Okie dokie, first multi-chapter fic I have written and posted, updates will be a little unpredictable… as I don't have much time to write. But also as a warning, the beginning of this is mostly just a little introduction thing, and it was me getting used to writing first person, I've never done it before… And, for reference, there characters are my own babies, don't steal them without asking, not that you'd want to, but I have to put it out there.

Chapter 1: Would you care?

~ Elliot's POV ~

To start this out, I come from a very big family… Maybe not the best way to begin my story, but it's the truth! I have five sisters and four brothers. I am the middle child, and, coincidentally, the black sheep of our family. I refuse to embrace religion; I absolutely loathe all of my sisters, except for the twins. The only person I can really stand in the family is Gabriel, my baby brother that I spend all day taking care of while the rest of my family is off partying.

I baby-sit the twins and the baby, my parents go and get smashed, my older brother's and sisters? God knows where they have gotten too, though Adam helps out in the mornings. Let me explain my family a little, it'll hopefully explain why I am so fucked up.

My oldest sibling is Kenny, 21, still living at home, great at sports of all kinds. He had wavy blond hair, blue eyes, every woman's dream, a gay mans walking wet dream. He's absolutely disgusting though. He's a borderline alcoholic, always smells like booze and cheap perfume; I don't know what anyone sees in him.

Next will be my sister Mary, she's a slut and she's 20. Her skirts or so short you can see practically see inside her when she sits. She'll sleep with anyone at least once; I'm surprised she hasn't gotten pregnant yet. She is also blond but she comes with chocolate brown eyes, they would be pretty, if she didn't spend her time caking on make up and trying to make herself up for a guy she's never going to see again.

The first of the twins, fraternal, not identical, are nineteen now. One with blond and the other brunette. Both have brown eyes. The brunette is Jordan and the blond is Clair, both female, both freakishly smart and incredibly beautiful, though I don't need to tell you this, everyone else in my family is.

Next will have to be Joseph, he is also nineteen. Brown hair, blue eyes, kind of on the skinny side, girls love the emo thing though, at least on him. He is also a bit of a man whore, but instead of picking up chicks he's at gay bars, flashing his fake ID and grinding up against random guys.

Adam should, in all fairness, be next then. Eighteen, another brunette, most of the boy's are, except Gabriel and I. He has blue eyes but likes wearing colored contacts. He has this absolutely killer smile, makes girls go crazy, I think he's gay, with his best friend, but I have no proof, and Colin doesn't exactly seem like the type.

Marissa and Juliet are the youngest girls, of four, Juliet being the older one of the two. Juliet had short brown hair, a slightly red tent to it, and brown eyes. While Marissa was even worse off, black hair, blue eyes, she was absolutely adorable. Both of them were, and having those three younger siblings made him not the youngest.

Gabriel is the last of them; he's the youngest at least. He's just been taken off the breast milk, and it made our mother fucking overjoyed. She gets to spend all night partying while I take care of her kids, not that I can complain, the twins were well behaved and Gabriel spent most of the time either eating or sleeping. He giggles all the time and spends most of his days laying on a big fluffy blanket and playing with that freaky little thing. It was amazing, watching him hitting the little stars around, and spinning those things on the side around, it was adorable; he didn't know how his parents didn't see it.

Maybe it was because they hadn't wanted more kids after he was born, seeing the way turned out made them not want more kids. But almost ten years later the twins were born, and another four later they had another kid, two of those looked exactly like me, she got herself fixed so it wouldn't happen again.

Which reminds me, I haven't told you a thing about myself. My name is Elliot, I always though my parents were drunk when they named me and thought I was a female. But my oldest brother raised me, pretty much at least, because of how I looked, the black hair and green eyes, it pretty much screamed affair, made me different from the rest of my family. I'm pretty sure mother was screwing our neighbor at the time of both my birth and Gabe's. I look more like him than anything, but at least it wasn't the mailman that would be a little too cliché for me to handle.

But, although they may have a lot to do with this story, they are not the main focus, not even close to it. My main focus is Kayden. I've been going to school with him for the last three years. I absolutely loathe him! He spends all day making my life a living hell, at school he had me down as one of two names, fag, and girly boy. I expected at least a little more than that from him, wasn't senior year suppose to make all of the pettiness go away? Well so far it hasn't.

