This was the summer I had been awaiting since the beginning of the year. My parents allowed me to invite a bunch of friends to our cabin in Big Bear. It was even better because my parents aren't here. I was surprised at their sudden trust in me, being uptight and all. I chose six of my friends: Charlene [my best friend], Bailey [I've been close to her since she moved in a few years ago], Marcus [one of my closest guy friends], Mick [my friend since kindergarten], Lena [Marcus' girlfriend], and Layden [my best guy friend, and my biggest crush since I knew what love was].

Of course, they all gladly accepted my invitation.

When we got here, finished unpacking, and defrosted ourselves, we decided to play a fun game we cleverly named "The Game". Creative, right? It's a clash of Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle. Fun, huh? Yea, not when you're the one most likely get picked on and blushed redder than strawberry. But, I agreed. I couldn't think of anything better to do.

So let me explain this game. First you take an empty plastic soda bottle and place it on its side in the center of a circle you sit in. The circle must alternate from boy to girl, and there must be an even amount of each gender. Then you get two small empty bowls and fill them with written ideas from the players. One bowl for Truth, the other for Dare.

The first player picks truth or dare. Then they spin the bottle before picking out a folded piece of paper from a bowl. Whoever the cap points to, get's to choose a piece from the other player's choice of bowl.

First up was Bailey. "Truth." She coughed, while placing a dark hand to her mouth. The bottle spun twice before landing on Marcus. He smiled warmly before choosing a shred.

He read the truth silently before smirking and announcing it aloud. "If you could date anyone in this room, who would you go for?" He snaked his arm around Lena while finishing. She, of course fell into his arms and inhaled him.

Bailey laughed before answering "May, of course!" and crawled up and hugged me tightly.

Mick and Marc rolled their eyes while everyone else chuckled. Marc spun the bottle, exclaiming "Dare!" Around it went four times and pointed to none other than Layden. His eyes gleamed with excitement.

Layden reached for a dare strip and enthusiastically unrolled the paper. He read it aloud "Go outside in nothing but your tightest pair of shorts."

The circle giggled, and I even snorted. That was one of the dares I wrote.

Marcus' jaw clamped down tightly and let go of Lena's waist. She encouragingly patted his shoulder, but bit her lip to keep from laughing.

Marcus searched through his bag and fished out a pair of boxers. He stood at the doorway with them on and pause with his hand on the knob.

"What are you waiting for?" Charlene asked impatiently, ready for Marc to freeze his butt off.

He gave her an angry scowl, but said nothing. Slowly, the door opened and he ran out the door. "OH MY DAMN!" He screamed.

Almost in sync, Bailey, Layden, and I went to lock the door. Bailey fell to the floor clutching her stomach, cracking up, which caused me to crack up and then Layden. Lena crossed her arms and whined "Come on, guys. Be fair."

"Alright, alright, Party pooper." Layden unlocked the door. And right there was a shivering, angry Marcus. Bailey calmed down by the time he sat back down in the circle, fully clothed again, back in his position next to Lena.

Layden's turn. As the bottle swirled around, my heart swirled with it. I felt a squeeze when it landed on me. He looked at me softly and said "Dare." with a sleek smile. I swallowed a lump in my throat and read the dare.

"Let the person to your left sit on your lap for the next two turns." I was afraid to check where I sat. But I had to of course, my curiosity was killing me. Layden was on my right. A good, excited feeling rushed through my veins, but was blended with a bad, self consciousness.

But Layden seemed calm enough. He patted his lap and held out his arms. I felt very welcome.

I climbed into his hold and let his arms fall beside me. I would be much more comfortable with them around, but this would do. My hands clasped each other and I kept them to myself, not wanting to make things uncomfortable. Still… I wondered.

It was my turn. I awkwardly leaned forward to spin the bottle, a deep scarlet staining my cheeks. I softly said "Truth." Charlene and Mick sighed. They thought I as chicken. Which I was of course.

