winter weather is winding away slowly
the rains have come to change the scenery
a few weeks time brings green and sunshine
i have a feeling i'll miss the cold nights,
or the hot cocoa mornings cuddled to you.

phil saw his shadow, but the sun is warming the sand
so long to red noses rubbing like eskimos in the park
farewell to fluffy blankets around our sleeping bodies
goodbye frigid fingers finding the stray hairs on my forehead

springtime melts quickly with summer on its tail
picnics in the grass rubbing sunburnt noses
napping casually under a mulberry tree
hands held together with an oven in the center

the summer season is sliding around the bend
sunflowers sprouting from winter rains
a few weeks time brings fresh autumn winds
i have a feeling i'll miss the summer mornings,
or the sunny afternoons napping with you.