This was my death march. We not only strongly disliked each other in the school, but we come from two completely different teams. While I was a soccer player, he did everything else, football, baseball; he's done basketball on occasion. While the only after school activity I had ever done was hanging around for the soccer field he was part of everything. He was the president of the debate club, he spent lots of time with charitable organizations of the school, and he was perfect in anyone else's eyes.

But I knew what he was, I could see beneath that flawless exterior to the monster beneath, I seen him first hand taking woman home and the very next day dumping them rudely, telling them he was just playing with them. And maybe that was none of my business, but I know for a fact the longest time he had ever kept a woman around was two days. Don't ask about this little obsession, I may be a freak but even though I loathe him so completely at times, I love him, not some little teenage crush either, actually love him. And maybe most would tell me I was too young for love, but it's true.

I was snapped from my musings by a cry; that would be Gabriel getting up. I turned over at looked at the clock, gave a small groan of what could have been unhappiness. But I did climb from my bed, shivering as my feet touched the floor. I looked up when he cried again, a little louder this time. "I'm coming Gabe." I called out as I moved down the hall, my feel starting to feel cold on the wooden floor of the hall.

I smiled as I reached down and picked Gabe up, he was adorable, and trying to tune him out is impossible for me, like the rest of the house can do. I rubbed his back gently before taking him and sitting down in the rocking chair. "Gabe baby, it's much too early for you to be awake." I mumbled as I pressed my lips to his forehead, he had silenced himself as soon as I picked him up.

As soon as I was sure he would not cry again I stood and carried him downstairs with me, feeding him would help get him to bed longer. I looked at the clock as I turned into the living room. It was four now, and I had to go to school tomorrow. Gabe would be going with me, and staying in the daycare there, then he would go to work with me. I worked in a daycare; it was mostly because I paid for the formula he consumed. I also bought his toys and clothing for him, I was more his parent than anyone else in his life.

I heated the formula up before going and sitting on the couch and turning on Spongebob, the TV playing quietly as he sucked at the bottle gently. I looked at the baby in my arms and smiled as I held the bottle up gently. I blinked when I heard someone coming downstairs and smiled when I seen Adam, purple contacts in and looking as though he was wide-awake. A small smile crossed my lips as he sat down next to me on the couch and turned to the TV looking almost disgusted.

"Why are you watching Spongebob?" he asked, disgust clear in his voice as well as his eyes. I rolled my eyes before looking over at him, he wasn't so bad, definitely better than the majority of my older sibling.

"Well, I was here first, this was quiet enough and something that would keep me content while feeding Gabe." I told him with a smile as I looked at the half empty bottle. He had wanted both attention and food. "That and he seems to like it, whenever it's on he doesn't cry nearly as much." I added with a smile as I pulled the bottle away, he was obviously not done yet considering as soon as the bottle had left his mouth he let out a small cry. I immediately let him take it into his mouth again before giving a fond smile.

"You realize you look more like his mother than brother right now, right?" I heard Adam's question and blinked slightly. Maybe I did, but his real mother was too much of a flake to do anything to take care of him. I held him to me protectively, making sure he stayed warm as I shrugged.

"It doesn't matter, she's not going to do it and someone needs to." I mumbled as I looked up at the sponge on the screen, he was singing the fun song. Adam sat right there next to me, looking bored out of his mind and watching the fun song as well, it was funny considering he looked like he wanted to run from the room and tear his ears off as he went.

"I suppose you have a little point there, she had gotten more than a little lazy these past few years, I dunno how dad keeps taking her back, especially not after she cheated on him." I gave a small nod, I knew it, I wasn't my father's soon, and it was pretty obvious, he seems to be bugged by me. I gave a small sigh when the bottle was finally empty and moved the boy onto my shoulder, the cloth down in place as I patted his back gently. As soon as he burped I giggled and sat him back down, his legs in my lap and his head being supported by my arm.

"I suppose that explains why either of them refuse to care for their son." I grumbled as I looked down at the sleeping child in my arms, he was too sweet to just ignore. I don't even know how they did it, how do you spend your time ignoring all of your children? I shook my head almost angrily before giving a small sigh. "I suppose I need to go and get ready for school. I'll see you there." I mumbled as I stood and carried the sleeping child back to his own room.

