I always knew I wasn't princess material.

Yet every time when I was with him, he made me feel special because I was nowhere inferior to anyone in his eyes. And that was more than enough for me.

But in this story, like every other before, a happy ending was only made for a prince and his princess. There was no exception. Only one implication would result between a mismatch.


At that moment, all I realised was that the gun was pointed in his direction, aimed directly at him. I could see the replay of the horrifying incident, when he shielded me three years ago, in my mind. Even until now, I could still feel the fear that I had at that time, not for myself, but over the fact that I might really lose him. He was all that I had left. He was my entire world. And once again, I was leading him to the brink of destruction.

Was the same thing going to happen again?

No. I won't let it happen again.

My feet were quicker than my mind. I had already picked myself up and dashed towards him, condemning myself as to why my steps couldn't be bigger so that I could reach him in time before the trigger was pulled.

"Night!" I shrieked.

I threw myself in front of him, attempting to shield him from the incoming bullet. I held onto him so tightly, with my entire self embracing him protectively. Another flashback came into my mind. I could remember all the times I had placed myself in his arms, enjoying the endless comfort he was showering me with. There was only bliss when the both of us were together.

Then..., I heard the gunshot...

All of this was going to end within a fraction of a second. I took one last glance into his crimson eyes, unable to restrain the tears that were brimming at the corners of my eyes any longer. How I wished we could turn time around and go back to the past again.

How I wished that everything was simple again.

I didn't mind dying. That should have happened years ago. All I could ever want now was for him to be happy.

That would be my happy ending.

At the last second of my life, I thought I heard him whisper...

Chris, I love you.

To be continued...

Author's Note: Re-edited.