Shall I call it that?
The way I feel for him.
Does he sense it too?
My heart flutters...
How can he not notice?


I see him sit so close yet so far from me.
Everyday he becomes more handsome.
Everyday he glows a little brighter;
sometimes it blinds me.
Am I the only one to notice?


the young, and quite beautiful girl in the corner does.
She bats her lashes,
he smiles.
When he turns to me
the betrayal reflects in my eyes.
He is as confused as I am.
"What did I do?" he wonders


He is forgiven,
of course.


I resist the growing urge to stroke his flawless face,
to touch his soft lips with mine.
When I wake in the morning I am unhappy.
"He only visited my dreams…" I sulk.
"Maybe someday he will be in my arms." I hope.


Everyone fears it.
For my heart to be crushed
with the weight every man bears.
Like the ripest fruit
that sports a worm
to bite your tongue

The circle repeats.

Love can be a silent yet painful torture,
only the lucky find release.