- 3 – Thursday March 31, 2011 – 3 –

Aiden had his knees curled to his chest and his arms wrapped around his legs. Vincent sat beside him on the couch but he didn't have the guts to turn his head and look at the other demon. His head was pounding and he was nearly crying out of frustration, memories deciding to come all at once. He could remember everything, from the night Mr. Moore had made him forget to the present but it all confused him. Even though he had been with Mr. Moore for now over 9 years, he still couldn't understand the other older man. Even then, he honestly couldn't understand how Mr. Moore was alive since he remembered killing the other and it wasn't a trick of the light and it scared him.

He didn't understand why Mr. Moore was so fascinated with him or what he had to gain with having him on his side. It wasn't as if Mr. Moore had actually turned him into a demon but he wondered if the other knew of this but nothing explained why Mr. Moore had just dropped him to the curb without looking for an explanation. He felt abandoned, even though he shouldn't and he was surprised Vincent and the others hadn't left him yet. He done many awful things while he was under Mr. Moore's control, like eat humans, attacked demons from the government and most of all, forgotten everyone.

Aiden opened his mouth but his voice caught in his throat and he buried his face in his knees. He wanted to say something; anything but he didn't know what to say. He wanted to apologize for all that had happened but he didn't want it to get rejected and he didn't know how to word it. He wanted to pull Vincent closer to him but he didn't want Vincent to push him away. He had to stop everything that he wanted to do, knowing it would just ruin everything. It had been over a year and they had thought he wasn't coming back, lost to the entire world. His chest tightened at the thought of Vincent and Spencer finding someone else and it brought tears to his eyes.

"Don't cry, it's not your fault."

Aiden lifted and turned his head, his and Vincent's eyes meet and his heart almost stopped. Vincent was looking back at him with such sadness and his mind instantly went back to the last time, before he disappeared, he saw Vincent. Vincent had him pinned to the ground, the look of anger and force on his face and he could remember the last words that passed between them, the words echoing through his head made his chest tight and stomach swim with nausea.

"Do we still get a chance to find out now?" Aiden asked softly.

Vincent was confused to what Aiden was talking about and then it hit him, the last thing that was spoken between them. He reached over and stroked Aiden's cheek, wiping away the unshed tear in Aiden's eye with his thumb. He smiled sadly before pulling his hand away and Aiden's heart dropped. He was being thrown away again for the third time and he nearly moved from off the couch when Vincent spoke up.

"We shouldn't talk about this right now, there's someone on the other side of the door who wants to see you."

Aiden turned his head to the front door as it opened and he pushed himself more into the couch as Spencer walked into the room. Even though more than a year had past and his brain had finally caught up to that, it still felt as if Spencer stabbed him in the chest just a few days ago and he had no desire to be around the other demon.

Standing up from the couch, Aiden tried to leave the room but Vincent grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

"Aiden, you need to listen to him."

Aiden forcefully jerked his hand away and slapped Vincent's hand away, glaring at the floor. "I don't want to listen to him and you're not going to tell me what to do. You guys aren't even giving me a chance to figure things out."

Vincent stepped forward and turned Aiden's face towards his, placing a hand on Aiden's waist, "We want to help you." He whispered.

Aiden flinched, "There's nothing you can do to help. You can't turn back the clock and fix the past, to stop Mr. Moore from erasing my memories or me from killing those humans. The only way to help me is to erase the faces of the humans I killed."

"You can't ask the impossible from us Aiden."

Aiden looked over at Spencer, glaring, "Should have known you'd make an excuse when I ask of something difficult." He tried to pull away from Vincent but Vincent wasn't having it and pulled him back.

"We are not Eli, Aiden. We can't just make you forget, it's something you need to overcome yourself and forgive yourself. That wasn't you."

Aiden's eyes darkened, "Of course it was me." His mouth was open to continue but Vincent cut him off.

"No, that was a demon of Eli's creation, you are not it. This," Vincent cupped Aiden's cheek, "is who you are, a demon that sees humans as equal and would never harm them. Aiden, this is you. The one my demon chose." He whispered the last sentence and Aiden's eyes got wide.

He then relaxed, looking away to the side but his chest was tight. "If it hadn't have been for your demon, you never would have even seen me. The same goes for Spencer; it was never me from the beginning. Just leave me alone." Aiden was able to finally pull away from Vincent and he ducked down the hallway and slipped into the nearest room.

Right away, he was able to tell that he had walked into Vincent's room but instead of leaving to find a new room, he curled into Vincent's bed and pulled the covers over his head. His head hurt and with burying his head in Vincent's pillow, Vincent's scent lured him to sleep a few minutes later.

- 3 –

Vincent sighed as he fell back onto the couch, running a hand through his hair before covering his mouth with it. What Aiden had said hit him hard and his chest hurt, a deep ache settling in the middle. It was a lot for him to take in but he knew Aiden was in far worse shape than him or Spencer. He didn't want Aiden to deal with on his own but he knew Aiden needed to be alone to come up with his own take on the situation.

