I have Issues

This is just a rant. A one-shot.

The day started out alright, I was invited for a cookout and to hang out with friends. When I drove up to the house I saw many cars. I wasn't in the mood to meet and be cheery. I just came to get a glimpse of my dreamboat of a guy. I'll just say I stopped by for a half hour and then I'll run for it, I think to myself as I am working through excuses. I walked in the house, the door was propped open and made my way to the deck out back. There were close to ten people there and how many more to come?

"Hey, Alana, how are you?" called the host, aka Dreamboat Willy(DW), yeah I know, STUpid with the capital STU.

"Hi Will" I answered and made my way over to him. We hugged quickly.

"I hope you brought a suit, the pool is great today." said DW.

"Yep, got it right in my bag." I said.

"Go put it on, the day is half gone. Enjoy!" said DW. He is always the life of the party and since it was his birthday party I thought I should go along. Something about seeing him made me forget all of my excuses and I thought, what the hell. I went into his bedroom to change and locked the door. I then pulled out my bikini, a nice burnt orange number I recently picked up and got changed. After I looked at myself in the mirror I felt self-conscious and wrapped a towel around me to walk out to the pool. On my way to the pool a few people stopped me to say hello. I returned the welcome, but moved pretty quickly to get in the pool. I dropped the towel and jumped in right up to my neck at the deep end. When I came up I wiped my eyes and looked around. DW was sitting in a lounge chair staring right at me. He had this serious look on his face. Our eyes locked for a long time, 15 seconds, then he smiled like he was coming out of a trance and he called out in general,

"Last one in is a rotten egg." and he dove into the shallow end expertly (I would have broken my neck) and swam under water about 10 feet over to me and he popped right up in front of me. I smiled (lame , I know) and held onto the side of the concrete edge as if it was my job.

"I think your tie is off center." he said as he pushed back the neck stings of my halter top. His hand touched my neck and I involuntarily shivered.

"Oh my, are you cold?" asked DW

"No, it was just how you touched me, it sent a shiver." I said.

"I have that effect on women all the time." he says with a wink, making fun of himself.

Our eyes lock again. I'm temped to say something serious, something seductive, but that moment passes when one of the kids through a ball over toward us breaking whatever moment I/we had.

"Oh, you are in for it now." says DW to the kids and starts swimming as they squeal and run for their lives. I settle down and lounge on a float for a while, soaking up rays. Then out of no where my float turns over with me on it. I fly off and under the water. When I come back up, DW is on top of the float looking over at me as if I just swam up to him. I could splash that cocky smile right off his face, but instead I notice that we are the only people in the pool. The food has started to come out and everyone headed back to the deck. I balance myself on the edge of the float. DW smiles.

"What's a hot guy like you doing hanging out at a crummy birthday party like this?" I ask.

"Pfft," says DW with a wave of his hand,"Slumming." he said as he gave he a dramatic glare.

"Oh, I see." I answered. Somehow I found the courage to make my move. I took a hand out of the water and ran my finger along his arm tight in front of me. No one could see from a distance behind me. DW shivered.

"Oh, what was that?" I ask.

DW smiles and then falls over on top of me and pulls me under the water. Under the water He holds me in an embrace for a quick moment and then releases me before swimming away under the water all the way back to the shallow end and up the stairs. I pop my head above water and breath as he is waving me in. I get out of the water and dry off and follow over to the food.

After we eat I settle back under a tree with a towel for a blanket and start to drift off. Something slightly tickles my nose. I twitch and settle back down. Then I feel it again and I rub my nose with the back of my hand. Finally, I open my eyes to see DW very close holding long blade of grass. He puts the blade of grass in his mouth and twirls it with his tongue while raising his eyebrows. I smile and pick up my drink. It was decorated with a little umbrella and a cherry. I pluck the cherry out of the drink and dangle it over my mouth reaching for it with my tongue. I then snatch the fruit with my teeth and quickly eat it off the stem. DW is watching me. Then I tilt back my head and drop the stem into my mouth. I close my mouth and with a few maneuvers I stick my tongue out and show that I have made a knot right in the middle of the stem. DW smiles.

"What other tricks can you do that I don't know about?" asked DW.

"Tricks? What do I look like a magician or a hooker?" I answer with a wink.

DW gives a low growl.

"You know when I went to college, the bills were enormous." I said.

"Enormous, huh?" repeated DW ( Pete repeat I was thinking by now.)

"I had to have a job, so I did some dancing." I said nonchalantly.

"What kind of dancing?" asked DW falling hook, line, and sinker. I lean forward and watch as DW looks straight down where the towel has fallen off to my waist (I still have my suit on)

"Shh, it's a secret." I whisper, "I was a stripper." I finish.

