Our Kingdom is a place of fairytales and storytelling, and best of all is the story of our beloved princess.

When the Queen and the King were first married, they had not any children for years. Then one day in the dead of winter, as the Queen was sitting by the window, a crow flew over and pecked her finger, so that her blood fell on the crisp clean snow of the windowsill. The Queen looked down, and upon seeing the juxtaposition of those three colours, the black crow, her red blood and the white snow, she said to herself, "How beautiful. When my child is born, I wish for her to have pure white skin, and dark red lips, and hair as black and iridescent as a crows feathers."

The crow, upon hearing her speak those words, opened his mouth and told her, "You will give birth to a daughter, and she will be as beautiful as you say."

And lo! A child was born to the King and Queen, a daughter, as beautiful as the crow promised, though he seemed to have been mixed up. Perhaps there was something lost in translation between the crow language and our own. For though the princess' skin was as pure and white as the snow had been the day she was conceived, her hair was the red of her mother's blood, and her eyes were as dark and sparkling as the crows feathers. Her lips remained nearly as pale as her skin, giving her a strange, ghostly beauty.

This is the story of our princess, the girl named Snow.

There is a rumor though, that the Queen left something out in her telling of the story. A milkmaid was standing beneath her window when the crow landed, and she claims to have heard something more. She tells us that the crow said more, after telling the Queen she would have a beautiful child.

"She will be as beautiful as you wish, and you will regret it. Your desire for beauty will twist and destroy you."

The milkmaid tells us the crow landed at her feet then, its neck snapped.