He glanced over at Spencer who was still standing in front of the door. "You believe it now?"

Spencer looked up, "I always did, I knew about everything."

Vincent sat up straighter, "What are you talking about?" He stood from the couch when Spencer sighed and looked away.

"I've known about Aiden and Eli for a few months now, before we came to Lafayette."

Vincent was stunned for a few seconds, and then in a split second later, he had Spencer up against the wall for the second time that day. Only, Vincent's hair was now icy white and his eyes were a deep red and he couldn't stop himself baring his teeth to Spencer, his canines sharper.

"What the fuck Spencer!?" Vincent wrapped a hand around Spencer's throat, digging his nails turned to claws into the sides Spencer's neck and he drew blood. "How could you keep this from me, from Alice?"

Spencer had a pained look on his face but it wasn't because of Vincent but because he had lied to everyone and didn't tell anyone.

"W-When did you know?" Vincent didn't mean to stutter but he was so angry he could barely talk and if wasn't for hurting Aiden's feeling, he would have killed Spencer already. "Tell me!" He growled when Spencer didn't answer right away.

"Right after Christmas but the reason I didn't tell you was because-" He didn't get to finish when Vincent punched the wall beside his head, leaving more than just a simple dent.

Vincent even removed his hand from Spencer's throat, slowly and he backed off, growling low in his throat. "Leave before I decide to kill you."

"Vince." Spencer shook his head and left without another word, knowing he wouldn't be able to talk his way through it yet.

Vincent stopped himself before he punched the wall again and he let out a shuddering breath to try calm himself and his demon down. He closed his eyes and held his breath for 20 seconds, thinking of why he shouldn't go after Spencer and beat the shit out of him. He had no idea as to how Spencer found out about Aiden and he couldn't understand why Spencer didn't tell him and Alice sooner. He wondered how Alice was going to take it. She almost ripped off the prince's heads off when she found out that they knew Aiden's whereabouts for the entire time he was gone. It took all he had not to kill the other demon but he understood how Aiden would feel if Spencer was killed and then neither one of them would have Aiden as their mate. But Alice, she just wanted what was best for Aiden and in her mind; Spencer wouldn't be what was best right now.

Aiden His mind reminded him and he turned to look down the hallway Aiden disappeared just minutes before. He was slightly surprised Aiden hadn't come out to see what they had done, slamming Spencer to the wall and punching same said well hadn't at all been quiet. He had also let out his demon power to the point his demonic form showed and that was enough for the entire neighborhood to feel it.

Pulling his cell phone from his pocket, Vincent looked at his reflection on the screen and smiled. His hair was back to blonde and his eyes were back to the amber color he loved. He missed having green eyes, the one thing he had gotten from his mother but he felt unique since it wasn't every day you ran into someone with yellow eyes. He had only seen his demonic form once when he had nearly gotten into a fight with Kyle about not being to go search for Aiden and they had been in front of a mirror at the time. He had been forced to change his forms plenty of times before and even after that while he was on missions for the government but he didn't really like it since he had white hair like Spencer in that form. He also thought that red eyes only suited Aiden and in his demonic form he looked like a child that would come from Aiden and Spencer.

Vincent shivered at the thought and shook his head. He knew it was physically impossible for Aiden and Spencer to have a child together but could easily adopt a child if they were mated and he did not like the thought of that. He pulled himself away from his thoughts and went to go find out what room Aiden was in.

- 3 –

Spencer had left the apartment without a fight again, knowing it would do him no good and only further himself onto Vincent's bad side. They were matched in demonic strength so if they had fought, they would have brought more demons and that was something they didn't need.

He had his reasons from keeping Aiden's whereabouts to himself and the ones who told him. It was for everyone's protection. Eli wasn't someone to mess around with and if he had told Vincent and Alice that he knew where Aiden was being kept, they would have done anything to go get him.

This was a game to Eli, seeing if they would ever find Aiden on their own and then come and get him, only to be killed before they ever had the chance. However, Eli wouldn't have sent just any demon to kill them, he would have sent Aiden to do the dirty job and Aiden would have been able to do it.

He knew this because neither he, nor Alice nor Vincent would have been able attack Aiden like Aiden would have been able to attack them. Eli would have told Aiden a lie to get him to kill them and they wouldn't have been able to tell Aiden the truth or get him to see their side.

Eli was his uncle but he had no idea why he was so absorbed on Aiden and he knew just because the prince's said that Eli had abandoned Aiden that this wasn't going to be the last of him. Eli would somehow find out that Aiden remembered everything again and would come after him sooner or later.

"Guess now I don't have to follow your scent to your apartment."

Spencer looked up and frowned at who he saw. "What are you doing here?" he asked, honestly not really wanting to deal with her.

"Just came to visit and meet Alice and Vincent." She replied, smiling.

