An old poem…One I don't like but I post anyways.

Dark Room Thoughts

I think,
People under estimate
The color black.

The power it can hold,
The secrets it can keep,
And how
It makes you come to realize everything
Just about something.

I think,
That a black room, a dark space,
You can tell your deepest secrets too
And then, it'll bring up the stupid mistakes
You have said and done.

It'll make you think
Of the nasty lies you've told,
The dirty secrets you keep from family
And friends,
Those things you just want to forget,
Are laid out on the table
In the dark.

It can bring
Soothing peace,
And recognition.
But also,
Gut twisting reality
And painful thoughts and

Makes you wonder
What you're going
To be thinking about
The next time
You're alone
In a dark room,
Doesn't it?