Adam wasn't that bad, he was certainly better than most of my siblings. I gave a small smile before pushing the door open with my foot and setting the baby down in the crib gently. I took a moment to look around and find his pacifier before smiling and putting it in his mouth before leaving, shutting the door behind him so the other's getting up and ready would not wake the child.

I took that time, the next thirty minutes, to take my shower, it was rare I get time like this, to just sit here and be happy with myself. I got up early enough to enjoy a warm shower, then, as soon as I got out, what do you know, Joseph was standing there looking angry. I could do nothing but push past him and go to get dressed. As soon as I was dressed Gabriel was crying again, probably needed changed. I stretched as I headed back into the room before picking him up gently and pressing a small kiss to his forehead.

"What's the matter Gabe, need changed?" I laid him down on the table, before smiling and started changing him, oh yes, he had definitely needed changing. I finished the job up quickly before picking him up and putting him back in the crib with his pacifier again. A small smile left me before I started getting things ready, a few bottles, ready for use. A couple of toys he liked, blankets, rags for burping him. As soon as that was packed I looked at the time, I still had about an hour before I had to leave.

I got the stroller ready, making sure there were enough blankets and that he would be warm enough on the walk. It was horrible that he had to go out, but we walked to school until it got cold, we didn't live too far and Adam didn't have a job so keeping his car full of gas was hard. Adam walked into the room and smiled as I looked over at him before going back to making sure Gabriel was dressed warm enough.

"I can't wait until you get a little older, we'll be able to graduate to a small stroller." I said as I smiled, the carrier would need to be taken down, and Adam was good at being helpful in the morning. I looked around before setting him in the seat and strapping him in before smiling. "I'm going to go ahead and get ready, can you just take the bag and set up the stroller." He gave a small nod before picking up the bag and taking it down. I smiled before picking up the carrier and taking it to my room with me, jut a few more things I need to get done.

I walked over to the mirror and changed out my earrings, I had my lip pierced, a few more on each of my ears, and my bellybutton done. It was a rather a pain in the ass to get ready, considering I had to clean the old ones out while trying to keep Gabe quiet was hard. I cleaned them all out individually, before putting each away and picking up the carrier with Gabe in it before giving a small sigh. "Come on baby, let's get to school." I told the child with a smile before putting the pacifier in his mouth and lifting him again. As soon as I was downstairs I smiled when I seen Adam getting the stroller fixed.

"Thanks for doing that." I told him with a smile. I put the carrier into the stroller before making sure he was covered enough before smiling as I pulled on the tattered converse and stood with a yawn. "Let's go ahead and start this walk then." I told with a small sigh, I hated dragging Gabe out in this cold. It was horrible weather for a baby to be out in. The walk there took about a half hour, I fed him on the way there, and Adam actually did it, holding up the bottle of warm milk while I pushed it forward.

"I wonder what people from the school would think if they seen this." Adam grumbled we left early so we could get there before other people to drop the baby off early. I stayed there with him for the first half of the day and then I actually had to go to class. I already had most of my credits. I took a creative writing class, and a history class as soon as this year was up I'd be done with it, and get to work longer hours while I went to yet another school, but this time it would be different, college would be different.

It wouldn't be filled with bullies, and assholes thinking they were gods of the world. It was a nice thought, that maybe I'd be able to go away without the girly boy comments, without being shoved against lockers, no more little bruises to add to the collection, it would be nice. As soon as he reached the grounds Adam left and I continued into the school, Gabe was quiet for once, sleeping, the bottle had only been half finished.

I gave a small smile before pushing him towards the nursery, he liked it there, or at least he didn't cry nearly as much as he did anywhere else.

"Hey girly boy!" I winced at the call, and it immediately led Gabe to start crying. I ignored the voice and reached forward to quiet him, what was Kayden doing here so early in the morning? I gave him the pacifier before turning and glaring at the male; he looked shocked to see a child there. Then again, of course he did, what high school kid pushed a baby around, or what kind of guy pushed a baby around?

"What do you need?" I asked as I looked over at him, it was way too early for him to be here, even more too early for me to want to deal with his shit. It was his little asshole friends that made his life a living hell day after day, Kayden himself did not touch him, did nothing but make these horrible comments. Kayden looked over him carefully, before looking at the stroller. "I just, let me drop him off and then you can do whatever you want." I mumbled, he blinked before walking over to me, and Gabe and looking at him, he looked almost angrily.

