Stained glass windows all around me
Watching as they fall down to their knees
Saying words I am not understanding
But, I know that I should be

"Autie Lou, did we get there yet?" A small brown haired girl asked as she leaned over in her seat to get a better view of the front. Her long brown hair was pulled in two pigtails and her blue eyes wide with curiosity. Her chuby cheeks were tinted with a pink blush and her skin white as porcelain. One in one she was an extremly cute child. The woman at front took a glance behind her a smilled slightly as she keept her eyes on the road.

"Not quite, sweetheart." The little girl puffed her cheecks and sat right back in her seat with her arms crossed. The woman chuckled at her. How she loved this child.

Louise Weston was a 22 years old woman with should lenght blonde hair and hazel eyes that hels a certain fire of strenght. She was slim and good looking because of all the exercises she makes to keep in form. But for Louise's job it was necesary to have a good pysical condition, for you see this stubborn woman was working as a detective. A very good one too. She glanced again at the girl in the back again and smiled as she saw her little niece annoyed.

Claire Jones was Louise's eleven years old niece, a mistake as her natural mother called her. Her mother was the most disgusting creature in the blondes eyes. Not only she rejected the child she gave birth to but also left her in the arms of her old aged parents. Louise never liked her older step-sister but felt an imense love for the little child which her mother named Claire. Even since she was little she took care of her as she was the most fragile thing in the world and in turn Claire became very attached to her 'autie Lou'.

Welcome to Evercry

'Hmph, it sure suits it.' Louise thought as she read the sign. It was the same old place she knew, with white houses lined perfectly and happy people walking around. It hadn't changed at all, and she could feel a small part of her soul tugging at the back of her mind. It was a bad idea. An extremly bad one. But she couldn't go back now, it was too late. But one thing that helped relax a bit was the fact that now she was ready. She wouldn't be fooled by appereance again. And she will succed this time.

"Claire, help me with this boxes, please." Louise said as she caried three boxes in her arms setting them down as she entered the old house.

"My name's not Claire." The little brown girl complained as she set her box on a near tabble. Turning to her the woman asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Then what's your name?"

Claire hestiated for a moment before she answered.


Starring a bit at her the blonde shoock her head and started going back after the other boxes. Claire followed her aunt with her eyes before turning at the box in front of her. It was no secret to her aunt or grandparents that she hated her mother and that she wanted nothing to do with her. In her mind auntie Lou was her mother even through they were not related by blood, she always considered Louise a better mother than her real one could ever be.

"Liz, come help me unpack." She heard her aunt's voice from the living room and smiled. Truly Louise was a much better one, if only she could be her real one...

"Gah." Louise complained as she sat on the sofa. She and Cla- no Liz were finaly done unpacking all the things. Even through it wasn't much she still felt tired as hell. Maybe it was because ever since they entered the town she felt uneasy about something. Something she couldn't put her finger on it.

'Crack!' She froze for a moment. Listening closely she serched for the noise again. She couldn't hear anything. Was it her imagination? But she could swear...

'Crack!' The sound! It came from the window! Looking there Louise saw something that almost made her scream if she didn't rmember that Liz was right next to her. At the window there was a pair of eyes that watched her closely. She couldn't make the persons face since outside was already dark but just the fact that a pair of eyes were watching her unerved her greatly. The two locked eyes and after a mimute the pair of eyes dissaperead from the window as Louise sat right up and exited the house in a hurry. She could hear footsteps as she neared to the location she heard them and when she saw the shape of a person she jumped on their back with all her might. The person let out a cry and fell to the ground with Louise on their back.

"Who the hell are you and what were you doing to my house?!" She yelled imobiliseing the person's hands. The persond tried to shake her off but with no succes. She wasn't going to let go.

"Answer the damn question!!" Louise demanded as the person stoped trying to shake her off and responded in a exasperated voice.

"Get off me and I'll tell you."

"No." Was her simple response as she drew her nails into his skin until he surrended.

"Fine! Fine! I'll tell you! I'm Daryl Parker and I was only looking at your damn car!" She blinked. At her car but she could swear that...

Turning him over she stared in his eyes. It weren't the eyes that watched her. Knowing this Louise got off him letting the man finally stand up. He was around 25 with messy brown hair and green eyes. Definitaly not the one she saw at the window. But then what the hell did she saw?