Darkest night and dim street lights

Oh how the full moon is glowing

Then clouds move across black sky

So I guess it won't be showing

Did that shadow over there move?

Or was it a trick of the mind?

The answer to your question friend,

I know you'll probably never find

You'll hear the sound of screeching tire

As you try to avoid my personal vampire


Grabbing your neck he finds the vein

Bloodlust does make one go insane

Screams are sweet, and blood is too

And there's absolutely nothing you can do

Satisfied he leaps into the night

You'd think that he had taken flight

He speeds through the town all around

And yet this fiend doesn't make a sound

The hunter's thrill taking him ever higher

Drink deep, feast well my personal vampire


He stalks into the house like prowling wolf

And waiting I greet him with a smile

He gracefully walks over and sits next to me

I know he'll be staying for quite a while

Sharp, white teeth gleam as he returns the grin

I know he's been hunting; I see it in his eyes

But I really don't care about his sin

He seems human, but I know it's a disguise

He kisses my neck; his lips freezing cold

His movements become more apparent; bold

His teeth sink in; I draw near to Death

But it's pleasure I feel as I take my last breath

I smile because my lover is now my sire

I will die and wake in the arms of my personal vampire