I stare at her, because there's nothing else worth staring at in the whole room.

Sure, a lot of the other girls are very pretty, but no one compares to her – long legs, curvy body, sexy tattoos, electric blue hair.

And here is the problem: she really, really hates me.


Honestly, it's not that I hate him. Really, I don't.

He just really gets on my nerves, because he's so...stuck up.

If he wasn't so arrogant, and if he didn't automatically assume I was interested in him, I might be a little nicer to him. He is gorgeous, after all.

A/N: (: Okay, so the challenge for me here was to write a piece of exactly 100 words (not including my title & the asterisks). The two characters in this are people I came up with years ago and I've been meaning to write a one-shot for them. I might still write a proper one.