"Since when do you have a kid?" He demanded as he looked over at me, he looked so confused, I couldn't figure out the anger though. I blinked slightly as I looked over at the boy before stepping in front of him, our bodies almost touching as I blocked Gabe.

"Until you stop looking angry you need to back away from Gabe, and second off, I don't believe it's any of your business." I told him with an almost poisonous glare, I was pretty easy going, and until someone that shouldn't be close to my brother got there. He looked a little put off for a moment before shrugging with a small smirk.

"I suppose your little boyfriend must be happy, or extremely depressed." I scowled before turning and starting to push the stroller again, he pissed me off, and he managed to do this without any proof that his words were true, not the baby thing, but the fact that I am indeed gay. Him and stupid soft hair, damned blue eyes. Why was it the assholes were pretty. He looked like Joseph, but better, he looked better, definitely smelled better, I hated him and his cocky little know-all attitude.

I didn't realize he had followed me to the nursery until I had come back out and seen him leaning against the wall with a smirk. "So, it's safe to say your boyfriend isn't the happiest thing in the world over this? Considering he's not around."

"Gabe is my little brother, you stupid fucking prick." It was a hissed statement, showing just how absolutely angry I was. "And why the fuck are you following me around?" I asked, looking so positively angry with him. Normally this kind of thing wouldn't happen, I didn't angry easily, but something about Kayden just pisses me off so much, there is no end to how angry he gets me.

And with how confused Kayden looked about my little outburst he looked so positively angry and confused. He looked close to ready to hit me for this little outburst before the principal showed up with a huge smile plastered to his face. "Just the two I was looking for. Come to my office with me." I felt uncomfortable now, what was going to happen? Did he see my little explosion? I could only nod, feeling a little numb, as we started towards his office.

Once in the office I sat down and looked up at the principal with a small frown, I was a little scared, I had never been in trouble. "Kayden, your grades seem to be slipping lately, and if your grades slip too much more you'll be thrown off all of the teams you are currently on. But, it seems Elliot over here has had straight A's since he got here, and that is now not enrolled in more than two classes." Kayden's eyes went wide, it was kind of funny to watch, but we were both thinking the same thing, both of knew what he was getting at. And then the cocky smirk he had because he thought I was getting in Trouble, it melted away to a kind of shocked anger.

"Anyone but him!" It wasn't a request, it was made out of what seemed to be anger. And Mr. Hutton, oh he did seem happy about being ordered around by a teenager, he looked almost as angry as Kayden did. I couldn't help but sit back and smirk, of course it didn't bug me too much, I would be just fine doing some tutoring.

"He's the best chance for you." Ooh, Hutton looked so angry, it was funny; making him angry was simple though. I gave a small nod, showing my consent, before sliding out the door quietly; Kayden was pretty against this, to be yelling at the principal. I knew how tutoring went though, I tutored someone last year, but I had a different way to deal with Kayden, and it would be so much more fun than Connor ever had been.

I heard a door slam before looking back when I seen Kayden, yeah, he looked angry. I winced as I was shoved against a locker, my head connecting with the metal almost painfully as he glared at me. I shivered slightly, feeling him pressed so close to me was a little much, that and he toned, god I could muscles. Oh wow I sound so gay right now, but no matter how angry he looked right now, if you were in my position no doubt you would be blushing as well.

I don't really know what happened, but I felt his mouth against mine, almost painfully. My lungs were burning when he finally pulled his mouth away, looking confused and still so very angry. He turned and walked off down the hall, stomping angrily. I could honestly do nothing but fall to the ground and cover my mouth as I took shaky breaths. Oh dear god I loved that, at least I knew that he knew how to kiss, and how to get me hard in seconds. Maybe he had ran away because he could feel it, oh god I was never going to live this down, maybe it had been me that had started that kiss, but if I had and he had hated it would he have really shoved his tongue in my mouth?

I took a moment, thinking of Mary naked, god it was a disgusting sight. Before walking into the nursery and smiling when I seen the few kids that were in there, they were there every day. And as such, they all knew me, and did, for all intensive purposes, love me. I smiled as a small girl jumped into my arms with a smile.