Sighing, Spencer shook his head, "So you waited until to do so? What stopped you months ago?"

"Had some issues but what does it matter?"

"I just don't want to deal with you right now Kaige."

Kaige crossed her arms under her chest, shifted her hip out and leaned forward slightly, "Too bad, ya stuck with me now."

"Wonderful, just what I needed." Spencer muttered and then glared when Kaige latched onto his arm, her smile stretched across her face.

"Something's bothering you, so why don't ya tell me about it?" She asked slyly.

Spencer groaned and he honestly didn't want to tell her anything but she would find out sooner or later and be even angrier if he didn't tell her right away so he told her.

- 3 –

Vincent found Aiden asleep in his bed and he smiled softly, happy Aiden didn't see him and Spencer fight for the second time that day. He reached over and pushed Aiden's bangs from out in front of his face. That's why he didn't come out to investigate when he let out his power. He was sure if Aiden had been awake to feel it, he'd be literally have a cow and probably just possible have a break down. It was then he noticed half of Aiden's face was pressed into his pillow and he was breathing through his nose; he couldn't help but smile. Moving away from the bed, Vincent sat down on his computer chair and reached over to turn on his computer.

It started up quickly and he was instantly looking up Eli Moore on the internet. Nothing much came up and it unnerved him, he knew nothing of the older man since Spencer never said anything about him. He knew Aiden had been with Eli for 8 years while maturing into a demon but Spencer never said how the older man's personality was and how he treated Aiden. He knew Aiden didn't feel any hatred to the other but he was sure Aiden had mixed feelings now.

Finding nothing of value, Vincent shut down his computer and moved back over to the bed, placing the back of his hand to Aiden's forehead. Aiden's fever had not returned but he did feel cold to the touch. He brushed his fingers against Aiden's temple down to the other's cheek and he pulled his hand away when Aiden leaned into the touch. He was afraid Aiden would wake up and yell at him for being in the room but it was too late, Aiden's eyes fluttered open and looked up at him.

"Vincent, I'm cold." Aiden whispered and he reached out from under the blanket and grabbed onto Vincent's shirt. Aiden was clearly more than half asleep, his eyes clouded over with sleep and his hand barely grabbing onto Vincent's shirt.

Vincent debated, the last time he had gotten into bed with Aiden; Spencer found them and he flipped shit for no reason. He didn't want to think what would happen if it happened for a second time or if Alice would were to find them. She didn't know that Aiden could remember everything again and would beat the living hell out of him for taking advantage of Aiden in his state of mind.

He wanted to take a step back and leave the room so not to take to temptation but his demon craved for the closeness of its mate and it made his chest ache. But, then again, how many fucks did he give about Spencer and what the other demon thought. He was afraid of Alice, that was for sure but Alice knows of the feeling a demon got when their mate was not in their reach and he had been feeling it for over a year.

"Scoot over." Vincent whispered softly and Aiden obeyed, moving closer to the wall and allowed Vincent to curl up beside him. Vincent wrapped his arm around Aiden's waist and pulled him closer, shifting his other arm under Aiden's head. Aiden instantly melted against him, sighing sleepily as Vincent's scent got stronger and warmth surrounded him. Their legs tangled together in a comfortable position and Aiden curled one arm to his chest and wrapped his other one around Vincent's waist.

The ache in Vincent's chest vanished the instant Aiden's arm went around his waist and he buried his face in Aiden's hair. He didn't care if anyone walked in right now or at any time. He was happy to have Aiden in his arms again and be able to feel the rise and fall of Aiden's chest and Aiden's heart beat beneath his finger tips. Having Aiden right beside him once again, it was like Aiden was never gone in the first place and the memories of the past year never happened. He wasn't going to let Aiden go for anything in the world anymore and Spencer would have to kill him before he got to Aiden.

- 3 –

Aiden loved waking up warm and comfortable, his demon purring in agreement with him. Just because he was a snow leopard demon, didn't mean he loved the cold all the time but just the opposite. He snuggled closer to the heat, rubbing his face in the object in front of him and breathed in the scent. It smelled like Vincent and he smiled, loving the smell of grass, rain and a hint of something that could only be described as Vincent. The scent was stronger than when he had fallen asleep and he wondered if Vincent was in the room with him, his brain still in sleep mode to realize what was really going on.

That only lasted a minute or two before Aiden opened his eyes and he nearly pushed Vincent away when he noticed he was flush against the other demon in an intimate embrace. He stopped himself though, his demon making his chest tight at the thought and he tilted his head up to look at Vincent's face.

He didn't know how long he was asleep for but it was just what he needed. It felt as if it had all been a dream and he had been in Vincent's arms asleep the entire time. He wanted to see it as a dream but he knew it reality that it had been a long nightmare for the others that he disappeared on. He wondered if they would forgive him for all that he did?

