The Serpent's Pawn

(The Gullah people of Georgia tell tales of a powerful witch woman who steals men's souls. Please comment nicely!)

The night was hot and steamy,

Down on the Georgia coast.

Polly was feeling dreamy,

Eyeing her handsome host.

Jim was a lumber giant,

King of the Georgia pine.

Rugged and self-reliant,

Single and looking fine.

"How did the girls all miss you?"

She asked in a breathless voice.

"Money wouldn't be an issue,

For looks you'd be top choice."

Jim looked moody and tragic,

Filling up Polly's glass.

"I guess its vengeful magic,

A curse that just won't pass."

"But who would want to hurt you?"

She asked with wide blue eyes.

Polly felt full of virtue,

And Jim was quite a prize.

"Seven years back I met her,

A venom-dripping snake.

I wish I could forget her,

She's buried down by the lake."

As big Jim told the story,

Polly's sweet face went pale.

The end was downright gory,

It wasn't a pretty tale.

"I don't believe in witches,"

She said when Jim was done.

"Although to get your riches,

A girl might act like one."

"The snake you killed was creepy,

Climbing into your bed.

But sometimes when we're sleepy,

Strange things go to our head."

Big Jim was smiling sadly,

As Polly said goodnight.

She wanted kissing badly,

But kept on smiling bright.

Her sleep was mostly dreaming,

Of dangers facing Jim.

But no one heard her screaming,

She flopped at warning him.

Morning came hot and hazy,

And Jim had work to do.

Polly woke late and lazy,

And lay around feeling blue.

She didn't hear the hissing,

Until it was too late.

Her mind was still on kissing,

And so she met her fate.

When Jim came home for dinner,

The beast he served had fed.

And crying like a sinner,

He joined her on the bed.