"Well good morning, and how are you this morning?" I asked as I smiled, she was just about three, which meant next year she would be too old to come here, preschool would take her from there. She just giggled happily before running back over to one of the girls and continuing what they had been playing. He smiled and went to pick up Gabriel gently. "Was he good while I was gone?" He asked as he smiled at the girl, she a close friend of his, the little girl was her daughter.

The difference was that Katiya, the little girl's mother, was still with Alyssa's father. Katiya was seventeen now and had been fourteen when Alyssa was born, they now lived together as her parents had kicked her out when they found out she was pregnant. He was sure his parents wouldn't have the same reaction, hell if Mary got pregnant they probably wouldn't even know, even if someone did eventually tell them. He shook his head gently before pressing a small kiss to Gabe's forehead and sitting down in the chair.

"Of course he was good, he's always good." The girl said with a soft smile, she was nice, and one of my best friend's. I personally don't know what I would have done without her. If it wasn't for her I probably would have ended up dropping out of school this year, but she shared with me her knowledge of the nursery and I have been putting it too good use, there was an older woman here, to oversee the two of them caring for the four children in here. There were two girls and then Gabe and another boy, he didn't like playing with the girls. He spent a lot of time over in the little corner sitting on a beanbag and reading, or at least looking at the pictures.

I took Gabe with me and sat in one of the beanbags before smiling at Daniel. "Hey, it's been awhile since I seen you." I told the boy with a small smile. Daniel gave him an almost watered down smile, it looked so sad, it definitely made me want to hug him. I waved Katiya over and she took Gabe from me before I opened my arms and watched as Daniel crawled into my arms and yawned as he curled up against me. He was such a sweet boy, he wondered what was going on with him though, it was almost sad to see him looking so off.

"What's the matter?" I asked as I slid my fingers through his brunette hair carefully. He looked tired, and sadly all of my worries about Kayden went right away when he sniffed gently and clutched my shirt, oh god that was heartbreaking.

"Mommy and daddy fight a lot." I bit my lip before giving a small sigh and wrapping my arms around him. Daniel wrapped his arms around my neck and it was almost enough to make him cry, wondering how someone could start fighting while their son was in the next room. I sat there rubbing Daniel's back soothingly.

"It'll be okay." I didn't know that for sure, but one thing was stuck in my mind, someone definitely needed to talk to his parents, it wasn't healthy for a child to miss out on sleep. I looked at him before sliding my fingers through his hair and it wasn't long before he was asleep. I gave a small sigh before leaning my head back, the poor kid, he didn't know what was going on, and since I didn't either there wasn't too much I could say about it. "Hey Katiya, can you page his mother?" I asked as I looked over at the girl, she gave a small nod and put Gabe down before heading over to the little machine, hopefully this wouldn't take long.

An hour later we had a little talk, she was only a teenager, fights were bound to happen, Daniel laid on me and didn't wake up at all. She apologized, god knows what for, but she was a teenager, he hadn't wanted kids so early in life. I sat there with her a little longer, we ended up just talking, before the door opened and Kayden walked in, I felt my face heat up before smiling as I handed her Daniel carefully, he woke up and smiled when he seen his mother though. I stood and walked over to him before following him from the room and leaning against the locker just outside the room. I had the hopeful thought that it was possible he was going to kiss me again.

"I just, need to apologize for earlier. I didn't mean to slam you against that locker, to ya' know, do anything else." He looked so uncomfortable it was almost amazing. "Just, you won't tell anyone, will you?" What, that you're gay and you know you want me? No, of course not. I shook my head as a response before he gave a small sigh, it sounded so utterly relieved. "I'll meet you after school then, I take it we'll be going to your place?" I blinked, opening my mouth to tell him I wasn't a whore before I remembered that he had to come over to tutor.

"Yeah, I have to meet the twins after school and get them a snack before dinner." I said as I smiled and looked over at the boy, he wouldn't understand, wouldn't know how hard I work to keep my family together. And I knew this because he was looking at me funny. "I take care of the twins after school, they ride a bus home I meet them and feed them." I explained, hoping that would make things a little clearer.

He still raised his eyebrow, looking over at me like I was insane and had no idea what I was saying. I shrugged before looking up at the clock; class was just about to start. "Get to class, I'll meet you out front after school." He gave a small nod before walking down the hall, leaving me to walk back to the room. Daniel's mother put her son down on one of the beanbags before covering up and smiling as she left the room, class was about to start and it was pretty obvious she needed to talk to Daniel's father to get something done.

