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An excited shiver ran up her spine as he slipped the soft black material of the blindfold over her eyes, kissing her lips softly as he did. She tugged experimentally at the silk ropes binding her wrists above her head. Two more ropes ran from her ankles to the solid oak posts of the king sized bed, forcing her legs wide open and exposing her smooth shaved sex.

He finished securing the knot of the blindfold behind her head and surveyed his prize, dragging one rough hand slowly down her naked body, from the smooth valley between her breasts, across her firm stomach, to her already glistening slit. He let his fingers brush gently against her clit, watching her face as he did. A soft gasp caught in her throat as he felt her jump a little at his touch.

"Are you ready for me, love?" He smiled as she squirmed in anticipation.

She bit her lip impatiently. "God… Babe you know I'm all yours…"

He laughed softly under his breath and shifted his body so that he was kneeling between her spread legs. Slowly, he brushed his lips against the smooth lily white skin of her stomach, breathing in her sweet clean scent as is he slowly and deliberately began kissing his way up to her firm breasts. He could feel his cock already growing hard as he explored her body. She felt as though her entire body was charged with electricity as his lips burned a trail up her stomach to her breasts. He kissed one nipple softly, and then the other. Listening to the catch in her breathing, he quickly sucked one nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the hardening nub as she fought back a moan. With one hand he enveloped her other breast, kneading is gently before pinching her nipple. Her body bucked softly beneath him a she tried to control herself. Switching his hand and his mouth, he gave the other breast the same treatment. Taking both of her breasts in his hands, he moved up to kiss her softly on the lips.

"Damn, you have great tits," he growled as he twisted both nipples between his fingers. She arched her back a little, unable to hold back a moan this time. Releasing her nipple for a brief moment, he retrieved a set of nipple clamps from the bedside table and fastened them to her already hard and sensitive nipples, tightening them until she let out a whimpered moan. The clamps were connected to each other by a thin silver chain, which he let fall between her breasts.

Kneading both tits again, he kissed up from the valley of her breasts to her neck and jaw, nibbling here and there, and then started back down, kissing down her stomach to her legs. He kissed all the way up and down her legs slowly, nipping at her skin, getting closer and closer to her wet cunt. She trembled as he neared her sex, wishing he would just take her, wanting to tell him so, but she bit her lip instead and fought for control.

He let his mouth hover over her sex for a moment, letting her feel his hot breath on the sensitive skin. Using two fingers, he gently spread her lips apart, exposing her beautiful pink pussy to him. Without hesitation, he dipped into her core with his tongue, making her squirm and moan as his tongue darted in and out. Delving as deep as his tongue would reach, he lapped up her juices hungrily, relishing her sweet tangy taste. Her hips bucked against his face as she pulled on her bonds, unable to hold back her moans and whimpers of pleasure. Placing a hand on her stomach, he held her down firmly as he ran his tongue up and down her slit, making her gasp and shudder. Sucking her swollen clit into his mouth, he nibbled gently, eliciting a strangled cry of pleasure from his tied lover. He felt his cock swell at the sound, and fought back a groan. Without taking his mouth from her clit, he quickly slid a finger inside her tight cunt. Her pussy walls clenched around his finger, milking it. He slid a second finger in, moaning as he thought about how his cock would feel sheathed inside of her tight warmth. He flicked his tongue across her clit, over and over, as his fingers pumped in and out of her soaked cunt. Her cries of pleasure filled the room, the sound coursing through him, his shaft now fully erect.

Just as he felt she was about to climax, he stopped, removing his fingers from her pussy. She whimpered and fell back on the bed, still trembling.

"O god, please don't stop…please…." She gasped for breath, her voice pleading him.

"Tell me what you want," he growled.

"You know what I want," she squirmed desperately.

"Tell me…" he tugged on the nipple clamps

"I want… I need you in-inside me…" she gasped

"You'll have to beg for it," he smiled as he watched her thrash against the ropes, "Tell me how badly you want my cock."

"Ahh fuck…" she moaned, still squirming as she begged, "I need your cock so bad baby. I need to feel you inside of me, fucking me, filling me up. Please…please… fuck me…oh god.." He placed the tip of his cock against her soaking pussy lips, pressing gently. She pulled against her bonds, trying to thrust her hips down onto his throbbing shaft. "Please! Please, I need you inside of me…." She whimpered desperately.

"As you wish," he growled. All at once he thrust into her, completely sheathing his long thick shaft inside of her hot cunt. The tightness and heat nearly made him cum right there. She arched in a silent scream as he slammed into her, stretching her tight little hole. He grunted, holding himself back. He couldn't believe how tight she still was, no matter how many times he had taken her. Slowly, he started to thrust in and out, pumping her tiny cunt. She arched and moaned, feeling his thick shaft stretching her, filling her. Deep and long, he slid in and out, slow first, then speeding up. Releasing her legs from their ropes, he pushed them up so that her knees were by her head. Holding them there, he drilled deeper into her, harder, faster. With one hand he began to massage her clit, feeling her pussy clench around him, milking him. Harder and harder, making her scream and buck.

"oooo fuck!!!!" she screamed, "o god…im gonna c-cum!.....ahhh…."

He thrust deeper, pinching her clit as he did. "That's it. Cum for me, my little slut!"

Thrashing wildly against her restraints, he could feel her cunt spasm around him as her orgasm rocked her body. He pulled the chain to her nipple clamps, making her scream louder. With a yell, he thrust deep into her one last time as he released himself, pumping her belly full of his hot seed. Her entire body was on fire, tingling with pleasure. She felt him cum insider of her, throbbing, filling her up with his load. She whimpered as the aftershocks of her orgasm washed over her.

"Mmm… Such a good little slut," He murmured, pulling out of her cunt. Their juices mingled and oozed out of her tight abused pussy, running down her ass. He released her legs, tying them back to the posts. She lay submissively there for him, her body still trembling. "And that was just the warm up."