~Love isn't perfect, what makes love special is the imperfections that draw two people together and creates happiness.~

"Hey, dude-"


"how's that girl of yours?"

Trevor took his new black and blue Skull Candy ear buds out of his ears and set them on the table next to his iPod and Pepsi throwback. He was listening to Rainbow Veins by Owl City and contemplating which song his band should play of Green Day.

"She's still single, sadly." He said with regret in his voice. He wanted to ask this girl out for a while but never could gain enough confidence. She's so smart and cute, why would she ever want to be with me he often thought.

His first attempt to get her number didn't go to well. It happened like this:

10:52 Trevor: hey, you have a cell?

10:53 Kaylie: yup :] why?

10:54 Trevor: no reason… nvrmnd

10:55 Trevor logged off

"You need to grow some balls, man. She's a girl, not a serial killer." said Rob, Trevor's best friend who also happened to be going out with Kaylie's best friend, Heather.

Rob dodged a pillow missile, laughing.

"Hey! Your turn on the computer is up!" yelled Trevor. He couldn't wait to go on Facebook and check if Kaylie was on.

Trevor met Kaylie on Facebook a few days before New Years, and that's where they mostly interacted. They never really talked in person because they were both a little awkward at times and felt more comfortable talking online. They saw each other at school occasionally, but unfortunately, weren't in any of each other's classes.

Rob passed the laptop into Trevor's eager hands. He swiftly logged onto Facebook and checked the chat box. She was on!

7:27 Trevor: wussup

In the beginning of their relationship Kaylie made all the conversation. Trevor admired her for it; she never got too intimidated to talk. She really was a great girl. But, recently, Trevor had been starting the conversations. He knew it made her happy when he started the chat because it took the awkwardness and stress off of her shoulders. They normally talked for an hour at the minimum but sometimes were cut short because of their parents or the lateness of the conversation.

7: 28 Kaylie: hey trevor xD you started the convo this time :]

7:29 Trevor: couldn't wait to talk to you haha

7:30 Kaylie: ever the sarcastic one Trev ;D

7:31 Trevor: you know you like it xD

7:32 Kaylie: haha … were you at the center today? I thought I saw you but I wasn't sure bcuz I didn't have my contacts in…

7:33 Trevor: yea y?

7:34 Kaylie: oh did u see me?

He had seen her but he didn't want to admit that he watched her the whole time. He had stalked her with his eyes as she walked with her slutty friend, April, into the movie theater, and when she strutted into the new movie "Valentine's Day". It was times like those when he wished he had movie theater money at hand.

7:35 Trevor: nah I wasn't at the center haha

7:36 Kaylie: didn't you just say you were… ? O.o

7:37 Trevor: lol I know why you thought you saw me… haha

7:38 Kaylie: oh? Why

7:39 Trevor: it was my twin :D

7:40 Kaylie: oh!! That must have been the good twin xD

7:41 Trevor: guess that means I'm the evil one

7:42 Kaylie: Godess heck yuss!!!

It's so cute how she doesn't swear and says "gosh" or "godess" instead of god thought Trevor.

Trevor was pretty religious; he went to church every Sunday and tried his best to stay with the beliefs of the church. Kaylie, he found out early in the friendship, wasn't very religious but claimed to be both Christian and Jewish. She told him "I don't believe in just one religion, I take parts of all of them and live by those guidelines". She called herself a "patchwork quilt" when it came to religion.

7:43 Kaylie: so… did your twin enjoy the center?

7:44 Trevor: …actually yes. He said he saw this extremely attractive young woman with eye issues but it turned out to be a wrinkly old lady… xD

7:45 Kaylie: oh no you did not!! *slaps* xDDD literally roflol

And so they prattled on until 12:00 when they counted down to midnight. He loved staying up late talking with her; he wished that he could spend all his free time talking with her. But sometimes not talking was just as sweet; they cherished each other's company until it was time to sleep when they each dreamt of the other.

That night when he got home from Rob's, he sprawled across his bed and fell asleep with the butterflies in his stomach still fluttering.

On the other side of Elmwood, Kaylie was just logging off her computer. She stripped off her black and gray tank top and replaced it with a baggy Minnie Mouse shirt that she stole from her mom. She couldn't wait until tomorrow night when she could talk to Trevor again. Whenever she wasn't talking to him she was talking about him with all her friends.

Unknown to Trevor, Kaylie liked him as much as he liked her.