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Aiden didn't know what to do except curl under a thin sheet and try to keep warm. He didn't have a clue where he was and barely even knew who he was. He was physically drained and emotionally, he was confused and scared. The first thing he remembered was stepping into a room with people he didn't know and once they realized that he didn't know anything besides how to talk, they had knocked him out and once he came too, he was in the basement.

He was told nothing and only given food and taken upstairs to use the bathroom occasionally. Other than that, he spent his time curled at the bottom of the stairs and looking out the window, sometimes listening to the people talking upstairs. It felt nostalgic, watching the day turn to night through the window but the feeling hadn't made him feel any better. Neither did the eyes full of pity when they saw him or the deep feeling in his chest he got when they were around.

He did get fragments of images every once in a while and even though he didn't understand them, the same person kept popping up. An older man with brown hair and dark green eyes, he could picture the man's face but he had no idea what the other's name was or who he was to him and the man always had a smile on his face.

Aiden quickly sat up as voices got close to the basement door.

"So he doesn't remember anything anymore?"

"No, he had looked relived when we opened to the door but when he stepped inside, his face went blank and he asked who he was and where he was."

"That's odd."

"Maybe something freaked him out and it was his way of coping with it."

"We'll never know will we?"

"It's hard are to say. It may be temporary or it could be permanent. Only time will tell in this kind of situation."

It was quiet for several long minutes and Aiden held her breath.

"So what do you want to do?"

"Get rid of him."

Aiden's heart stopped. What had he done to just be let go?

"I don't have the time to wait for the expectation that he'll remember again. Do what you want with him; I have no use of him unless he gets his memories back."

"So, you're just dropping him like that? For all we know he'll remember tomorrow."

"Lucas! Like I just said, I don't have the time," The man sounded angry but Aiden could hear the frustration hidden in it, "I devoted everything in him and I'll be damned if I have to start all over and have this happen again."

Aiden listened as the other stomped away angrily and a few moments later he heard the front door slam shut. It was then a sense of cold dread washed through him and slumped against the wall, staring blankly at the ceiling. His mind raced to figure out what they were going to do with him. Were they going to kill him, keep or just throw him out? He didn't want to die and sure as hell was going to put up a fight if that was the case.

He only got to panic for a few minutes when the basement door opened and he was told to come upstairs. He went slowly, expecting to be pushed down the stairs or a gun pressed to his head once he was at the top. But nothing dangerous was waiting for him and he was greeted by the four demons that knocked him out and kept him in the basement.

Their eyes were no longer directed at him full of pity but now of concern and as if they were holding something back. He knew that they knew he had heard the conversation that just happened not even 10 minutes ago. He wondered what they were going to say and how they were going to tell him.

From the looks in their eyes, Aiden knew they weren't going to kill him but he couldn't read what they were really going to do. He still didn't fully understand the situation, who that man was to him, who they were to him. He wanted to know but something held him back and it was starting to make him nervous.


Aiden flinched and he looked to the floor.

"I'm sure many things have gone through your mind and I'm very sure when you heard, 'get rid of him' you thought we'd kill you."

Aiden looked up at the black haired person with uncertainty and hesitation. It felt as if they had just given him a death sentence, the word kill stabbing him in the stomach and an icy grip wrapped around his throat.

Then, the blonde headed demon spoke up, "We're not going to kill you just because that low-life pathetic demon dropped you for something that wasn't even your fault. We-"


Kyler instantly cut off and glared at Lucas but then understood why and glanced back at Aiden.

Aiden's eyes had gotten wide at the word demon and at first he thought Kyler was just calling the man that to say he was a bad person but when the person with black hair snapped at him, he realized that Kyler wasn't just speaking ill of the man. Honestly though, he had no idea of what he should think or what to say. What could he say? He was in no position to judge or be freaked out. He sure if he hadn't forgotten his memories, none of this would be happening.

Feeling his chest get tight, Aiden suddenly felt nauseas and he turned his head away. He felt sick that he couldn't remember anything but the last few days and that was just of the basement walls. He didn't know what to think, how to think of the situation. He was absolutely confused and the feeling of wanting to run away began to overwhelm him.

"Aiden, you need to calm down."

Aiden flinched when a hand landed on his shoulder and he took a step back, away from the blonde. He didn't know what to do and wanted to escape back to the basement, where all his life consisted of was walls and the sky. What did he exactly want to do?

"Aiden, its best that you stay here with us but it's up to you with what you do. You can stay here with us or you can leave. However, if you leave, we won't let you come back if you need any help."

Aiden's stomach lurched and he unconsciously shook his head, hesitantly looking at the other three in the room. How could he leave? He didn't know or could even think of what would happen to him if he just walked away without trying to remember anything or know what he was getting into.