"Vincent, wake up." Aiden whispered, lightly pushing on Vincent's chest but Vincent showed no signs of waking up and after a few minutes of absolutely nothing, Aiden gave up. He was sure that while he was gone, Vincent probably got little to no sleep. Needlessly to say, he was comfortable and warm lying in Vincent's arms and he was kind of glad Vincent didn't wake up so they wouldn't have to move from this position.

Aiden buried his face in Vincent's neck and breathed in the other's scent, forcing himself to get even closer. He was content and warm, as well as his demon. However, he couldn't stop himself from wondering if he'd feel this way if Spencer was in Vincent's place. If Spencer hadn't left him that day, he couldn't help but question what he would be doing right now. Would he be in Spencer's arms right now or would something have happened and he'd still end up lying next to Vincent? What would the day be then? Would his birthday still be a few days away or would his birthday have already past. So many questions were unanswered and he didn't think any of them would ever be answered. All these thoughts eventually lured Aiden back to sleep, none of them replied too.

– 3 –

Aiden was cold as he awoke once more and he noticed that was because Vincent was no longer by his side but in front of his computer and it looked like he was on Facebook, scrolling down the site. However the room was noticeable brighter but it wasn't because it was daytime but Vincent also had the television on but on mute.

Curling his knees up, Aiden pulled the blanket closer to him and buried his face into the pillow. It slowly got warmer but not as warm as it had been when Vincent was with him. A hand then went through his hair and he angrily glared up at Vincent for making him slightly leave his warm cocoon.

"Don't go back to sleep, we've been waiting for you to wake up." Vincent whispered.

Aiden glanced around the room and with seeing no one other than Vincent he closed his eyes and had full intentions of going to back to sleep when the blankets were ripped from him. He sat up quicker than lightning and he tried to grab the blankets back but Vincent already had them out of his reach.

"Come on, the faster we get this over with, the faster you can come back and go back to bed." Vincent said, grinning and holding out his hand.

Aiden groaned but took Vincent's hand and allowed the other to help him from the bed. "Who's all here?"

"Alice is here now; Spencer and Kaige are also here. Alden, your brother showed up soon after that but then about 15 minutes ago a couple of demons names Kuro and Shiro showed up."

Aiden froze and he pulled his hand away from Vincent's, "I don't want to see them." He whispered and he turned away from Vincent, "I don't want to see anybody."

"What's wrong?" Vincent reached out and placed a hand on Aiden's shoulder, freezing when Aiden flinched.

Aiden pushed Vincent's hand from his shoulder, "I don't want to hear what Kuro or Shiro has to say, they lied to me and everybody. They knew about where I was and what happened to me but didn't say a thing to Spencer or Alice."

Vincent frowned, "Maybe they had a good reason not to tell." He thought back to when Spencer was going to explain but thought against it. He wasn't all too happy when Spencer came back but he had promised to explain himself and he dropped it, to wait for Aiden to wake up to hear the reason as well.

"I don't care if they had a good reason, they should've told you. They knew for the entire time I was with Mr. Moore. They allowed you, Alice, Spencer, my mom, Kyle and the others to constantly wonder where I was or if I was even alive for more than a year. I would have rather been with you guys not remembering anything than having you guys tortured with questions of what happened to me, what I was doing and if I would ever return. Because of them and the princes, this past year has been a waste for all of you. It wasn't a waste for me since I learned a lot, meet many demons but it all practically means nothing since I didn't do it with you or Alice or Spencer. I had to do it on my own, not with the help of Mr. Moore, Kuro and Shiro, or the princes. You have no idea what I went through so when I say I don't want to talk to them, I don't want to talk to them. I don't want to hear their reasons and I don't want to hear their excuses for why they didn't tell you. I just-" Aiden was cut off when Vincent pulled him into his arms, holding him to the others chest.

Aiden tried to push Vincent away, "I'm not done talking, let me go."

Vincent chuckled, "I think you're done. That's the most I've ever heard you talk in one go, you need to breathe sometime."

Aiden took a deep breath and then let it out slowly, "Can I continue?" he asked.

Shaking his head, Vincent made Aiden sit back down on the bed, "You can continue after you count to 30 while breathing." He ran a hand through Aiden's hair, "Don't fight me because then it'll take you forever to finish."

Aiden frowned but did as he was told, slowly counting to thirty and he breathed in and out with every other second. However, once he was done, "I can't remember what I was going to say." He mumbled, glaring at Vincent. "You knew this was going to happen, didn't you?"

"No, actually I didn't but I was hoping. You don't have to tell me everything in one go because if you do, I'm more likely to forget and have to make you repeat what you said. I might be a demon but I like to hear things one at a time." Vincent sat down next to Aiden and moved one arm behind him, placing his hand of Aiden's and interlaced their fingers together. Then, he leaned against him, burying his face into the side of his neck.

Aiden jumped at the action and he squeezed his fingers around Vincent's fingers, wondering what Vincent was doing. He shivered when Vincent's breath fanned over his neck and he flushed slightly when Vincent's lips brushed over his skin.

