" The boy asked with tears in his eyes.

I looked at him confused. Ryuuji quickly got up to his feet and dusted himself off and walked in front of the boy. Ryuuji placed his index figure on the boy's lips.

"Quite little brother, our plan nearly worked." Ryuuji whispered to the boy.

"Oh, Big Brother. I was starting to get jealous…" The boy replied back shyly.

"Holy shit… Could this be twincest? Cool…" I said with eyes sparkling.

Ryuuji wrapped his arm around his little twin brother and I could easily see the resemblance: Their shining blue eyes. Ryuuji turned to his twin brother. "This is Takehiro, my twin brother. Takehiro you know Yasuna-san?"

"Of course." Takehiro said still kind of blushing from his brother.

"… Didn't you say a plan?" I asked getting up to my feet and dusting off the dry grass from my uniform.

"I planned that Nii-chan should hook up with you, Yasuna-san. Since you were the cute girl he's been stalking and I found out you were stalking Nii-chan, I thought it would be easy to manipulate Yasuna-san into getting out of her comfort zone to go ahead and confess to Nii-chan because I Nii-chan's happiness is my happiness." Takehiro explained grinning back at me.

"Takehiro, you're such a good little brother to me. I'll show my gratitude tonight, I promise you…" Ryuuji said brushing back a piece of Takehiro's hair back making him blush again.

"Nii-chan, not in front of Yasuna-san…" Takehiro said shyly.

Just then I had a non-stop flow of a nosebleed. "… So that means, Ryuuji-kun like me too?" I asked pointing to myself.

"I do. I love you too, Yasuna-san…" Ryuuji said smiling back at me, "But I'm sorry if the competition between you and Takehiro gets out of hand."

Ryuuji then leaned in towards me and pressed his lips onto mine. And oh boy was he a great kisser but I'm not going to give out any information.


And so this story ends with morals: Twincest is really cool but when you're in the middle of it it's a fan-girls heaven, stalking people is acceptable, confusing love is great love and twincest with hot guys is really, really, really fucking awesome. My story ends here but one thing I must add is that I, Yasuna Sasaki, live happily ever after in this confusing, yaoi, twincesty, stalker, love triangle love story that should really have a better plot.

"Hey, what about me?" Norika poked my back, "Don't I get a share of this happy ending?"
I sighed, "Fine you get the little brother but I'm not sharing Ryuuji-kun!"

"Ha! Like I'd want to." Norika grabbed Takehiro's arm and dragged him away.

"Nii-chan… I'll miss you." Takehiro called waving goodbye.

To add onto this I end up being the girlfriend of Ryuuji-kun and my best friend ends up with Takehiro-san. It's a win-win situation especially when we put both of the brothers together in one room and also put them through mud fights with each other and also strip poker which me and Norika will always win and Takehiro and Ryuuji loses all the time.

And remember kids! Don't do drugs and stalking is down right awesome.