I moved and picked up Gabe again before going and sitting down next to Katiya with a small smile. "You know, I never gave any thought to wanting kids, at all. And now I practically have one and I could honestly not be happier with him." I said as I looked over at the girl and seeing her smiling at me.

"It's not right that you have to raise your brother, but he looks happy with you and I'm sure the woman who had him could never have done a better job." She said, I smiled as I looked over at the girl, she was sweet, if I was into girls, and she wasn't completely in love her baby's daddy I could totally be into her. But, for now, Kayden is definitely more than enough to keep my mind occupied, and he kissed me! I have no idea why but it is a start, a rather rough start that made my lip bleed a little, but dammit it was definitely an amazing start and he tasted so good.

"I like it, I mean maybe not nearly as much as I could. I have no life and am awake everyday at four or earlier. But he's probably the best thing that has happened to me in awhile." I told her with a smile, raising Gabe made me want a child; I know it's not going to happen. I'm gay, the chances of me ever wanting to be with a girl are absolutely zero, but if I had a chance to raise a child like Gabe, I'd take it in a moment. He's so sweet, and I doubt me taking him with me when I leave is going to happen. As much as I would love it, he's not my child.

At the end of the day I was back in the nursery, Gabe was all packed up and I had made sure he was fed and changed before walking from the room. This hall got relatively empty after the bell, there were no lockers and most were just smaller classes. I walked out before heading to the front and smiling as I looked over at Kayden before smiling and pushing the stroller over there. "Hey, you actually waited for me." I said with a smile as he looked at the stroller almost skeptically.

"It's fine, no one's even really around, I probably should have made you meet me there, so you'd know why I was taking so long. But it just seemed easier to have you stand here and wait for me." I told him with a small smile. He didn't look happy about waiting here in the cold, and I figure he was just about to go away, and his lip was split, I wonder what that was from. Maybe he got into a fight, or possibly sports? Or, possibly, it was from that kiss, I know it had managed to split my lip.

He pulled out his keys, the action making me sigh before nodding slightly. "Direct me to the car then." I said as I looked over at him, a small smile on my face as he led me over to the car. I took out the carrier and strapped it into the backseat before smiling when I seen he had already collapsed the stroller and had it slid into the trunk for me. As soon as I got in he started up the car and listened to my address with a small nod to show he had heard, and knew where it was, before leaving.

I took the drive there to think about Kayden, he was hot, and I was relatively sure he was completely sure about his own sexuality. Either that or he was just curious, maybe he wanted to know what it felt like to kiss another guy. My eyes widened as I realized something. "Oh my god I just realized something!" he actually jumped as he turned to look at me.

"What's the matter?" he asked looking equally panicked as he continued driving.

"You stole my first kiss you asshole." I said as I leaned back and crossed my arms with a small pout. His face was red, like actually red, that made me happy to see.

"I'm, I'm sorry about that… I really don't know what came over me." He said as his fists clinched the steering wheel. "So you're seventeen and that was your first kiss?" He said as he smirked and looked over at me. I felt my face heat up before crossing my arms and smiling when we finally pulled into my driveway, it was a pretty big house; it had to be to house all the people that it did. He got out of the car and I sat there for a moment, beating the blush off my face before getting out.

I took out Gabriel and smiled as I looked over at the boy before the smile got even bigger when I seen he had already gotten the stroller out for me. "Thanks." I said as I carried the baby with me up to the door before digging around my pockets until I found the keys and unlocked the door. I pushed it open and smiled as I looked back and seen Kayden carrying the stroller in. I stepped aside and opened a closet for him and told him to toss it in before smiling as I looked up at the boy and smiled before motioning for him to follow.

I took him up to Gabriel's room and got the baby out and smiled as I laid him down in the crib and turned on the little thing, the was filled with the soft music and the spinning of a few animals. I smiled when it immediately entranced the child before smiling as I looked up at him and pulling out a little table belonging to the twins. I folded it open revealing the alphabet and numbers up to ten with a small smile on my face.