"What are you doing?" Aiden whispered and he looked over Vincent's face, freezing when their eyes met. However, while he was distracted, he didn't notice the smirk on Vincent's face until it was too late. He was spun around and then dragged out of the room before he even realized what was going on and was in the front room by the time it all caught up to him. His eyes met Alice's first and his body froze, his breath catching in his throat.

To him, it felt like he had seen her just yesterday but to her it must have seemed like a life time. He suddenly didn't feel ready and felt like bolting back to Vincent's room but Vincent kept a steady grip on his arm.

Alice moved to him slowly and he could smell the salt in the air, tears streaming down Alice's face. He didn't make any move to meet her halfway, not feeling the right to do so and waited for her to make her way to him.

Alice walked little by little, expecting Aiden to just disappear just moments before she reached him. By the time she was right in front of him, she knew that Aiden wasn't going to vanish and she threw her arms around his neck and pulled him close. She didn't say anything but only held him for what seemed like hours. She didn't want to let go for the fear of Aiden fading away when doing so. It had been so long she had Aiden by her side and she never wanted to feel the feeling of being alone. Aiden was almost all she had and she couldn't lose him again. Aiden was her one and only brother.

Aiden raised his arms and hugged Alice back, bringing her as close as possible. When he was Mr. Moore, he always felt like there something missing and with hugging his sister, Vincent by his side and Spencer on the other side of the room, he knew what that something had been.
His heart clenched when he saw Spencer and he knew what it meant and he glanced back at Vincent for just an instant before closing his eyes and holding Alice tighter.

"I'm so sorry, Alice. I'll never leave again; I'll never forget you and I'll always be there when you need me."

If possible, Alice cried harder, wrapped her arms around Aiden's back and gripped onto his shirt. It wasn't until she calmed down a few minutes later did she answer, "You better not this time or I'll hunt you down personally and drag you back to torture you."

Aiden couldn't hold back his smile, "I'll hold you to that." He pulled away from Alice, moving to stand beside her. He opened his eyes and glared at Kuro, his eyes glowing.

"Where is my cell phone?" He asked, holding out one of his hands.

Kuro was hesitant in bringing it to Aiden, to be near the other demon but he handed the phone over and instantly took his place in front of the wall, next to Shiro.

Aiden held the phone closer to his face, turning it on and looking over the screen. The background was normal snowy landscape but just having the phone in his hand made him feel uneasy. He gripped the phone tighter before throwing it as hard as it could against the wall, inches from the side of Kuro's face. The phone screen shattered and a few pieces hit Kuro in the back and he smiled softly at the look of surprise on Kuro's face.

"Thanks for my cell phone back but I don't need it anymore. I knew it was tracing me every time he let me out but if I tried to accidentally break my phone, he'd know. So I left it alone for him to think he was doing a good job at controlling me. You're going to tell him, if he asks, you dropped the phone down a sewer drain in front of this apartment building and you will not tell him, I remember everything. I'm not his perfect son out to kill the entire human race and I'm not his puppet to force other demons to his side. I don't know why you are following him or what kind of hold he has on you but I don't want to hear your excuses or reasons, I want you guys gone until I say so, understand?"

Kuro and Shiro both said nothing but Shiro nodded his head in acknowledge and they left quickly.

The room was silent until Alden let out a snicker and clapped his hands. "What a great show, father would be proud."

Aiden eyes moved over to Alden, "Why would that be a reason to be proud of?" he asked.

Alden smiled, "You're proving to me you can take control and make others listen to you without using your power."

Frowning, Aiden looked away from his brother, "I just didn't want to see them right now. They did nothing to help me while I was with Mr. Moore so I see no need to want to be around them. Unlike when I was first left on my own, I was okay since I was in a hospital but the second round, I wasn't so lucky. I had to fend for myself, defend myself from other demons that wanted to fight, find my own shelter, and run form the police when I had killed someone. No one helped me like before; I was completely on my own and I almost died countless times."

"4 months, I was left alone in the world with no support, no directions and no one at my side." Aiden paused in his ramble and took a deep breath. He hadn't exactly been ready to tell everyone that but it just came out. He looked over at Vincent then glanced at the others in the rest of the room.

"I guess I didn't remember everything at first but I remember now, why Mr. Moore wanted me. I eavesdropped on him once while he was talking on the phone to someone and the reason why he needed me was because I was Lucifer's son because I had the power stronger than anybody and even stronger than Lucifer. Also because I am the one that can erase other's memories, I can even erase my own if I wish, like Spencer can make other demons fall asleep or Conner can make others remember past memories that they have forgotten over time."

