is this why they call it coming undone?
fall in love. fall to pieces.
diamond threads tying
my heart together;
they were not strong enough,
were they?

teach me how to unravel again;
promise it will be worth it. i
don't want to trap
myself, bound up by fear,
simply because he hurt me-
well, not simply.
you know.

everything beautiful is painful
to lose; a thing of beauty is
a curse forever. layers of scar tissue are
all that remains- nothing that's
broken can heal the same.
take off the bandages
holding my heart.
promise me you will be

untangle him from my past and unwind me;
decipher my meaning from disjointed
sentences. love me. adore me.
hate me. abhor me.
tell me how to feel something-

help me unravel without
cracking open. this is so
hard, but you are so wonderful.
nothing worth having is easy,
you tell me.

you aren't at all like him, are you?