"This is the twins table, isn't it cute?" I asked with a small smile as he sat down on the other side of the table, facing me as I grinned at him. "Just get out your homework and start on it, I can't leave him alone so this is where homework is going to be done." He gave a small nod and I smiled, pulling out my own homework as I sat down, there wasn't much left for me to do now, just a little bit of math.

Ten minutes later my work was done and he was struggling to get done without asking for help. I smiled as I packed everything up in my bag once more before standing and moving over to the crib; Gabe was still sleep when Kayden gave a quiet annoyed sigh. I smiled and moved over, sitting next to him as I looked over the page. He looked grateful as I started helping, showing him where he had gone wrong before showing him how to work the problems all the way through.

We worked quietly for the next hour, me sitting next to him, I was well aware of how close we were, our legs were touching, this was the smallest table in the house, our arms still brushing occasionally. I winced though, when I heard Gabe cry out as the door slammed downstairs. I stood carefully before pulling him from the crib and cradling him in my arms gently, making quiet sounds to calm the child as he rocked him back and forth gently.

"Quiet baby, it'll be okay, it's just a big mean brother slamming doors." I said as I smiled before pressing a kiss to the child's forehead, he had definitely calmed and was once again sleeping in my arms. I smiled before sitting down next to Kayden again and looking over the work with a smile. "It's seems your getting it now." I told him, he was looking at the child in my arms curiously. I laughed quietly before looking at him. "Would you like to hold him?" I asked as I looked over at the boy before smiling as he looked over at me.

"Is that… is that okay?" He asked as his eyes widened. I managed another smile as I turned to him and smiled.

"Yep, and I'm sure he would love it, he loves attention." I said as I moved him out and let him slip into the male's arms gently. Gabriel looked up in what could have been confusion for a moment before making himself just as comfortable as he had been in my arms. I smiled, biting my lip slightly as the child yawned. "See, he loves you." I said as I turned my attentions to his homework page.

Okay, so maybe he still looked a little freaked out, like something would go wrong and he'd drop the baby or something. When the door to the room was flung open I glared as Gabe started crying again, Kayden was freaked out, by the look on his face at least. I glared as I looked up at Kenny with a glare, I stood, giving Kayden an almost apologetic smile before letting it slip as I headed over to the door and glared as I pushed the older male from the room and closed the door behind me, you could smell the alcohol on him.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I hissed angrily, keeping my voice quiet, I didn't want to scare Gabe more than this giant oaf already had. He glared at me before shoving me back; making me hit the wall as he looked at me.

"You shouldn't be getting gay in the house, and keep that damn runt quiet." My eyes narrowed at the statement before pulling my fist back and sending it flying into his face. He stumbled back, holding his nose as blood gushed from it, nothing had broken though, I was sadly unable to hit so hard.

"Go and sober up you fucking alcoholic, and don't talk bad about Gabe anymore or it'll be worse than a bloody fucking nose." I growled before he stood from where he'd fallen against the wall and heading into the bathroom, grumbling angrily. I took a deep breath before shaking my head and walking back into the room, wiping the back of my hand with a Kleenex from the hall table as I went and sat back down. "Sorry about that, since he turned 21 he's decided he could spread his drunk around the house." I grumbled as I sat down, Gabe still had a few tears welled up in his big blue eyes, and was shivering close to Kayden, his chubby fingers holding onto one of Kayden's and the boy's finger was in the infants mouth.

"That fine, you managed to keep it quiet enough." He said as he gave me a small smile the child that was chew on his finger was obviously not bugging him. "Except for the thump." I gave a small smile before shrugging.

"I punched him, in the nose, didn't break anything though, just a little blood to scare him into the bedroom" That led to him being extremely unhappy, and he had been mean to Gabriel, how could someone even dislike their siblings so much? I smiled as I looked over at the boy before glaring as I allowed myself to leaned back against the wall behind us. "Do you want me to take him back, or you enjoying being chewed on?" I asked as I smiled, there were other places they could go in the house besides spending their time in the room.

"I dunno, I think he may be wet or something." I blinked slightly before nodding and standing before taking the boy from his arms gently, he wondered if the other had a little brother or something. Because Gabe did have a wet diaper, but there was no smell so luckily it wasn't anything worse. I changed him quickly before looking over at Kayden and smiling.