"I can make demons and humans forget their past, I can create new memories and I can bring back recollections others have forgotten but only if I made them forget it. Mr. Moore gave me injections specifically to have this power when I turned into a demon but he didn't exactly count on me eating him since he thought I'd forget my memories once I became a demon. The Mr. Moore I knew is gone, gone the moment I killed him but the Mr. Moore now, Eli is the original demon, he can make copies of himself as needed and one of those copies was made to turn humans into the demon of his creation, the perfect demon that could get him in Lucifer's spot."

"That was me since I was the only one who could handle the injections given that I was Lucifer's son but he didn't know that until he took me for a second time and that was the main reason why he captured me in the first place. He only thought I was human when I was younger when he first kidnapped me. He was going to use me to erase Lucifer's memories once I became a demon so he could somehow take over Lucifer's job. He had tried it countless times on other people and children and kept trying with others even though he had me. Yet, none of them made it past the first injection so I don't exactly understand why Eli just dropped me to the curb just for the little set back of me forgetting unless he had another demon that could do what I can but none of the demons that Eli kept near him had my power. Though, I hope we don't find out since with a different demon, he can't get exactly close to Lucifer anymore and I'm sure Alden will relay the message to him."

Aiden glanced over at Alden and saw Alden nod his head, "I just want to forget all about him and move on with my life. I want to go take a shower and go back to sleep for the rest of the day."

"But if you heard Eli all this, why did you stay with him?" Kaige asked, ignoring Aiden's request to go back to sleep.

"Eli caught me, I had been surprised by what I heard and I didn't realize Eli had noticed I was at the door. He forced me to forget what I had heard." Aiden ran a hand through his hair, "This happened about a few months ago but I wish I knew who he had been talking too."

Vincent instantly looked to Spencer, remembering that the other demon had found this out a few months ago and he wanted to tell everyone what Spencer had told him just hours ago but he kept his mouth shut, knowing Spencer would voice up sooner or later. He then realized he had noticed Aiden's voice had wavered when he said that Mr. Moore had forced him to forget and he reached over, grabbed Aiden's wrist and turned the other towards him.

Aiden flinched when Vincent grabbed him, not knowing it had been Vincent that had done it but when he saw it was Vincent he relaxed.

Vincent stepped closer to Aiden, "How did he force you to forget?"

Aiden's eyes widened and he looked away, his hand itching to reach up to his throat. He could still feel the collar around his neck and the heavy chains around his wrists, holding his arms to the wall. He quickly shook his head, dismissing the feelings and memories and put on a small smile.

"Force wasn't the right word. At that time, I owned him my life; I would do anything he asked of me. I just did as he asked which was to forget what I heard."

Vincent didn't buy it but he dropped Aiden's arm and looked away. He would ask Aiden again when they were alone. He had felt Aiden tense at the question and he wasn't going to let it go. He wanted to know what Mr. Moore did to Aiden.

"Maybe it would be best to get everything out of the way before I be selfish. What's been going on the time I've been gone? How are Sam and the others?" Aiden asked, glancing around the room.

"A lot of things have changed while you've been gone." Alice whispered, "It seems that in the demon community around the United States have decided they wanted to follow the stupid directions of the humans and have created gangs. It's about the same; a group of demons have a territory and there are usually big fights over them. Riley, the wolf demon and pack leader that he is, is now one of many high ranking gang leaders and everyone is following him, along with a few new demons."

Aiden already knew about the gang situation, he himself almost getting roped up into one but he never thought Riley and the others would jump into the humanized stupidity. He looked over at Spencer, wondering what he thought about it since Jayden was his younger brother and Riley's mate. He knew that Riley wouldn't let anything happen to Jayden and since Riley was one of the top gang leaders, Jayden was probably living in the lime light.

He then held up his hand, his pointer finger and thumb together and the other three together. "Do they have a stupid gang hand sign like some gangs do?" he asked.

Alice instantly grabbed Aiden's hand and put it down, "Don't do that again, it makes you look weirder."

"That's not a gang sign?" Aiden asked and he pulled his hand away from Alice, "I see it all the time though and how am I weird? I'm not so much weirder than anybody else in the room." He seriously didn't understand how making that hand sign made him weird or weirder. He also didn't see how he was weird in the first place.

"Have you seen your eyes? Ever looked in a mirror?" Alice asked in return.

"I didn't get to choose my eye color and besides have you seen your hair, usually only old people have white hair." Aiden retorted.

"I didn't get to choose my hair color either." She sighed, shaking her head, "Anyways, just don't make that hand sign again, okay?"

Looking around the room, Aiden wondered what the hand sign meant, "If it's not a hand sign for a gang, what does it mean?" He really wanted to know since he just automatically assumed it was for a gang because he had seen a whole group of people do it at once.

"It's a sign for aliens, you know, little green creatures from space. Usually, only nerds and geeks flash that hand sign." Kaige answered, since the other 4 were too dumbfounded to answer.

Aiden looked to Kaige and it made sense. He had seen it a couple times and it was only around a certain place in Lafayette. He only saw people make that hand sign in front of card shop and being the curious kitten he was, he had gone inside to investigate. At the time, he was glad he went inside given that he had found the demon he was looking for but no one told him that they were a gang.

