Show Me What Is Inside

He never had a chance, I never had chance. Dance fucker, dance.

"It's kinda like calling the kettle black," He sneered. "Don't you think dearest?"

Her lip curled upwards, clearly hating, no loathing the man perched in front of her. She felt like shoving him off the edge of a building she was so mad. He flicked his repulsive eyes down her form and trailed back upwards with a tiny spark of lust. She felt her fangs slide over her gums and tickle her tongue.

"I mean, you call me a bloodsucking fiend, yet you being the same thing as me… I can't seem to come to terms of how you think you're any better than me."

Oh fuck this.

It only took her a few strides to meet the asshat who was crouched on the ground. He didn't even see it when she grabbed his throat and more calmly than she really felt, picked him clean off of his feet. Now, she wasn't especially tall, only ranging from 5'3 to 5'4 on a good day. She wished she had more good days. And this man was most definitely not taller than her, earning herself a few good pats on the back for being able to intimidate this asshole of a vampire.

It was hard you know, trying to find a person shorter than herself. It was so hard she decided she might not kill this man, if just to make her feel better on one of her 'short days'.

That was dashed immediately when he groaned and flicked his tongue out to taste her hand. Nope, his life was most certainly ending now, in this alley with no person to witness his very rash and razed death.

The thought of death calmed her slightly as she bashed this male vampire into the wall, her hold cutting off the air supply he instinctively gasped in. She knew how it felt to be trapped, and it was not pleasant, especially when it is the last thing you will ever feel again. He raked at her hands, clearly not playing now. He should have thought about that before he had approached her for sex.

If you're going to play with the big bad monsters, be prepared to run like hell. Or die, dying is good.

"If you wanted to die so badly," She said, tightening her grip around his neck even more. Black blood began to seep at the wounds around her fingers. "All you had to do was ask nicely."

In a last ditch effort to escape, the foolish youth struck out, catching her in the arm. A clean slice licked her arm and deep red blood spurted into action. With a curse, she felt the fire begin to start when blood was drawn. He ripped away to stand a few feet from her, fear stretching into his skin.

If she was mad before, now she was livid. He seemed to sense the rage because he paled and his short stubby legs sprinted down the alley, taking him farther in a second than she would have liked to have admitted. Her flesh was knitting together even as she watched him run away. But the excitement at having something to chase was increasingly becoming more and more tangible.

Eyes closed slowly, allowing the wound to heal before she tilted her head back and sucked in a deep breath through her nose. When she opened them, she knew without a doubt that burgundy clouded her normally blue eyes. The feel of the chase shivered down her spine and she took off at a speed no other creature could ever hope to catch. It was mere seconds before his scent was caught on her tongue again, telling of his fear and upcoming doom.

She slowed a little, taking in her surroundings. The rich red bricks underneath her feet reminded her of a hurricane she had seen a long time ago.

It was too easy to catch him.

Way too easy.

The chase was ended before it had even started. He was on top of the roof, confident that the blowing wind was shifting away from him, carrying his scent from her nose. It was foolish seeing as how he had touched the bricks before climbing. If he had jumped then maybe, just maybe, his life would be prolonged just a little bit.

But alas, tonight was so definitely not his night.

In the quickest of flashes, she was up on the roof, gripping his dirty white shirt in her pale hands. He whimpered and thrashed around, trying to hit her again.

Quickly becoming tired of this, she grabbed his face between her thumb and pointer finger. With a quiet sigh, she used her other hand to grab the filthy red hair that sprouted on his head.

"You should have known better to mess with a Master," She purred, tugging his head back further. "Especially a Master who has yet to feed tonight." She emphasized her point by barring her pearly white fangs at him. His eyes rolled in his head, his fear now reeking out of every pore in his body.

"I,I,I didn't know!" He wailed. "Please! Let me go Lady!"

"Foolish boy," She whispered, yanking back his head harder. She heard a crack and his pleas turned even more desperate now that she had broken his neck.

Her pride was the most powerful thing that resided in her. It had an ugly head that reared whenever someone discouraged her and people that wounded her pride paid the price most heavily. Sometimes, it made her go out of her way to act harsh, but the truth was, she was just looking for food. Having him ask her for sex, like she was some common prostitute!, made her blood boil in her skin. She'd kept her innocence of men dormant for more than two thousand years. And she was not planning on tearing herself up over a man for another good two thousand years. And when those two thousand years passed, she'd prolong the time frame.

Men didn't do shit.

Men were a disappointment.

Men made you into bloody idiots.

She found that out on her nineteenth birthday when she was still human. Still pure of heart and naïve enough to trust.

She back into the present when a gurgled scream tore out of the youth's throat. He was Calling she realized. Calling to whom though? This was her territory and she'd be damned to hell again if another vampire stepped into her city. He'd be dead before his feet could even touch her soil.

With a vicious shove, she sent him off the edge of the roof.

He twisted, his spine healing as he fell. He didn't heal fast enough and landed on his ankle. She heard the distant craaaaaaaaaaack when it broke.

She leapt off of the building, landing with a solid thump when gravity took control of her body. "Get the fuck out of my Territory," she hissed.

He gulped, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down at the sight of the Lady before him. Her eyes were something he had never seen before. The deepest of reds, a light blue running on the outside, flitting that way and then changing its mind. She scared him shitless, and with the fact that she was gorgeous she-vampire, still unmated, had forced his mouth to speak before he considered the repaircautions. He was feeling them now, and so was his Master.

It was more than understanding to assume that a Vamp wanted to protect their Territory; he had expected to be challenged when he entered. What he didn't expect was to be hunted.

He was not used to the prey and predator situation, seeing as how he had never been the prey before. With her chasing him, it sent him on edge and he knew he was going to die. There was no doubt. And when she had found him about a minute after he ran, he knew it was going to be painful. He might have come back after a few days, piecing himself back together… But the malice he could see in those eyes said he was going to be burned and the ashes were definitely being scattered around the world.

So imagine his surprise when she only broke his spine, oh it was painful, more than painful, but then she shoved him off the roof and his spine had healed. He broke his ankle, but that was healed also. He rolled it reflexively, checking for kinks. When he found none, he stared when she fell before him, crouched so her hands were between her legs.

The black cargo pants she wore clouded the look he wanted of her legs.

But she had told him to get out and dammit if he didn't take his chance.

He newly healed body carried him away from her, her guttural growl spurring him farther and faster than he had ever traveled before. Even his own Master didn't scare him at much as the she-Vamp behind him.

She watched him as he left, malicious thought clouding her head of chasing after him and tearing him limb from limb. She controlled her beast within and flicked her dark hair behind her shoulders.

Her small feet started carrying her from the building she had jumped from. Her eyes took in the surroundings again, memorizing them for later usage. She had no doubt he would be back.

A wicked thought swirled into her mind as she thought of the methods she could use on him. Torture, death, breaking bones, ripping off skin… Burning in the sunlight.

Blood. Something demanded within her.

With a sigh, she took to a light jog, running back to the world.