"Do you want to go and do something? There's a TV in my room so we won't have to deal with Kenny again. And, I have a playpen in there to keep in, just in case he falls asleep." I told him as I smiled, he nodded and stood before grabbing both of our bags and following me from the room; there was a little blood on the hardwood floor leading down the hallway. I shook my head as I walked into the room and waited for Kayden to come in before kicking the door shut behind him. "Just go ahead and choose a movie." I said, nodding to the entertainment center with a smile.

I laid the baby down in the play pin, the piles of blankets making it nice and soft under the boy.

I looked up and seen the male pull out Scrubs first season. "Nice choice, it's been awhile since I've seen Scrubs." I told him as I picked up the remote and opened the DVD player before smiling as he popped the first disk in before standing back. I smiled as I pressed the play button before grinning and sitting back on the bed against the headboard before patting the spot next to me on the bed and watching as he made his way over to me. He slid on the bed, looking a little shy, before leaning back beside me as the first episode started rolling.

I watched him smile over at the TV before leaning back against the pillow. I had never really had anyone over, I was always taking care of kids, it kind of led to me not really having a social life. I almost shivered as I looked over at him, his wavy blond hair, chocolate brown eyes, he was simply irresistible. And up until this morning I hate practically hated him, but that hate was kind of falling away and in it's place was the pure affection I felt.

When I had managed to snap from my thoughts he was there, staring at my like he knew everything going on in my head. "I'm sorry, spaced out." He looked at me warily for a moment before giving a small nod; it looked like something else was bothering him though. And then, as worried as I was, I turned back to the TV, in the silence and without the worries of homework and children, I had lots of questions that wouldn't seem to keep themselves quiet.

"Why did you kiss me earlier?" I asked, my voice wavering a little as I looked over at his now frozen, almost pale face. I needed an answer, I knew I hadn't been the one to start that, not what had happened in the hall at least, but I would have been happy to. His mouth opened and closed a few times, like he was lost for an answer. I almost laughed but instead I shifted a little and tossed my leg over his lap, straddling him, and ignoring the shocked look on his face. It only took a second for me to have my mouth placed against his gently; I couldn't help but think that he tasted a little weird, almost like lemons.

Much to my surprise, and immense happiness, he didn't shove me off the bed and leave. He pressed back gently instead, shocking me even further before he let his tongue slip into my mouth. I held back a moan; it still came up as a small moan as I pressed back gently, my tongue sweeping across his lemon-flavored mouth. I wasn't even thinking about it, about the fact that I had just jumped him, in my bed, and there was the blush, full force now, sitting on my cheeks as I explored his mouth.

What seemed like an eternity later my lungs were burning for air, I pulled my mouth away and sat there for a moment, relatively dazed. He hadn't answered me, I hadn't given him time, but he did look just as dazed. I was still straddling the boy when I heard my phone going off, no doubt the vibrating bugging him just as bad as it was me. Then again it was in my back pocket, which led to a rather precarious situation. I leaned up a little, to pull it from my pocket. He pulled me forward, his hand on my neck as he pulled me against him again. I moaned against his mouth before putting my hand on his chest and pulling away weakly. "I have to answer this." I mumbled as I flipped the phone open and pressed it to my ear. "Hello?" I held the phone to my ear for a moment, before shivering when he nipped at my lip again.

"Hey, no I really can't talk right now." I said as I tilted my head to the side, Kayden's mouth came to a rest on my pulse while I tried to speak while fighting to hold back moans. "Yeah, I'll call you later." My voice sounded breathless as I flipped the phone closed and tossed it off the bed before burying my fingers in his hair, wondering if I was even awake right now. A sharp bite to my neck, followed by the feeling of his tongue sliding over the wound soothingly, let me know I was wide-awake.

I pulled his head back and took a deep breath as I looked into his eyes for a moment, my own emerald eyes staring into his chocolate brown eyes until the door opened. I got off him, stumbling a little as I turned to the door before looking over at Adam who was standing in the door way looking at us like we had both just sprouted extra limbs. Kayden stood up from the bed and lifted his backpack before mumbling something about needing to leave and walking from my room, how fucking depressing.

"And that should teach you not to make out with boys while there's a baby in the room." Adam said before turning from the room, leaving me there to whimper as I gave a small sigh and moved to pick up the child who had started to cry when Kayden walked by the playpen. This was going to be an interesting time.

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