"Unless you want to be classified as 'weird' or a 'nerd' I suggest you don't make that hand sign anymore." Kaige moved over to Aiden and before Aiden could step away, she pulled him into a hug. He tried to ignore Kaige's boobs pressing into his cheek and but it quickly got harder to do so when her hug got tighter.

"I know we didn't start off on the right track in training, but you made an impression on me and I missed you."

Aiden looked to Alice for help but she was turned to the side, snickering so he looked to Spencer, hoping he would understand.

"Kaige, you need to understand that Aiden doesn't have the experience in dealing with boobs of your size in his face." Spencer put his hand on Kaige's shoulder, pulling her away.

Kaige pouted and moved away from Spencer to stand behind Aiden, wrapping her arms around the others neck, "He'll have to get used to it eventually. I'm sure I won't be the only female he'll encounter in his life with big boobs and will want to hug him. He's very huggable."

Aiden flushed at the somewhat nice compliment but he looked to the side because Kaige wasn't the only girl he knew that liked to hang off of him. He just wasn't used to physical touching such as hugs but more like hand shaking only and maybe a pat on the shoulder from Eli. Though, it only seemed to be with girls given that he obviously didn't have a problem being close to Vincent or Spencer, well Spencer before the other left him.

The little squabble was quickly interrupted by a knock to the door and with Alden being closer to the door; he moved over and opened it. Aiden was curious by the sour face that appeared on Alden's face the moment he opened the door. He soon got his answer when the demon princes walked through the door but there were two extra demons with them and his eyes got wide when he realized who they were.

Kyler threw them forward and one looked emotionless but Aiden could see the fear in his eyes.

"We found them snooping around the door."

He slowly removed Kaige's arms from around his neck and took a step forward. "What are you doing here?" he muttered, unbelieving what he was seeing.

"Aiden you know them?" Alice asked and she placed her hand on Aiden's forearm.

Aiden literally felt the relief wash over the other when their eyes met. "I knew you weren't dead." The other whispered, "I knew he was lying."

Aiden knew immediately knew that he was talking about Eli, "Cole," he whispered, "Why are you here and why did bring Asher?" He looked at Asher, who was standing up on two feet and cowering behind Cole. Asher's eyes were a light brown, about an inch shorter than Cole and he was no longer in the black clothes but normal clothing.

"I had to make sure Eli wasn't telling us the truth, he told everyone on Saturday that you had been killed by a gang of demons. Eli disappeared right after that and you know he never leaves Asher behind so I thought that was strange. That same night, I took Asher and snuck out of the house and these past few days we've been coming here and once here, we followed your scent. I just had to make sure you weren't dead."

Aiden smiled softly but he looked troubled, "You're an idiot, go back Cole and forget about me."

"I'm not going back." Cole said as he took a step forward, "I need to tell you the truth and I need you to listen."

Aiden knew Cole wouldn't leave unless he talked so he nodded and let Cole tell him.

"Me and Asher didn't have a traumatic change into a demon so I can feel and have emotions and they're slowly coming back to me," He paused to place a hand over Asher's, which was curled around his waist, "And Asher didn't lose his mind and he too is coming back. Eli saw as his possessions and made sure we were exact to his vision so he made us take medicine to make us how we were."

Aiden didn't want to believe it but he did, thinking that Eli would do something like that and considering that Asher wasn't acting like a 'dog', he couldn't help but take Cole's word for it.

"Aiden, you can't make us go back there. Without you there, it'll be worse since." Cole stopped himself before he went too far but he knew it was too late, "Since you're now gone, he'll have to bring in another demon that can do what you do."

"There is another demon that can do what I can?" Aiden asked.

"Only one and that's my brother, Dylan."

Aiden instantly shook his head, "But he didn't make it and I should know since I'm the one who killed him."

Cole made the move to step forward but Asher held him back, "Aiden, I would never lie to you. Why would I come all the way out here, with Asher, just to lie to you? Aiden, you have to realize Eli isn't the saint you think he is." He paused, "Wait, you remember that?" he asked.

Aiden nodded his head, "Yeah, I remember everything from my past now but why don't you want to go back, Dylan's your brother."

Cole closed his eyes, "Why would I want to go back to that hell, with a brother that doesn't remember me and having to watch another demon turn my mate into a mindless animal. Dylan and I might be twins but we look completely different now, he's taller and has black hair and brown eyes. I no longer consider him my brother."

"Cole, how am I supposed to believe you? How do I know if Eli put you up to this or not, I don't know what he is thinking or his next move?" Aiden whispered. He really wanted to believe Cole, Cole being the only demon he trusted and got close too when he was with Eli but Eli was manipulative and could get anyone to do anything, including Cole. Then, before he knew it, his face was in-between Cole's hands and their eyes were locked. It felt like he was sinking in mud, his vision blackening around the edges and it was hard to breathe, like someone was sitting on his chest.

