Made: Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time: 11:00pm

I hope you read that book

That I gave you today.

Just give it a little look,

Then join its games and play.

I memorized that story,

Word per expecting word.

It's wondrous and scary—

A whole new world.

There are princes and frogs,

And a princess in a tower,

Forests cast in fog,

And fields consumed in flowers.

When you, my prince

Save me, the princess,

Life is a cinch;

Full of perfectness.

We dance all day

And at night lay together.

Promises are made

While the witch returns to my tower.

Her evil eyes see me gone.

You scent she smells there.

So a spell is cast and drawn

As we are forced to hate, to not care.

She was the witch of hate.

This story tells us what others do not.

She cast a spell of heartbreak

Which was not broken no matter how we fought.

So are you drawn in yet?

Has this story intrigued you?

Because the hands on midnight are set

And I am right on cue.

If only you'd left me alone

In my own secluded tower,

I never would've been shown

Just how cruel love is, how strong its power.

So maybe the witch was right

To lock me away from you

Because she hid me in vain might

From what was caused by only you.

So close the book at this chapter—

The love has already failed.

We got no "happily ever after."

The book wasn't even a fairytale.