"A stripper?!?" says DW very loudly.

"Remind of this impediment next time I want to include you in a train robbery, alright?" I retort.

"A stripper?" DW repeats in a very low whisper. "I never knew."

"No one usually does know, that is the point. I had a costume of cat ears and a tail, the rest was optional." I say. "But it's not like I would put that on my resume."

"That might just be the ticket you need to get a job." said DW in a mumble.

"Well, that was a long time ago." I said.

"No, not too long ago for you." answered the birthday boy feeling his year clicking over. Then we get called over for the ritual singing and cake cutting. After, I go to get dressed and when I leave the bedroom DW is standing right outside the door.

"So, I was wondering if maybe ..." said DW.

"I got you a birthday present?" I asked.

"No, no." answered DW.

"Could do a little birthday dance for you? I ask.

"Yeahhhh" said DW.

"I don't know. I'm rusty." I say.

"That's ok." DW says.

I walk backwards into the bedroom and he follows me in. He shuts the door and locks it. I can't believe this is happening. I mean, this never happens to me. And I never danced for anyone, oops. So I twirl around and say,

"Please take a seat on the bed." DW listens and sits down.

I walk toward him from across the room thinking of the song from Gypsy in my head. It makes me smile and he smiles back. His smile is turning more into a leer as I bend over to touch my toes letting my hair cascade to the ground. When I stand back up I see my reflection in the mirror and laugh at myself.

"Ok, ok, let me start this again." I say. That breaks the ice and DW laughs too. Then I get more serious and I twirl around again this time releasing my skirt and it flutters down my legs to the ground. I step out of it in just my panties and top and climb on top of DW lap facing him. At first he leans back onto his arms on the bed. Then I lift my arms up, pretending to take off elbow length gloves and dropping them, which exposes my tummy and my pierced belly button. DW reaches back to put his arms around me and pulls me close. I tilt my head down toward his face and start to kiss him. I can feel his arousal as I move around his lap. He flips me over so that he is on top and never stops kissing me. I am completely lost in the moment and couldn't tell you where I was or what time of day it was, all I knew was that I had to have him. The next moments we were both taking the rest of our cloths off and then we were kissing again. Our naked bodies generating heat and sweat. I couldn't touch him enough, everywhere, he was quite the hunk to look at and I looked as did he. Then he was inside me and I gasped. I felt so close to having an orgasm that I flipped him back onto his back and said panting in my breathing,

"Now, I thought this was your present, so lay back and enjoy."

DW had closed his eyes and was moaning. His head was moving from side to side as his hands caressed circles on my thighs. (I thought he looked a little like Stevie Wonder at that moment before we climaxed. Sorry, but I did) And then he did and I did and well, you get it.

He curled up around me and we stayed together for a while. Then I thought out loud

"Aren't they going to start missing you at the party?" I asked.

"I don't care. I would miss you if we had to separate even a millimeter right now."he whispered into my ear.

"If someone knocks we'll have to answer the door. It's locked. Maybe they'll think you died of a heart attack or something." I say.

"I think I almost DID die of a heart attack just now." said DW. We chuckled together.

" So, now what. I have to tell you I've had feelings for you for a long time." I say.

"That's good, because I love you." said DW.

"You don't have to say that." I say.

"I know I don't." said DW and he hugged me tightly.

"You felt so great. You are amazing in bed." I say.

"Why thank you." Said DW, "Always a good thing to hear on one's birthday. Always a good thing to hear any day of the year. You are hot yourself."

"I mean, well, now is not the time." I say.

"What? Tell me , now is the perfect time. We are together and this intimacy makes all the walls go away. You're with me, your lover." said DW. "I love you." he repeats (and it isn't even Valentine's Day)

"Alright, I've never been too interested in sex. Not the normal, girl/guy how you make a baby way. I was never a stripper. Could you tell?" I ask with a smile.

"NOOOO. It can't be. You were so believable " said DW being dramatic again.

"But my first experiences with sex were, how should I say this, not consensual. And to make a long story short, I never knew if there was ever anything physically wrong or if it was just psychological. " I confessed.

DW started to rub my arm, he had tears in his eyes.

"Now, that was a long time ago and it's not like I have nightmares over it. It's all done. And it's not like I never enjoyed sex, I love anal sex, I mean, I could feel it, but I've always faked it when it came to to" I started to stammer.

"Shhh" was all DW said.

I pulled back from him and looked into his eyes and said "Will, I think I 'm all cured. What I felt, what you must have felt." Will interrupted me, "Oh, I felt it alright and that is as real as it ever gets." Then he kissed me passionately.

The Happy End.