"Guess that means you are staying with us for the time being." Lucas mumbled, pushing his glasses up with his middle finger, "Cal, go ready the guest room for Aiden."

Cal, the brown haired demon stood from his seat, "Is the conversation over or are we going to call Alice and or tell Aiden about his situation?"

All eyes went to Cal once he finished his sentence and he noticed that the atmosphere had suddenly turned sour rather quickly and he immediately ducked out of the room. Aiden wondered what exactly Cal said to make everyone tense and then he opened his mouth to probably the stupidest question at that moment.

"Who's Alice?"

The atmosphere got worse and Aiden took a step back, nervousness showing on his face. He thought he'd have a right to ask questions since he didn't know nor understood absolutely anything.

"Aiden, it's okay," Lucas muttered, "We'll tell you everything in a bit. Go take a shower and meet us in the front room, clothes with be on the bed when you get out."

Aiden did as he was told, following Lucas, since Cal had ran off, to the bedroom and he took his time in the shower. Washing the dirt and grime off under the searing hot jet of water, he wondered what the others were going to tell him. Who Alice was? Who he was? What he was. He put a hand to his chest and took in a shuddering breath. He knew that he too was a demon.


Once Aiden got to the front room, he saw the original four but there was someone new. He was leaning against the front door, hands in his pockets and with his head down. He had black hair and Aiden felt uneasy being in the same room with him.

"Aiden, there seems to be a change of plans."

Aiden didn't even knew that there was a plan to begin with or maybe it was just a figure of speech when something unexpected happened. Either way, he wondered what was going to happen next.

"You won't be staying with us but you'll be going with him."

Looking back over at the one against the door, Aiden didn't even ask himself who it could be since where would that get him. Their eyes suddenly meet and he couldn't stop the noise of surprise from escaping his mouth and he nearly jumped back in downright fear. The boy looked exactly like him, with dark black hair and red eyes.

Now he asked, with a shaky voice, "Who is this?"

Kyler moved to stand beside him, "Aiden, this is your brother and he's taking you to see your father."

Instinctually taking a step back, Aiden felt like something didn't seem right and he narrowed his eyes at the other who looked like him. How could he just easily believe anything anymore and he honestly didn't understand anything not that he'd admit it to the ones in the room. He had gotten some pride acknowledged.

"Prove it." He said, clenching his hand into a fist.

Everyone's eyes widened at his sudden demand and Aiden kept going.

"You probably think this is all a joke? How am I to believe this is my brother just because you say he is? You guys were the one who locked me down in the basement for days so how do you just expect me to believe everything that you say. How am I to know that he is my brother, just because he looks like me?"

He didn't wait for an answer and pushed through them, heading to the front door but once there he paused. "You aren't going to stop me?" he asked softly, wondering why they would just let him go. It was his brother who answered.

"What would be the point? You don't trust us so why would you just stop if we told you too? Granted, I would have followed you to make sure nothing happened so our father wouldn't kill me but honestly, it would be stupid to stop you."

Aiden turned back slowly, unsure as to what to make of what the other said and he settled against leaning on the door to make some sense of it, if he could that was.

"I think it's best if we gave him answers." Kyler muttered which gained him a glare from his said to be brother.

"You don't seem to be the brightest crayon in the box are you?"

Aiden felt his stomach drop at the tension in the room and he looked up at the cause of it. Kyler and his seem to be twin were facing each other now, glaring death back and forth.

"Do you even know who I am?" Kyler asked.

"I know who you are and honestly I don't care but clearly you should know who I am."

"I do actually, you're Alden. Lucifer's son. Satan's son. Just because you are the son of Satan doesn't mean you can treat others like crap especially me and especially when you know who I am."

Aiden had glanced at Alden when he heard the word Satan but once the words were finished it seemed to click and visions of a boy with blonde hair telling him he was Satan's son and holding a photo of Satan to him filtered into his mind. It made his head spine, remembering past memories and a dull flare started in the back of his skull. Ignoring it, he continued to listen to Alden and Kyler's conversation or more like fight with words.

"As I said before, I don't care and what I meant by not the brightest crayon in the box, I meant to say stating the obvious is annoying and stupid to say. I also want answers, mostly as to why my brother disappeared for 8 years and then for the past year and a half give or take a little bit. My father also wants to know."

Lucas then spoke up, "We don't know anything about Aiden's past so if you want to know about his disappearance for 8 years you need to talk to Kyle Hoffman, Aiden's step-father."

"That part isn't important since he wasn't a demon at that time but what's been going on for the year and a half he's been off radar now is what I really need to know?" Alden said, looking in Aiden's direction. Aiden looked away when their eyes met and he looked at the others in the room, waiting to hear the answer for himself.

