If, when passing through West Virginia, you find yourself driving down Interstate 79, and for some reason you turn on to highway 310, you may see a sign pointing towards Three Falls at some point. Now, chances are, you won't follow that sign – not many people go down this highway with Three Falls as their destination. The population of the town is only about five thousand, and not many who are born in Three Falls ever leave it. Not many of those who leave ever want to return.

Don't go thinking that Three Falls is a dump though – it's a nice enough town, nestled in a green valley surrounded by forests. It's a clean town, and everyone is friendly, as friendly as you can be only when everyone knows everyone else's dirty laundry. No, there's nothing really wrong with Three Falls; it's just that there's not much excitement to be had there.

Used to be a coal-mining town, until that went out of fashion. These days most of the inhabitants work in the forestry industry, or in some supporting industry. There's a mill on the outskirts of town that gives off a rank smell, especially on warm summer days. That mill is the only reason Three Falls is still around, but forestry is going out of fashion too, and the young people in Three Falls are leaving – seeking jobs and education elsewhere in the wide world. There's a strange feeling in the town, this feeling that sooner rather than later, Three Falls is going to be a ghost town. A visitor might notice it while having lunch at the diner downtown; all of a sudden, everyone'll go all quiet, and they'll stare out the window as if under a spell. They're staring at the forest that'll one day eat up this town. It's a beast, this forest, and they know one day soon it's going to wake up.

After lunch a visitor might drive around town. It takes around ten minutes to drive through the whole town, from the downtown block to the small old houses on the east end, and back out through the newer houses in the West, and from there, on to bigger and better things.

But it might be worthwhile to stop a little while longer and discover how Three Falls got its name. If you ask one of the locals about it they'll direct you out of town a ways, down a dirt road and just over the railroad tracks, to where you'll find the town's namesake – the falls. On a sunny day there'll be children there, swimming in the pool at the base of the falls, diving down from the top. It's worth it to take a dip yourself, and swim under the bottom waterfall to discover the small cave behind it – though like as not, it'll be full of kids.

If it happens to be an overcast day when you find yourself in Three Falls, or better yet, if it's raining, then you'll get to see the falls looking really beautiful. At first all you hear is a roar, and then you see them, rising out of the mist they create. It's these falls that might help you understand the residents of Three Falls, that might make you think it is a town worth living in after all.