The bottle landed on Mick and a grin spread across his face. He grabbed a truth paper and read "What is your favorite color? What the hell? Who put that?!" He scanned the circle with accusing eyes. Charlene snorted and eventually burst. I guess it was her. I had to laugh along with her. She saved me.

"Okay guys, DON'T TELL ANYONE. It's green. SHHH!" I giggled.

Layden giggled too. "Stop laughing, your elbow tickles."

I squirmed as he poked my upper rib. "Hey! How did you know that was my tickle spot?"

"Like this." He started attacking me with pokes in all of my tickle spots. I couldn't breathe with all the laughing.

When I caught my breath, everyone was staring. And the blood pooled again in my face.

Mick coughed and spun the bottle, choosing dare. Charlene was the chosen one and read Mick his dare. "Sing a love song to the closest person of the same sex to your right."

We all turned to see Marcus with his face in his hands. This was more of a punishment for him than for Mick.

He smirked and began to sing. Every single person was crying as he serenaded the song "Bleeding Love" We couldn't believe he chose that one. To make matters worse, Mick put his hands to his heart as if he was in love. But eventually Marc's horrible voice got to us and we stopped him half screeching.

It was me again. I picked up the bottle and but it on its top, then spun it like that. It fell sideways and landed on Charlene. She looked at me like she knew a secret.

"Hey, wasn't that two turns?" She asked.

"Oh… yea. I guess it was." I reluctantly stood from my spot in Layden's lap and moved back to my old position on the cold floor.

Layden's hand brushed mine, and my heart gave an uneasy squeeze.

"Alright, Tr- … Dare." I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline, and was excited for what they would give me. But of course, with Charlene's wicked smile, my heart sank into my stomach, an adrenaline became anxiety. She paused for awhile, torturing me with the possibilities her cruel mind came up with.

And finally she simply stated "Kiss Layden for 15 seconds. Lips." She said it as if she were telling me I had mail, and even lifted her hand and inspected her nails.

Of course I wanted to, who wouldn't? Layden was this perfect, funny, cute, smart, perfect, gorgeous man. Why wouldn't I want to kiss him? That was my first thought. But then I remembered. Oh yea, I'm the freak. The real question was who would want to kiss me?

I stared at her, unsure of whether I was angry, embarrassed, nervous, or confused. But I was self conscious.

My gaze shifted to Layden, a smile was toying at the corners of his perfectly plumped lips. This would be my very first kiss. But I was, for sure, not his.

I crawled back toward Layden and awkwardly stayed inches from his face. Minutes could have passed by, but I never moved. My heart was hot, like my cheeks and the tips of my ears, and my breathing was quick, though I tried to conceal it. I couldn't hear anyone; I couldn't concentrate on anything except his face. I was completely frozen.

Eventually, after billions of years went by, Layden roughly took my face in his hands and pulled me to his lips. They were warm, and quite soft. I wondered if he used Chap Stick. Our lips did not move, just rested, pressed against each other. Our eyes, closed.

The others behind us started counting down. "15, 14…"

My hands lifted, involuntarily, and ran down his chest. He caught my wrists and brought them down to his waist.

"11, 10…"

His palms cupped my ribs; I was sure he could feel my racing pulse.

"7, 6…"

Our lips moved in sync, just once, my tongue peeked out and traced his bottom lip.

"3, 2…"

He met mine with his own and lightly flicked both my lips.

I didn't want to move.


We slowly parted, my heart continuing it's fast pace. Layden's hand swiftly ran down my side and landed on my hand, and tightly, but quickly, squeezed.

His eyes met mine and held them for what seemed like hours. He winked. My heart winked too.

I cleared my throat and walked to the door, grabbing my jacket. The group was staring at me, confused. Everyone, except Layden. His eyes were mischievous, and he got up too, and followed me out into the snow.

Once the door closed, I ran. I passed the cabin and a few trees. When I turned, Layden was there, his arm already around me.

I love Truth or Dare.