"It's a very complicated story and if you didn't mind, I'd like to invite Alice over so she can hear this too. She's Aiden's sister, she deserves to know this just as much as you do." Lucas said.

"Sister?" Alden was confused and Aiden could hear it in his voice and he too was confused but then again, what didn't confuse him lately since he couldn't remember anything.

For the first time, Aiden heard Trace talk, "Alice is Aiden's sister on his mother's side, she's you're half sister."

Alden seemed flustered for a moment, obviously not knowing about Alice, "Yeah… yeah, you can invite her over to hear this as well. Maybe she'll even know why Aiden was gone for 8 years. I'm not really in the mood to talk to Aiden's step-father."

Kyler then threw a cell phone to Trace, "Go call Alice and tell her to come over here and if Vincent and Spencer are with her, tell her they can come too. Don't tell her why."

Trace nodded and moved to the other room, putting the cell phone to his ear.

Aiden watched him go and then he moved to the couch, curling into the corner. He wondered who Vincent and Spencer were but he didn't ask seeing as the last time he asked who someone was, it become worse.

Trace came back moments later, "She's on her way, with Spencer and Vincent in tow."

The time waiting for Alice and the others were spent in silence and Aiden concentrated his focus on the other demons in the room and what he knew. It confused on how he could remember objects and how to talk but had no idea who he was or anybody else. He started with Cal, looking the other over.

Cal had brown hair and brown eyes and the same height as Aiden. Then Aiden's eyes shifted to Trace, the demon sitting next to Cal. Trace had dark burgundy and red-brown eyes and from what he could tell, Trace was a few inches taller than him. Aiden next looked at Lucas, who had black hair and black eyes behind glasses. Lucas was the same height as Trace but a few inches shorter than Kyler. Kyler was a good 6 feet tall with blonde hair and gold eyes.

If Aiden concentrated hard enough, he could see faint outlines around each demon looked almost like an animal. However, he didn't keep that up for long since his headache continually getting worse to the point where his eyesight got hazy.

A knock came to the front door a few seconds later and the door opened with its own accord, stepping in a girl with white hair and blue eyes. Following her, two guys stepping into the house, one with blonde hair and yellow eyes, just like Kyler and the other had white hair and blue eyes. Aiden didn't recognize them and nothing about them made him remember them but once he saw them altogether, staring at him like they had seen a ghost, his dull headache turned into a stabbing pain. He instantly knew that he was important to them.

Ignoring the pain, he watched as they looked between him and Alden and they looked quite confused. Alden didn't skip a beat in introducing himself, moving over to where Alice and others were standing.

"My name is Alden and my father sent me to find Aiden and take Aiden to him."

The one with blonde hair didn't skip a beat to question Alden, "What does your father want with Aiden?"

Aiden felt his chest tighten when Alden glanced his way and that didn't help with the pain in his head.

"Well, I believe a father has the right to see his son." Alden said, moving his gaze back to the blonde and he even allowed a knowing smile to show.

The girl with white hair and blue eyes, who Aiden now knew to be Alice, spoke, "Kyler, Lucas what is going on?"

Kyler looked to Aiden then back to Alice, scratching the back of his head. "We've been lying to you, Alice. We've known Aiden for about a year now."

Alice's eyes got wide before they narrowed in anger and she nearly lunged forward but Spencer and Vincent held her back.

Kyler held his hands up in defense and was about to respond but Lucas answered first, "There's not anything that we don't know or can't find out if we look and when you contacted us about Aiden we got right on it and found him the same night. However, because of what happened to him, we couldn't tell you that we had found him."

"Does that have anything to do with the fact that Aiden doesn't have any clue as to who we are?" Vincent asked, stepping in front of Alice.

"Yes, it was because of Eli Moore that Aiden lost his memory and we needed Aiden to get close to him. That is why we didn't tell you that we had found him."

Alice raised her arm and put the back of her hand to her mouth, turning slightly to hide her trembling, "Are you saying we could have known where he was the entire time? You could have told me what you were doing."

Lucas pushed his glassed up, "We couldn't risk it, we couldn't risk Eli Moore finding out the truth to what we were doing."

"And what were you doing?" She asked, turning her head to look Lucas in the eyes.

"We were seeing the extent to what he could do." Lucas looked over to Aiden and Aiden felt a cold chill travel down his spine and sit in the bottom of his stomach. "There isn't anything Eli can't do. He's the ultimate demon. Almost like Lucifer himself except he was missing one thing."

"What is that?" Spencer asked, finally speaking up.

Kyler was the one to answer the question, "The perfect son."

- 3 - End Chapter 20

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