Loving you all the time

This past year couldn't have been better.

I don't know where I would be today

If he never came to my church

My youth group

The Snow Trip

And fell in Love

He has brought so many memories

That involve both of us

Making me laugh

Having Fun

And loving every minute with him.

God has given me so much this past year

And will for years to come as well

Because he loves me with all his heart

He gives me Strength

Even Hope

To help me live my life the best way I can.

When you hold me close

I never want you to let me go

Those butterflies inside

The warmth you make me feel

Is the best feelings to have.

There has been times we argue-we don't mean to

Over little things that happened at camp or in life

Where we just can't help to cry

Wanting everything to go away

Including the pain

And loving each other through the end.

I look into your face and can read you very well

Seeing what your feelings and thoughts read

You saying that I'm more than pretty, but Beautiful

And I can't help but to laugh, smile, and kiss you.

This year has been the best

With you and me living it as our best



And spending all our spare time together.

I hope this new year by your side

Is going to be just as special

Making new memories

Going on dates

And having as much fun as we can.