Looking past Cole, it was like he was watching a movie on the screen. He was seeing Eli talking to everyone, telling them he was dead, and killed by street demons. Then it showed Eli leaving the room and next his vision faded to Cole walking down the hallway towards Eli's room. Eli is not there but in the corner sat Asher and it was clear that Eli was no longer in the house. After that, it showed Cole scrambling to get things together and rushing himself and Asher out the door, running to catch a bus. On the bus, Cole held Asher tightly, promising the other who could not yet understand him that he would never let Asher go back to that and they would find Aiden before they got caught.

The next few flashes or memory were the inside of the bus with Asher slowly getting his mind back and being able to say a few words. Aiden felt like he was invading their privacy, hearing the things and promises Cole whispered to the younger demon but he knew Cole was showing him that on purpose. To prove to him that Cole was mostly doing this for Asher, so the other wasn't trapped anymore or chained down. Then, it ended with Cole and Asher being dragged inside the apartment by Kyler and when Aiden blinked, Cole was no longer in front of him but in front of Asher, pressing their foreheads together and whispering something to him.

"Cole, you've gotten bigger." Aiden suddenly noticed. When Cole showed him the memories, he didn't have to look down but they were at eye level with each other. Last he saw Cole, Cole was a few inches shorter than him and somehow Cole matured quickly, now looking like a 17 year old.

Cole pulled away slightly from Asher, stopping when the other made him too. "It was part of Eli's vision to keep me younger but when I turned into a demon, I was supposed to age quickly but Eli caught on quickly and stopped it. Asher was the same way and he'll be his right age and height in a day or two."

"Aiden, you trust him now?" Kyler asked.

Aiden glared at Kyler, "Leave, you're not welcome here, all four of you."

Kyler raised his hands in protection, "Hey, don't get mad at us. We only jumped on the Eli train to watch out for you."

"Does it look like I care, get out." Aiden snapped back and his eyes got darker, "I'll contact you when I feel like it."

Kyler went to respond but Lucas pulled him back, "We're sorry Aiden, we'll be going now." And just like Kuro and Shiro, they left quickly but Cal being last paused for a moment.

"We just came by to make sure you weren't back with Eli, be safe Aiden." He shut the door behind him before Aiden could reply.

Aiden felt like he was being something short of a dick but he didn't want to deal with others who lied to him and used him. He did trust Cole and Asher since unlike the others, there were the victims.

"Cole and Asher are not the enemy and yes I trust both of them. Neither Cole nor I will tell anybody, anything what Asher was put through since it is his story and not mine to share."

The room was quiet in understanding but only for a few moments before Alden shared another comment.

"You know, keep this up Aiden and maybe I'll give in a word to dad to make you the heir instead." Alden was grinning and his eyes were locked on Aiden's form as if he was waiting for Aiden to lunge at him.

However, Aiden ignored him and was almost half-tempted to kick him out as well if it wasn't for the fact that Alden was his brother. "Do we have an air mattress or something we could set up for Cole and Asher?"

"I'll go get it." Alice spoke up, jumping at the chance to leave the room.

While Alice set up the air mattress, Aiden glanced over at Spencer and frowned when their eyes met. He didn't understand why Spencer was even here. Did Spencer think that being here now was going to make any difference? He did learn a lot over the past year, learning it was impossible to force your demon, by any means, to accept another demon as a mate. He continued to keep eye contact with Spencer, watching to see what he would do but Spencer only stared back and Aiden couldn't look away.

It was only a few moments but Aiden saw the questioning look in Spencer's eye and he was about to call Spencer out on it when Vincent pressed a hand to the small of his back and whispered in his ear.

"I need to tell you something."

Aiden followed Vincent to Vincent's room and he sat down on the bed while Vincent leaned up against the computer desk.

"Cole and Asher? Can we really trust them?" Vincent asked, "Don't jump to conclusions and kick me out, I just need to know. I don't want you to disappear again and I don't know what I'd do if you forgot me again." He whispered.

Aiden reluctantly stood from the bed and moved over to Vincent, "We can trust them, trust me." He smiled quickly before frowning, "Don't let me disappear again and don't let me forget you," he reached up and grasped the fabric of Vincent's shirt into a fist, "I couldn't remember you but I still knew I was forgetting something and it made my chest tight. We do still get a chance right?"

Vincent wrapped his arms around Aiden's waist and pulled him close; "Of course we do!" he took in a shuddering breath, "I won't let you out of my sight anymore."

Aiden's heart pounded against his ribs, almost like a drum and he swore he could practically hear it, which meant Vincent could possibly hear it too. He breathed in Vincent's scent and relaxed, leaning into Vincent's hold. He never wanted to forget this again, Vincent's arms securely around him, the smell of grass and rain and his demon purring in content.

'Aiden, I love you'

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